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[MERGED] Rhinoplasty ( Nose Lift )

hi doc Ira, i have this friend who's planning to have a nose lift, pero medyo hesitant sya kase sabi pag tumagal daw natutunaw yung silicon. magpapalagay daw sya ng bridge tsaka tip. tsaka pwede pa rin daw bang mag-sauna.


  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Not all plastic & reconstructive surgeons doing rhinoplasty procedures put silicon to enhance the nose bridge. I personally know of one who just gets a small cartilage behind the ear in lieu of silicon implants. Just tell your friend to consult more than one surgeon to see what her options are.
  • I'm considering doing this, masyado kasing pango yung ilong ko, gusto kong magkaroon ng bridge and maging elliptical yung nostril instead of round lang. I've been seeing a lot of places that offer cosmetic surgery but I don't know how to select a doctor.

    So I have a couple of questions:
    How much does this typically cost?

    Contact numbers of doctors / aestheticians / cosmetic surgeons who do this, whom I can have an appointment with (I want to talk to them first).

    What are the risks?

    Thanks in advance.
  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I think PhP50K would be more than enough for that. The risks may include infection, reaction to the anesthesia, and of course, a botched nose job by someone who doesn't know what he or she is doing. I tend to trust plastic and reconstructive surgeons more than cosmetic surgeons, since the former has undergone the most rigid training and will know best how to do the job. You can try Dr. de Gracia--he has clinics in both Medical City and Lourdes Hospital--or Dr. Acer Acosta in Makati Med. Call the hospitals' trunk lines and ask about their clinic hours.
  • hi Doc Ira!

    how about Dr. Rey David? have you heard of him na po ba?
    madami na din daw po kse syang ginawan na celebrities, magaling daw po eh!

  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I have never heard of him. However, if he is certified by the plastic and reconstructive society, then he's qualified.

    Personally, I don't put much stock on whether a plastic surgeon has done more celebrities than the next. That kind of news doesn't rely as much on talent as on public relations. My experience dealing with plastic surgeons is that a lot of times, it's the quiet, publicity-shy plastic surgeons who do the best work.
  • nakikibasa lang...

    ang mahal pala ng ganito no :)
  • guys san b ung magandang surgical clinic ung maganda gumawa ng ilong...kc ung ilong ko matangos pero malapad...papapayatin ko lang..d ko xa papatangusin...san b d2 ung clinic na hindi halata na nagpagawa k ng ilong?
    and how much ung ganung procedure?

    docs may marerecommend b kau?
  • Ako, I had a nose job 5 years ago and it was done in Makati Med by Dr. Jorge Neri. It costed me 30 thou and I shld say it was beautifully done. The procedure took only about 25 mins.,u'll be undergoing local and IV anesthesia and you can go home after the procedure. Di ko lang alam kung andun pa sha and I don't know how much it costs na. BTW, I had silicone implant in my nose and pinapayat ito by some stitches. I am very happy wid it, no regrets and I became more self- confident. Good luck!
  • well im a guy and only 19...hehehe

    well all people are telling me dat my nose is not panget naman and besides matangos naman raw to..but the thing is...malapad talaga xa..db ung mga magagandang ilong matulis ung dulo?sa kin ung ilong ko hindi matulis..mataba...

    really? 20k lang?!im expecting it to be 40-50k... baka naman after magawa ang nose ko ng 20k e maging kamuka xa ng kay madam auring(sori)...yoko kc nung ilong na pinaopera na maliit ung butas..ung parang kinutsilyo lang..gets nyo b? gus2 ko ung bilog ung butas ng nose ko pagkagawa...para hindi halata...

    ive watched dati s tv na beter pag aesthetic center ung gagawa s u para pantay ung butas and para hindi halata...san kaya maganda magpagawa ng nose(sasagwa ng terms ko...hehehe)
  • Did I not answer your querries?? :bop:
  • may ma-recommend ako... si dr. raval... pm me for his contact number...
  • may ma-recommend ako... si dr. raval... pm me for his contact number...

    magkano po sa kanya?
  • kay dr. john cenica, kc ng vivisit me b4 s clinic nya then may mga album dun na nag pa nose job s kanya. grabe ang laki ng improvement yung mga mukhang katulong nagiging mukhang amo.
  • gano katagal bago gumaling?
  • Try Dr. Manuel Fernandez,Jr at Makati Med
  • Try Dr.Gerard Sy of Cardinal Santos the best!!!!1
  • question, aren't silicon implants cancerous?
  • masakit ba? no pakiramdam? during the operation and/or after?
  • bakit ung ibang after ng nose job ndi pantay ang butas ng ilong? can they fix that?
  • i just had rhino and alar trimming
    i know many doctor
    but the best is Dr James Joaquino
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