Joan Guzman Challenges Pacquiao

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[highlight]Guzman To Pacquiao: "Congrats And Let's Get It On!"[/highlight]

Open Letter From Joan Guzman:
Dear Mr. Pacquiao: Magnificent. Stupendous. Flawless. That is how you performed Saturday night in Las Vegas against Erik Morales. I write first to congratulate you on a brilliant fight.

Second, I write you, Pacman, to remind you that I believe I am the world's best at 130 pounds. I am sure we can agree to disagree and that and that your fans will similarly disagree with mine on that same point.

As you know, I am the WBO champion and you are the #1 mandatory. I have a title defense upcoming in my homeland, the Dominican Republic on December 18 as a part of the biggest boxing show ever held there. Should I be successful in that bout, I have made it clear to my manager, Jose Nunez, and to my co-promoters that I want them to work to make Guzman vs. Pacman for March, 2007..

There can be no doubt now that you and I are the world's best two fighters at 130 pounds. The question that must be answered is who is the better man in that ring, me or you? It is a super fight and a fight fan's dream.

Let's settle this one in March. All the best to you and your legion of loyal fans.




  • rhk111rhk111 Son of Boltok The Rapist PExer
    This pri_k couldn't even knock out somebody like Barios, & here he is challenging The Pac-Man? What does he have to take to the table, just his speed & defense?

    Cra_. The Pac-Man will kill him in the ring.
  • florida_gator#8florida_gator#8 king of the swamp PExer
    Guzman who? seriously,never heard of this guy.
  • tazvictazvic Member PExer
    i agree, guzman who, he's just trying to stir something up to get a megabuck fight, i dont know kung papatulan sya ni manny pero right now d kailangan ni manny ng title, his name alone is megabuck na.
  • GeneralGrangerGeneralGranger Brutal Enemy PExer
    What? This guy's offering his title belt to Pacman?
  • heimlichheimlich Member PExer
    Joan Guzman is an arrogant fighter that hails from Dominican Republic. His record? 26-0, 17 by KO. a good challenge for manny but i dont dig his motives on engaging pacman.
  • lizzie_laylizzie_lay Member PExer
    sino ba yang si guzman na yan......di ko ata naririnig pangalan nya tapos sasabihin nya na magaling sya.....pahinga ka na lang sa bahay nyo hehehhe
  • aajaoaajao Moderator PEx Moderator
    bakit ang yayabang ng ibang boksingero?
  • rhk111rhk111 Son of Boltok The Rapist PExer
    heimlich wrote: »
    Joan Guzman is an arrogant fighter that hails from Dominican Republic. His record? 26-0, 17 by KO. a good challenge for manny but i dont dig his motives on engaging pacman.

    Those 17 KOs came from patsies. This pric_ couldn't even knock Barios out. He's supposed to have great defense & speed, which means he'll be running away from The Pacman most if not all of the fight like a little girl.

    He's just a fuc_ing loudmouth.
  • Red_DevilRed_Devil Jersey No. 98 ✭✭
    Hindi lang pulitiko nakiki-ride sa popularity ni PacMan. Ibang boksingero din. Mwehehehe.
  • ceedeeceedee istambay sa Rio PExer
    ^^^ syempre gusto makisawsaw at kumita sa kasikatan ni pacman. because he is THE MAN sa super featherweight division. and besides, kaya hindi niyo kilala ang boxer na yan kasi hindi rin kilala yun boxing organization na kung saan champion sya.
  • parang wrestling din ang boksing trash talk sabay laban hehe "you-me in a casket match!!" parang undertaker hehe
  • shamhoyshamhoy 2 timing 3 timer ✭✭✭✭
    Dear Joan Guzman,

    I, you know, humbly accept the challenge. I, you know, will didicate this upcoming fight to the filipino people especially to the filipino community. :lol:

    Para sa kanila ang laban na 'to,
    Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao
  • No. 3No. 3 IMayBeWrong,ButIDoubtIt PExer
    This Guzman guy can really challenge manny. dont undersestmate him. he's tough, got speed, and has decent power.
  • squeeze_it_01squeeze_it_01 CRIMSON PACKER PExer
    fight him manny, then after 5 mins, fight barrera.. pac man can defeat those 2 fighters in the same day!!! hehehehehe!
  • thescenethescene Member PExer
    Let's get it on!! At least this time Manny will be fighting for a world title.
  • rhk111rhk111 Son of Boltok The Rapist PExer
    That's about the only valid reason for The Pacman this "Joan" Guzman.

    What the heck, what kind of a name is "Joan" for a guy? What the hell is his brother's name, "Cindy"?
  • cho_reecho_ree Moodyrator PExer
    The tao: Joan Guazman challenges Paki
    cho_ree: Guzman who?
  • cho_reecho_ree Moodyrator PExer
    The Pacquiao does not fight woman. diba joan?
  • Papichulo168Papichulo168 Simplified. PExer
    aajao wrote: »
    bakit ang yayabang ng ibang boksingero?

    They have to be. Especially for up and coming fighters. The fighter has to be involved with his promotion. That's the reason behind the success of Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Kahit si Manny when he was starting out may konting yabang din. Yung utol nya si Bobby malakas din self promotion. It's only when a fighter has nothing to prove anymore and are nearing the peak of their careers that they begin to mellow down.
  • keyser_sozekeyser_soze :::Vill Wannarot::: ✭✭
    Joan Guzman is your HIGH RISK-LOW REWARD fighter. He's a good match-up to Pacquiao, but what does he have to bring to the money table? His crappy WBO belt? Pinoys will fill in the arena and buy the PPVs, and what's Guzman's contribution? That's right nothing but a crappy belt, and he wants a piece of big mega-$$ PPV pie.

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