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How old are you when you learned how to drive?

How old are you when you learned how to drive (car, bike, motor, and the likes)?


  • student_01
    student_01 Banned by Admin
    Motor and Car 16 years old- student permit
    Motor and car also- Non Pro. 17 years old
  • OTEP R
    OTEP R Admin
    When I was able to reach the pedals and see out of the windshield at the same time.
  • I remember, we were in grade 5 nung nauso yung scooters, so mga 11:rotflmao:
    I started driving when I was in first year high mga 13, pero around the village lang nun:(
    First time ko sa North Expressway mga mag 16 ako:)
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    I was about 13 years old when my dad thought me how to do the clutch and jockey the car around the garage... (although i was already practicing waay before with the engine shut-off in the garage). Started driving out when i was old enough to have a student's permit (16).

    First time i tried driving - 7 years old... almost bumped the car in the garage.
    First time i bumped a car - 3 years old (playing in the car and somehow released the handbrake according to my folks).
  • Ice Burn
    Ice Burn Conflicting Karma
    Bike - 4 years old
    Scooter - 12 years old
    Car - 16 years old
  • ako 23 na ako nakapagdrive
  • ako 9 yrs old (stick shift) pero cabanatuan city
  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    i learned motorcycle muna before car.

    the old kawasaki motorbikes.

    uh.. 13 i think. then car mga 16.
  • 22 when i got my license. 23 when i started driving. and i still can't drive in any other freeway except freeways going to work and school.
  • i was 15 yrs old when i drove our jeepney owner. tapus wala na then this year na uli na ako nag drive pero Honda VTI na :D
  • learned how to drive when i was 10 and got my non-pro license when i was 13. hindi daya age ko dun sa license kasi pwede pa nun mabigyan ka ng license even if you're not 17 if you have parents' permit to drive when i got it. that was a long, long time ago.
  • tigerman
    tigerman Former chief snare
    20 - I got my non-pro at the age of 17 (Coz my dad is working at Lto:D ) went to driving school at around 18, but I only get to drive well at around 20 after graduating from college. The reason? I was really having a hard time in using the clutch and the hanging part...

    Buti na lang nagtiyaga pa din ako sa manual, ayoko talaga ng matic eh...

  • vaevictis
    vaevictis Fade to Black
    Grade 5, around 10 yrs old. My mom taught me with our old owner-type jeepney back then.

    I was already driving my family when we're visiting our relatives in other cities when I was 16. Student License palang hawak ko nun, pero syempre under supervision ng dad ko, na merong Professional Driver's License.

    Finally got to drive on my own 3 days after turning 17 and getting my Non-professional license. :D
  • I tried to drive a rented trike when I was 15 or 16 but couldn't get the heck of just starting it!

    Learned to drive at 18 but got really good about 30. By really good I don't mean mixing the clutch -- I mean no accidents.
  • I got my student's permit when I was 17. Since then, ako na ang naging designated driver ng family.
  • i was already bringing the car to school when i was in 2nd year HS.
  • bike - 8y/o
    automatic - 16y/o
    manual - 17y/o (same age when i've got my prof license)
    motorbike - never (nyahaha)
  • car - 18 y/o
    motorbike - around 10 or 11 y/o;)
  • i was 16. my mom made me learn how to drive. she herself was taught by my grandpa when she was 16 (and that was 1961). we are banned from driving motorbikes. maybe in the future
  • bike - mga 5 or 6 years old
    car - I started driving well at 19. Nung 16 ako, paextra-extra with my brother's car pero as in, talagang pahinto-hinto.
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