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For writers interested in environmental conservation in the Philippines

First off, there's no money in this. It's just for those willing to put in a little time to write about what they care about. Please drop by. :love:


  • tophe_17
    tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™
    Nice! Oh... and you also joined ADB essay? Great!
    Good luck on the result.
  • tophe_17
    tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™
    By the way, I'm looking for any review (PEX thread) on the movie (it's actually a documentary) An Inconvenient Truth; however, there seems to be no thread about it here. I really wanna watch it. As of this time, it's being shown in SM Fairview and SM Manila only.

    Anyway, Some parts of it was shown in Korina Today in (ANC) and it's quite alarming (and scary) to see the earth's degradation - from snow-capped Swiss mountains (before) to almost dried one (now)... as well as the dried lake in Chad (Africa) that was once filled up with freshwater before. All of these were discussed by politican-turned-environmentalist Al Gore.

    Hope everybody's environmental awareness 'level' would get up and help in promoting its conservation. :)
  • during my freshman year, i took a class on cinematography. we discussed Sergei Eisenstein and his experimentation on film editing; til today we see his influence towards movie makers. i like going to the movies and eating cracker jacks.
  • tophe_17
    tophe_17 ΛuЯoR™
    For environmentalists, the movie/documentary An Inconvenient Truth is a must-see show!

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