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marry a u.s.citizen for convenience

Marry a pinoy u.s. citizen for a greencard!!!!!

Process takes about 1-2 mos to be a greencard holder if you are in the states and 4-6 mos if you are in the philippines & once you are a greencard holder & already in the states, you can petition your whole family.

Email [email protected] or call (u.s. number) +1-626-261-4914 for details!


  • Parang napaka-baba naman ng tingin sa mga Pinay ng mga dayuhan kapag tipong ganitong patalastas and naka-paskil.
  • This post is for men & women and sorry....just wanted to help.
  • orangepink
    orangepink orange != pink
    sige nga magkano singil mo?
  • $25k ($25k is less than a yrs salary) but, u do all the paper work for your "change of status" since u r in vegas u'll get your temp greencard in 1-2 mos and the real thing(with 2 yrs conditional & will be set for life that includes your family.) within 3-4 mos. all i do is "sign" all papers.(i-130/G-325 etc.) since u r here u knw how it works.
  • orangepink
    orangepink orange != pink
    how many times have u been divorced? negosyo mo ba 'to?
  • just once...(married for 11 yrs) & no, ndi to negosyo just want to rest for a while...
  • ikaw ba ang papakasalan? pano pag guy?
  • And yes ako yun guy been here for 21 yrs and tired of it. Kung lalake naman, i have a pinay friend who is 32 yrs old & willing to do the same.
  • ^^so, first come, first served basis pala `to?! hehe..
  • yes it is...
  • but why would you do this kind of thing? what's the catch (for you)?
  • Please read the thread.. like i said, i'll take $25k for it.."kasal sa papel" lamang to.. but, i will do everything what a real spouse would do...i'll sign all papers and if the "spouse have kids i will even"consider" them as step children so all children under 21 yrs of age will automatically be a u.s. citizen.. etc...again, $25k is less than a yrs salary here in the states in exchange for a greencard and eventually u.s. citizenship....NOT A BAD DEAL?!
  • Hi. Ganyan na ba kamahal talaga ang rates sa ganyan ngayon? ano ba ang terms sa ganyan? 50% down and the lsdt 50% upon approval of the mmigrant visa?
  • I have a friend here in the states.. she is just on H3 visa.. pero parang hirap na hirap na siya kasi under the table lang ang job niya but ang bayad sa lawyer fees grabe.. sagd sa buto. Gustuhin ko mang i offer yang mga ganyan (sham marriage sa isang guy) I cannot find any for her cause she really wants to say here legally besides saan ka naman hahanap nang ganyan, di naman siya naka lagay sa yellow pages haha. She is the nicest woman, wife material nga she's still single.. pero hahangaan mo siya kasi she really wants to do it the legal way as much as possible. Awang awa na nga ako sa kanya, kasi di ko naman siya mabili ng car.. pag gabi ang ginaw na dito (cali) tapos lakad siya at nagkakasakit na kakaintay ng bus. Not to mention the homesickness and everything.

    Anyway, I don't think she'll be interested pero kung sobrang hirap na talaga niya .. I might just show her this thread.
  • heygurl
    heygurl namamasko po!
    ^^ ganyan din yung friend ko, nasa cali din.naawa nga ako e. wala naman akong magawa kundi pakinggan ang hinaing nya hehe. right now she works as a caregiver. natutuwa nga dahil time and a half ang bayad sa kanya sa xmas at new year.

    threadstarter, madami na bang nag email sa yo? ano palang age mo? thanks
  • I'm 38 from cali too... if your friend is interested have her email me at [email protected] this is how it works...$15k down upon "i do's" after 30 days she will have her status change and she will have her temp. wrking permit($5k down) and greencard already and be able to get a SS#...after the 4-5 month, interview with INS and after that she'll be getting her greencard na talaga($5K again) pero its still a "conditional" status pa...after 2 yrs wala na yan..have her email me so i can explain better or even call me at 6262614914.
  • heygurl
    heygurl namamasko po!
    no, ayaw ng friend ko.curious lang ako kaya nagtanong ako.thanks
  • pero its still a "conditional" status pa...after 2 yrs wala na yan.

    anong wala na yan? the interview after 2 yrs to remove the conditional status is the most critical part.
    once they sensed its a sham marriage, pwede pang ma deport yung tao.
  • 90 days prior mag 2 yrs u file I-751 "petition to remove conditions on residence" and wala ng interview ngayon. there is only one interview in the whole process which is when you get the "conditional greencard". about 4-5 mos after the "i dos".
  • KanoKuya
    KanoKuya Member seeking his ASAWA
    First, the slightest hint that it's a sham marriage will get the Filipina deported and she can NEVER return to the US. EVER.

    Second, you have no idea who this person is. Maybe a troll from the BCIS, looking to see who responds. Respond, and you are on the list for "extra investigation" -- again, this will haunt you for life.

    Third, Pinay who are already in the United States should know that there are a LOT of American guys (myself, for instance, and a few thousand others) who would love to meet you, be friends and see if there is a basis for a REAL relationship, LIFE-LONG marriage and happiness for both of you. Don't you deserve that? Get on Friendster and FilipinaHeart, post your pic with your profile, and the mails will start to come.

    If you are still in the RP and have the kind of money this guy is demanding, you have a very good chance of getting a tourist visa (you can prove financial responsibility and ties to the Philippines).

    Either way, you don't need to play this kind of game.

    Stuff like this guy has written just makes it harder for everyone by increasing suspicion when someone marries a Filipina.
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