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Rey "Boom-Boom" Bautista vs Giovanni Andrade (Dec. 2, 2006)

Verbl KintVerbl Kint The Usual Suspect PExer
Undefeated pinoy SuperBantamweight prospect Rey "Boom-Boom" Bautista faces WBC SuperBantamweight champion Giovanni Andrade of Brazil in a non-title bout at St.Pete Times Forum, Tampa, FL, USA.

Rey is 20-0 with 15 KO's. He has good technique (unlike most unorthodox pinoy pugilists), KO power and ring smarts beyond his youthful age of 20. Pundits are saying that he has the potential to be even greater than MannyPac himself. Freddie Roach talks highly of him and will be at his corner.

Giovanni Andrade is a grizzled veteran with a record of 52-9 (43 KO's). He's 36 but has legitimate knockout power. Not known to have clean technique, he wears his opponents down with persistent head shots and is known to sneak in a good left hook at times.

A win here for Rey would probably mean visits from US promoters and a possible title match in 2007.

Good luck Boom-Boom!*okay*


  • ceedeeceedee istambay sa Rio PExer
    Solar Sports will bring this fight in our own living room on Sunday, December 03 at 10:00 in the morning. Unfortunately, they advertised this fight as a title bout when it is really not. Also the title Giovanni Andrade is holding, is for the World Boxing Commission and not the prestigious World Boxing Council.

    I dont know what it is but i got this crazy feeling that Boom-Boom is about to face a patsy again.

    Good luck, Boom-boom :rpflag:
  • zenmarzenmar Selling the Drama ✭✭✭
    I just look at andrade's record and saw that the guy is already 36 yrs. old. Another thing that i found interesting is that the guy has fought some good fighters (prime tapia,abazi,sidorenko,cabllero) and lost to all of them. I think this will be a decent body for boom boom to feast on to get his legs back after a long layoff.
  • ceedeeceedee istambay sa Rio PExer
    lifted from

    WBO #1 super bantamweight Rey "Boom-Boom" Bautista (21-0, 16 KOs) won when Giovanni Andrade (52-10) quit on his stool after claiming he couldn't breath. Official time was :01 into round four. Bautista impressively lived up to his billing and seems to be a serious contender in the 122lb division

    i told you so..... Andrade is a certified patsy. next up WBO champion Daniel Ponce de Leon. but i do hope he fights in a more prestigious boxing organizationlike WBC, WBA or IBF. WBO is just a non-existent organization.
  • Foley FanFoley Fan Member PExer
    Kala ko pa naman title fight & the real WBC title was on the line..

    Nonetheless, CONGRATS Boom Boom!
  • tigermantigerman Former chief snare PExer
    Congrats Boom-Boom! mabuhay ka!

  • ArrowstormArrowstorm Member ✭✭✭✭
    Bautista TKOs Brazilian in 4

    By Ed Picson

    REY ‘BOOM-BOOM” Bautista celebrated his return from a briefly interrupted boxing career with a 4th round technical knockout victory over veteran Giovanni Andrade of Brazil at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida Saturday evening (Sunday morning, Manila time).

    Bautista, who had two fights cancelled this year due to an ailment and an injury, was all business in the abbreviated super bantamweight match that saw his 36-year-old opponent trying to mock the youthful Filipino sensation by show-boating and putting his guard down.

    The Boholano native from the obscure town of Candijay responded with impressive shots to the head and body, which Andrade later described as "powerful body shots that felt like I was being stabbed."

    He complained of shortness of breath after the third round and his corner advised the referee that he was unable to continue, thus giving Bautista the 4th round TKO win in their scheduled 10-rounder.

    While being checked by the ring physician, he was seen grimacing and gasping for breath.

    Working his corner during the fight was Freddie Roach and ALA Boxing Stable chief trainer Edito Villamor. Also at ringside was co-promoter Sammy Gello-Ani, a long-time associate of Tony Aldeguer, the Cebu-based businessman and boxing patron who has nurtured Bautista’s career.

