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God does not exist

gekokujogekokujo Original Fire PExer
It's not so far out: Maimonides, the great 12th century codifier of what-we-believe- and-what-we-don't- just-so-everybody- can-argue-about-it- for-the-next-thousand-years writes that G‑d cannot be called an existence. An existence has some sort of definition, as in "exist as what?" If G‑d would exist, Rabbi M says, then something would have had to existify Him--which means He wouldn't be G‑d. So G‑d, by definition, does not exist.

Neat fact: Did you know that when the Romans would sentence a person to death for becoming a Jew, the crime was called, "atheism"? Since the Jewish G‑d cannot be seen or described, they considered this person to be without any god at all. Turns out that Judaism is closer to atheism than most people's theism. As Rabbi Sholom Dovber of Lubavitch once put it, "The G‑d the atheist doesn't believe in, I don't believe in either."

...Let's get right down to the core of the quandary: Existence. How does anything exist? Only because it is sustained by G‑d, the great Isifier (as described above). So, for anything to exist, G‑d must exist.

But not so fast: What is it that the Isifier, blessed be He, is isifying? Whatever it is, it is not Him--because if it were Him, then He hasn't isified a thing, has He? Existence must be that which is not G‑d. Reduce that to: G‑d does not exist.

...There's only one hero of the story I can think of and that is us. In effect, we are G‑d's conscience deciding whether He should live in this place we call reality or not.

Is G‑d an Agnostic?,


  • God cannot exist because the very concept of God is ludicrous.
  • eveRythingeveRything Member PExer
  • jaypogijaypogi hmm... pogi ba talaga? PExer
    if God does not exist, do gods exist?
  • loc0loc0 PExer

    (message too short)
  • OneirosOneiros Slacker PExer
    Sounds like that other guy:

    "God does not exist. He is being itself beyond essence and existence. Therefore to argue that God exists is to deny him."

    -Paul Tillich
  • RAINBOWSIXRAINBOWSIX I'll color you right! =) PExer
    ho hum.....

    GOD are initials of three Hebrew words. Gomer (Wisdom) Oz (Strength) Dabar (Beauty). Collectively, Wisdom Strength and Beauty denotes the Supreme Being which is GOD.

    We see GOD in different ways. argue all you want, God is not even a being.
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    according to the great eli soriano, the bible uses the word 'god' to refer to several diferent entities and that includes living men.
  • gekokujogekokujo Original Fire PExer
    the question is, how can Maimonides assert that God does not exist and yet remain Jewish?
    G d in Hebrew means "The Isifier"--as in we is and He ises us.
    is there, in any other belief system, an idea of an Isifier who makes is then leaves is alone? – yes, there is, in deism. the Watchmaker and all that.

    the obvious rejoinder: what about history? doesn’t the Torah record God’s intervention in history? – but what is history? more to the point, where is history?
    G d came up with the idea that some things would exist and others would not. Call it A and B. Then He had to determine whether He would be one of those of category A or B. And that's where the whole problem began: G d has yet to determine whether He is playing this game of existence and is a part of our world or if He has better things to do with His time. (Actually, time is also another of those category A existence things. But the line sounded good, so I used it.)
    if time is a category A existence thing, then so is any point in the time-line: past, present, and future.

    time is, history is in time, history is. God isn’t, God isn’t in time, God isn’t in history. the Watchmaker. “The God the atheist doesn’t believe in, I don’t believe in either.”

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