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Help: Organizing a Pre-Christmas Outreach for Homeless Families

shychicshychic paradoxical PExer
Any inputs?

thanks! :)


  • tophe_17tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™ PExer
    hi, my fellow Stranger! :wave:

    > You first have to determine your target community.
    > Talk with some representatives of this group.
    > Organize the programme of the activity.

  • shychicshychic paradoxical PExer
    Hi tophe_17! Thanks for the inputs.

    We're currently planning the activities for the programme.
    Tentatively, we have literacy sessions for adults and children and games as intermission. Its just a 3-hour program.

    I need suggestions for the literacy sessions and other activities that would prove useful to them. Thanks! :)
  • tophe_17tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™ PExer
    For the literacy session, I think it's better if you group them - adults and children. It's a bit more difficult to have those adults listen, you know. :)
    But then it's a good idea.

    Other activities... I think it's also helpful if you're gonna tie-up with organizations like DSWD for these people to be relocated on a better and safer place. That way, they'll no longer be 'homeless' and they could concentrate more on making their lives better - education for the children and livelihood for the adults.
  • shychicshychic paradoxical PExer
    Tophe_17, thank you for the suggestions, really. Thats a good idea. *okay*

    I will relay that to the Drop-In Center people here in the school. I think they would probably be the appropriate authority to tie up with NGOs and GOs.

    We already gave the homeless families a short christmas party (this morning), just with games and a gift giving.
  • clitolitzclitolitz Padala na yan sa Kalawakan! PExer
    gusto ko po sumali sa outreach program nyo..

    pm naman po kung kelan yan..tenx :D
  • tophe_17tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™ PExer
    ^ I think it's over, right shyhic?


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