    In a long distance conversation with the Bulletin, Bautista described Andrade as a wily fighter who knew all the tricks in the book and used them in the fight to try to gain an advantage.

    But he failed this time.

    Boom-Boom revealed that he caught the Brazilian champion with a hard punch to the chest area and followed it with a left to the kidney area and that was it.

    Bautista said he felt Andrade pause and grunt, indicating he had been hurt. He said he was not surprised that Andrade called it quits because he knew that he had delivered a solid and savage blow.

    Boom-Boom said his famous promoter and boxing icon Oscar de la Hoya kept shouting to everyone after the fight, "That’s my Boom-Boom!"

    The young boxer said he was getting embarrassed as he felt de la Hoya was getting too excited and proud about his win.

    Gello-Ani, in the same conversation, announced that negotiations were ongoing with Golden Boy Promotions for a Mexico-Philippines World Cup in February when Cebuano Z Gorres challenges WBO champion Fernando Montiel.

    GBP has suggested two more title matches in the said card, possibly involving Boom-Boom and comebacking Gerry Penalosa. He also said De la Hoya partner Bernard Hopkins was very excited at the prospect of coming to the Philippines for the promotion.

    Gello-Ani said Shane Mosley would also fly over should it push through.

    At the time of the phone call, it was 2 a.m. in Florida, and Team Bautista was having a late dinner at Gello-Ani’s hotel room at the Hyatt Regency Tampa with the famished Bautista, Villamor, and US-based Cebuano newsman Homer Sayson feasting on pizza and buffalo wings. They fly out from Los Angeles for home on Monday, December 4, US time.

    Bautista displayed excellent work ethic, with quick jabs and combinations as well as good recognition as he kept his guard up for Andrade’s counter punches. The wily veteran tried to bait Boom-Boom to by trying to goad him into losing his temper, but the Filipino showed great discipline by just sticking to his fight plan.

    The 20-year old Bautista, the WBO No. 11 contender, now has a sterling record of 21 wins with 16 stoppages. Andrade dropped to 53-10 with 43 KO’s. The Filipino rising star is seen by many including respected TV analyst Dave Bontempo, who covered the fight as ripe for a world title shot.

    De la Hoya even introduced Bautista in the pre-fight press conference as "the next Manny Pacquiao".

    He also revealed that he had penciled in Bautista in the undercard of his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in May next year. However, they will have to take into consideration what happens to the plans for a World Cup in February.
  • Verbl KintVerbl Kint The Usual Suspect PExer
    Oscar del Hoya sure was impressed. I hope I get to see Boom-Boom fight Rafael Marquez in the future. *okay*
  • zenmarzenmar Selling the Drama ✭✭✭
    That would be a great fight but i dont think rafa will move up and if he ever moves up i think he'd go for the title and fight vazquez.

    It would be nice if boom boom goes for the title and fight ponce deleon, De leon can punch but from what i saw from his prev. bouts he's too slow.
  • go_black_goldgo_black_gold Banned by Admin PExer

    hopefully other boxers/athlete will be given recognition for a job well done as well.... nde puro si pacquiao lang....:)
  • cho_reecho_ree Moodyrator PExer
    Boom boom should move up to fight the PACMAN.
  • schumischumi F1 Weltm?ister PExer

    youtube video of the fight :D
  • GeneralGrangerGeneralGranger Brutal Enemy PExer
    cho_ree wrote: »
    Boom boom should move up to fight the PACMAN.

    Ikaw naman, super bantamweight pa lang sya, tapos papupuntahin mo agad sa super featherweight. Ten pounds yun more or less.
  • ArrowstormArrowstorm Member ✭✭✭✭
    Boom-Boom’s dream

    By Ed Picson

    Rey "Boom-Boom" Bautista is a simple young man with a dream: To be the best he can be in his boxing career in order to provide his family a way out of poverty.

    This is why he was so frustrated when twice over in the last five months, he had to back out from scheduled fights because of unfortunate circumstances. In July, he was supposed to fight in the undercard of the Pacquiao-Larios fight, but was stricken by a viral infection that hospitalized him.

