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ROBOTECH : What happened to SDF - 3?

Definitely one of the greatest science fiction epics pero sobrang haba ng story. What really happened to Admiral Hunter and company? Its supposed to be in the novels daw pero di ko nabasa.


  • first of all the ROBOTECH series is made up of 3 separate Japanese shows..woven together..however it ain't a perfect fit coz the stories and timelines just could not coincide with one another....well going back to whatever happened to Admiral Rick hunter and the rest of the SDF-3 crew, you should read the last novel..it's all there...they finally returned to earth after being lost in space for many, many many earth years...well it's gotta end somehow...Rick and Lisa have a son named Roy finally!(after Rick's best friend Roy Fokker)
  • I don't consider "End of the Circle" as part of the Robotech canon. In fact, I don't fundamentally agree with Jack McKinney's treatment of the whole Sentinels saga either, particularly the last two books. I can't believe that whoever owned the Robotech license let him just go ahead and kill the entire series.

    And he's an awful writer to boot.

    I'd be interested in working on a project that tackles the whole Sentinels experience using the source material found in the Robotech RPG.
  • =) It's nice to know the Lisa Hayes gets the guy in the end. =)
  • SoliduS_AlphASoliduS_AlphA PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Sana ibalik sa Tv ang Robotech..


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