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Greek have known that the world was not flat!

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  • this is not really new. greeks have already consdiered the earth to be spherical even during the time of pythagoras. by the time of eratosthenes, the circumference was more or less known to them.
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    And the method the respective Greek thinkers used to deduce such facts were an excellent demonstration of how pure (critical) thinking can take you very very far without the help of tools.

    Einstein more or less achieved his discoveries in such a manner.
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    The ancient sumerians knew that planets were spherical, and knew of the other planets as well, and identified it by their size.

    Actually the word "Earth" came from their own language: ERI.DU
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    hmm... new knowledge *okay*
  • A Greek philosopher took the measurement of the shadow of a pole from two different locations and worked out the circumference of the earth using trigonometry.

    Wasn't it Magellan who just took a look at the shadow of the earth on the moon, and saw the shadow was ROUND, and concluded the earth was round?
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