    Last September, he had already gone to the United States for rigid training with Freddie Roach when a collar bone injury sent him packing.

    Adding to his disappointment as well as that of his manager/benefactor Tony Aldeguer were unfounded rumors which ascribed sinister motives for the two fight cancellations. Some unscrupulous parties had spread the word that he had pulled out from the fights because of unreasonable demands over prize money, which were completely untrue.

    But true to the regimen of discipline instituted by Aldeguer at his squeaky clean and state-of-the-art boxing gyms in Cebu and Tagbilaran, Bautista just shrugged off the ugly rumors and went about his business.

    True enough, it paid off with a handsome win over veteran Giovanni Andrade of Brazil last weekend which validated his stature as a world-class fighter.

    No less than the most recognizable fighter in the world, and one of the most prominent boxing promoters today, Oscar de la Hoya, has been totally entranced not only by the fighting prowess of the young Boholano, but also his likeable ways.

    De la Hoya has been showering Boom-Boom with the kind of attention he rarely shows his other fighters. He has provided him with a stretch limousine, has personally joined him in his workouts at the hotel gym before the fight, and reportedly gave the Filipino sensation a sizable bonus for his recent win.

    Boom-Boom related that De la Hoya was so elated by the victory that he kept showing him off like a prized trophy after the fight proclaiming to everyone, "This is my Boom-Boom!" He had also introduced him to a pre-fight press conference as "the next Manny Pacquiao. It doesn’t get better than this."

    Bautista has consistently shown two facets to his character. Inside the ring he dons an inscrutable mask of determination and focus that no antics or strategic moves from the opposition can break through.

    After the fight, he reverts to the innocent youngster that he is, mesmerized by his surroundings ("Ma, Pa si Oscar de la Hoya, Hopkins at Mosley, katabi ko!") and showing off his emotions with sparkling eyes and a contagious, winsome smile.

    Indeed, it doesn’t get better than this. Boom-Boom once told us a story of having unconsciously broken curfew at the ALA gym while shopping in Cebu with stablemate Rollen Del Castillo. Upon realizing their misdemeanor, the two pugilists tried to persuade Aldeguer to allow them to go home to their quarters (it is a strict ALA policy that curfew breakers may not enter the premises).

    To teach them a lesson, Aldeguer rejected their pleas. The two soon found themselves in a rough neighborhood where they tried to huddle in a corner on a pedestrian overpass to spend the night.

    Soon some mean-looking guys were menacingly looking them over and the courageous prizefighter again appealed by cell phone to his benefactor Aldeguer to reconsider his decision. Bautista admitted to me that he was already on the verge of tears, fearful of a run-in with neighborhood thugs. I thought it took quite a lot for an accomplished boxer to admit to fear of a gang of delinquents whom we could fairly assume he and his partner could have easily taken out.

    Fortunately for them, Aldeguer relented, knowing that the pair had learned their lesson. Boom-Boom has never broken curfew since.

    Aldeguer also revealed that just like every other boxer in his stable, Bautista only gets a P500 weekly allowance. Boom-Boom says sometimes he doesn’t even use up the entire amount. His prize money is wisely saved and accounted for and is used only for necessary expenses for the boxer and his family.

    The Boom-Boom anecdotes are endless and will show a humble, unspoiled and determined young man eager to prove himself in a world where discipline, hard work and a good heart may not guarantee success, but would certainly deserve a nation’s admiration and support.

    After the win over Andrade he holds a pristine record of 21 wins in as many fights, with 16 knockouts. We hope this string of success holds, and his dream is finally realized.

    If there’s one guy who deserves it, it’s got to be "Boom-Boom."
  • ron_pacmanron_pacman Member PExer
    Go Boom Boom!!!
  • ArrowstormArrowstorm Member ✭✭✭✭
    Why Boom Boom is not yet a Pacquiao

    By Recah Trinidad
    Last updated 03:55am (Mla time) 12/11/2006

    Published on page A33 of the December 11, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

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