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Best casa service outlet?

As you well know, the service outlets from casa to casa can be very, very different. For instance, we've had about half a dozen hondas through the years and initially, we got our units from Pasig. By accident, we once got 1 unit from QuezonAv and we found out their service center was waay better.

I don't know if it's public info but the branches themselves (like Honda QC, Pasig, Makati, etc.) have intra-company diagnosis and repair competitions!

My first question is -- do all car brands have such competitions?

My second question is -- which Ford outlet has the best service?

I know you don't have to buy AND service at a specific outlet, but I do prefer to reward the better service outlet(s) with more sales! So can you guys help me out?


  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    Honda Quezon Avenue is one of the WORST Honda service facilities in the country (possibly the world). Ang daming reklamo sa kanila sa

    Simpleng misaligned hood latch lang on a brand new Jazz gusto na katayin yung buong harap ng sasakyan at ipadala sa body shop. Sira na daw ang chassis kaya hindi nagtatapat ang hood latch. WTF.

    Ako nga bumibili lang ng piyesa para sa Honda ng pinsan ko, naranasan ko pa iyang service bulok nila.

    Yes, almost all local manufacturers have competitions pitting various dealer service departments against each other. Some manufacturers also send personell to join international competitions (e.g. Volvo).

    My friend has his Ranger serviced Ford Balintawak but I've read horror stories about them, too. Our Expedition was acquired from Ford EDSA. Currently being serviced at Ford Libis.
  • Why'd you shift from EDSA to Libis? How's the experience with Libis?

    Hmm...weird. 15 years na kami nagpapagawa diyan sa HCQC without problems. Past year or 2 lang ba yung mga problems? Baka nagpalit na ng tao eh. I think they won 2nd in the late 90s or early 2000s in their inter Honda competitions -- and the manager pointed to a youngish, barrel-chested guy as the one responsible for the W -- baka wala na!

    Admittedly, though, our hondas hardly ever need repairs so sa service at warranty lang ako may experience.
  • slamm
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    Used to have our Everest serviced at Ford Connecticut... okay naman (just the regular PMS) but nothing great. What i like is i can observe the car while it's being serviced...

    I also had a bad experience with the Honda Q. Ave but this was with regard to their sales; we didnt push through with our new Civic purchase because of them. They commited a date when we were putting down our order but when they could not deliver, they did not even have the decency to properly inform us, kami pa yung nag abala (after waiting for nothing for weeks and not even getting replies through text... i had to call pa the sales through my cellphone before they would answer).
  • student_01
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    chevrolet Pasig, okey siya, lalo na PAG mag PMS kana.
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