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Lanao congresswoman goes ballistic over pork
Dreading the wrath of Allah and feeling "grossly insulted,’’ a Muslim congresswoman slapped and shoved a waitress who served her pancit (noodles) with pork during a dinner at the House of Representatives last Monday.

"As a Muslim, it is forbidden in Islam for a believer to eat pork or its derivatives. To do so is a grievous sin. An intentional consumption of such meat would hinder me from gaining entrance to paradise. Beyond dietary concerns, this is a matter of faith," she said.

Dumarpa said that before the incdent, the food servers assured her of pork-free dish for her and other Muslim lawmakers. She said it was a Muslim colleague who called her attention to the mistake. By that time, she was already enjoying the dessert.

Lanao del Sur Rep. Benasing Macarambon, who is also a Muslim, said Dumarpa’s outburst was justified and that Islam allows a more severe response to such travesty.

"If it were me, I don’t know what will be my state of my mind. Muslims can kill," he warned.

Macarambon said that for a Muslim, the anguish one feels after being made to eat pork is actually worse than seeing one’s wife being raped in front of him.

ok, that's it. you guys are on your own.


  • payter
    payter Banned by Admin
    does not seem terribly difficult
    to make sure a certain vip
    does not get served a certain
    type of food
    the way you dont serve risk-factor
    foods to a high blood guy hehe
    they must've done it
    on purpose
    if not theyre idiots to allow
    it to happen
  • ^ wouldn't be that difficult for em if she had worn "i don't eat pork" ID.
  • tonet1000
    tonet1000 Pound for Pound
    Her actions justify what the general non-muslim public feels about muslims. Her pork barrel should be withdrawn.
  • Lucca Yamazaki
    Lucca Yamazaki die boy abunda die!
    ^^ Alien!

    I say we leave those pigs alone. They make children act like savages, according to William Godling...
  • brainwash children to blow themselves up to go to heaven and marry seven virgin brides
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