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Omar Nino tested positive on drugs after their bout with Villoria

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Nino fails drug test!
By Karl Freitag

WBC 108lb world champion Omar Nino has failed his post fight drug test following his controversial draw against Brian Viloria on November 18 in Las Vegas. The Nevada Attorney General has already filed a case against Nino, who apparently tested postitive for methamphetamines, and is now facing a fine and suspension. Viloria's manager Gary Gittelsohn told that the drugs found in Nino's body could explain Nino's energy level late in the bout. If Nino is stripped of the belt, it remains to be seen whether the WBC title would be awarded to Viloria or declared vacant. "I believe Brian deserves the title immediately," said Gittelsohn. "I believe the judging was incompetent, not corrupt, but incompetent." The bout was scored a draw despite two knockdowns scored by Viloria.

Villoria felt vindicated after what happened. Now, he will given another shot for the world title again.


  • kungpowkungpow booboo PExer
    Hmm,di ako sigurado pero di ba mas hihina ka kapag may methamphetamines ka sa katawan ?

    Di ba parang partida na iyon? May metamphetamine na nga di pa matalo?

    Baka may ininom lang na cough syrup si Nino hehehehe may metamphetaime mga ibang mga cough syrup yata d b? Di ko lang sigurado
  • bastebaste Member ✭✭✭
    ano ibig sabhin nyan? vacant ung title?
  • thescenethescene Member PExer
    I think they we might see the title vacated with Villoria & anithger fighting for the title.
  • zenmarzenmar Selling the Drama ✭✭✭
    vacant yung title. challenger kasi c brian nun naglaban cla.
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator ✭✭✭
    thescene wrote: »
    I think they we might see the title vacated with Villoria & anithger fighting for the title.

    MY thoughts exactly

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