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pulled groin injury

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what happens in a pulled groin injury??

how do you prevent it??

anyone who experienced it?


  • what happens in a pulled groin injury??

    how do you prevent it??

    anyone who experienced it?

    It happened to me in 6th grade. For about 4 days, I literally couldn't walk. I had to drag myself to the CR or be assisted in some way where I could keep the pain bearable. I wasn't able to walk without a limp for over a month, and then for another 6 months I could still feel it, even if I wasn't limping. It's completely gone now, but it took a couple years of caution to ensure I didn't agrivate it from time to time. Every now and then it would throb if I played a neighborhood game for those 2 following years. It's gone now, but the pulled groin is EASILY the worst pain/injury I've every suffered. Hamstrings are like a birthday party (since I've injured one before 6 years ago doing stupid stuff) compared to the groin injury.

    For the first few days following the injury it feels like sombody stabbed you or is in the process of cutting you with each small twist.

    What happens is that you damage your hip flexor muscles...or something in the chain. How it happens depends on many variables. We were playing "hot box" in baseball at the house of a friend. That's where you try to tag the runner if he gets caught between two basemen trying to steal a base or going from 2nd to 3rd (or 3rd to home plate) after a hit by another player. I remember doing the side splits just slightly too far and it didn't really hurt at the time. I was just limping at first. By the end of the night, it felt like a bomb detonated in my hip.

    If you get this injury, go see a sports physician immediately to get pain killers. I'm not even sure morphine would kill all of the pain that will follow...
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    Blueorgreen, in addition to Bchemist's helpful post, this may also be useful: http://espn.go.com/trainingroom/s/1999/1103/149394.html

    (Quoted from the site. I'd encourage you though to read the content of the linked site):
    Dr. Parker:For the typical muscle strain or pull, including groin injuries, the treatment is always conservative. We use rest and ice, then proceed to a gradual stretching and strengthening program followed with a return to athletics. This works well for the "weekend warrior" up through to the professional athlete. Anti-inflammatory medication and ice help with the swelling, but time is what cures groin pulls more than anything. In higher levels of competition, treatments such as muscle stimulators and ultrasound can help with the healing process.

    For all the similarities, every groin pull is different, as are the athletes that have them. The recovery depends on a lot of factors. Age, level of fitness, severity of the injury and a diligence with respect to rehabilitation all contribute to recovery times.

    A word of caution: Depending on the severity, it's been reported that the abovementioned therapies in the quoted text may not always be enough. I also have to remind you that I'm not a physician.

    As Bchemist said, please see a physician, particularly if you find the injury very bothersome.

    A small request, please do not post the same thread in multiple forums. It's not allowed. Thank you.
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