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American Idol: Season 6 (Thread 1)

The biggest show in the world is slated to start in January of 2007. Once again, thousands flocked to various audition locations to try and be on the show. Some just want to be on television, even for just a few seconds, while quite a lot are hoping that this show will serve as the big stepping stone that will lead them to the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

For the last five years, American Idol has given us five different Idols: the female pop-rock sensation, the male RnB superstar, the female RnB diva, the phenomenal female country singer, and the Soul Patrol king.

Now that most of the good tv shows are on hiatus for the holidays, we can start discussing Idol. Apparently, the Hollywood auditions are over and only 40 singers remain.

Who will win this year?


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