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Lanao congresswoman goes ballistic over pork
Dreading the wrath of Allah and feeling "grossly insulted,’’ a Muslim congresswoman slapped and shoved a waitress who served her pancit (noodles) with pork during a dinner at the House of Representatives last Monday.

"As a Muslim, it is forbidden in Islam for a believer to eat pork or its derivatives. To do so is a grievous sin. An intentional consumption of such meat would hinder me from gaining entrance to paradise. Beyond dietary concerns, this is a matter of faith," she said.

Dumarpa said that before the incdent, the food servers assured her of pork-free dish for her and other Muslim lawmakers. She said it was a Muslim colleague who called her attention to the mistake. By that time, she was already enjoying the dessert.

Lanao del Sur Rep. Benasing Macarambon, who is also a Muslim, said Dumarpa’s outburst was justified and that Islam allows a more severe response to such travesty.

"If it were me, I don’t know what will be my state of my mind. Muslims can kill," he warned.

Macarambon said that for a Muslim, the anguish one feels after being made to eat pork is actually worse than seeing one’s wife being raped in front of him.

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