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My boyfriend and I decided to split for some obvious complications. We both love each other but we know we have to do this.

... and we are forcing to forget each other. This is so hard. SO HARD.
I spent sleepless nights crying so hard because I miss him so bad. I love him so much. But we should break because hindi talaga kami magkakatuluyan because of some reasons. Di ko na sasabihin kung ano yon, basta, dahil don hindi kami pwede. So we decided to split before we get so emotionally attached to each other na mas mahirap pang maghiwalay. Kung ngayon nga, mahirap, how much more pag tumagal pa.

I just want to know how long ba magrecover. I want to get over with him as soon as possible because it's really painful missing him. I'm looking forward to saying na tama lang ang ginawa namin. Alam kong darating yon.

Hindi kami magkagalit. But mahirap magusap kasi nakakamiss lalo. So mejo cold kami ngayon.

I just want to ask you guys some tips on how to recover and to move on.


  • don't go to places where you used to go to... go out and date... kung puwede - travel or take a vacation... you know the saying - out of sight, out of mind...
  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    depende yan sayong outlook sa buhay. if you have a social life outside of your ex... then recovery is more manageable. but if you tend to be alone, a loner or don't have any diversion... moving on can be quite difficult.

    pumunta ka saking byuti parlor at bibigyan kita ng magandang gupit. libre yan... wlang bayad pro dafat may tip ha!

    how's your sense of humor?

    aihihihi!!! :)


  • hirap talaga makalimot pag ganyan:sad: kasi u both know you love each other...ky lang na seems na mabigat yung reason kung bakit kailangan nyo maghiwalay...
    go on with ur life..go to places dat will make u happy.. meet old and new friends.. tama yung isang post out of sight..out of mind..
    at least di ka niloko.. mas masakit yun no:angry: yung alam mo naman n binigay mo lahat pero niloko k pa rin...
  • Just cut off the communication and start dating, friendly dating, that is.
  • shopping nalang tayo sis! sure yan mkakalimutan mo hehehe!
  • keep yourself busy have some productive activities, iwas po with anything associated with your relationship...cliche man po e time lang din ang katapat talga...
  • orangepinkorangepink PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I just want to ask you guys some tips on how to recover and to move on.

    People heal in different ways. Wag kang magmadali mag move on baka madapa ka. From my experience, paulit-ulit yung cycle -- denial, anger, pity, bitterness and acceptance. Hanggang sa magsawa ka na and before you know it, you're okay. It might take days or years but take your time and let things be. Kung gusto mo umiyak, umiyak ka. Kung gusto mo gumanti, isulat mo na lang kung pano ka gaganti pero wag mong gawin ha? :lol:
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