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dinner date. where?

hi everyone!

gusto ko yayain ung girl na gusto ko for a dinner date:D me masu suggest ba kayo na resto/bar/etc. na mejo cozy & romantic ung setting. near makati sana.

thanks in advance!


  • if you want, you can just bring her to fusion in greenbelt. oks dun! asa bed kayo.. hehehe
  • go to UCC at the podium for dessert.
  • sabaybunotsabaybunot PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    dalhin mo sa mga motel sa pasig.. try mo yung chicken nila..
  • @Ace_Kn|ghT_9 - thanks. try ko daanan this week
    dannececoholic - ok talaga sa UCC after dinner =)
    sabaybunot - hahaha. huwag naman :p

    anymore suggestions?
  • jensen83jensen83 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    top of the citi :)
    any resto in serendra..
    hanap ka.. dami dyan :)
  • i suggest sa may greenbelt3, un sa movie houses... sa gilid (sorry i dont rem the name of the restau), pero kc mejo away from all the crowd un... can't guarantee though nde pa ko nadadala dun... hehehe...
  • @jensen83

    serendra? sa may the fort ba yan?


    parang dun na nga target ko. why saan ba kayo usually hehe
  • ^actually, walang nagdadala sakin dun.. whahaha... nde pero kc parang ang cozy tingnan from afar dun... i just dunno the ambience and the people who go there... let me know if okai dun... :)
  • bring her to a place na inde pang masa. Mashado na kaseng crowded sa greenbelt and glorietta. Pero I recommend Max Brenner for Dessert!

    kaw na bahala. ;)
  • grabe ang hirap pala maghanap

    dami for dessert pero sa dinner mismo pahirapan!

    more inputs please...
  • ^since you asked for something romantic and cozy ang dating, ive assumed that you are willing to shell out some cash....

    try having a dinner sa Mandarin hotel...eat all you can dinner and ok yung ambience... :)
  • @RedLion2001

    thanks man. any idea how much?
  • ^around 1,200 per person (not sure with the exact amount), then pag may membership card ka, may 33% discount ka...(before it was 50%)... :)
  • thanks for the info man! sana me additional info sa website nila
  • try je suis gourmand at Fort. cozy place since it's quite small (so you have to call them to make reservations) and cheaper than le souffle (and food is way better than the latter). you have to shell out 1k per person, minimum.

    or if fort is too far for you, you can try Gulliver's. been there with my family once. i can vouch for the romantic ambience. but i found the food to be so-so lang. kinda pricey as well.

    and i dont suggest buffet. why? for one, you wont get your money's worth since the girl wont probably be eating much. two, such a hassle to stand every now and then to get food. what if you want to get more and your date doesnt want a second or third serving anymore? you'll leave her there? kills the "moment", trust me, im a girl. i should know. ;p
  • Nivla_PoaNivla_Poa PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^ Iniwan ka ng date mo para kumain pa, scroll? :D
  • Nivla_PoaNivla_Poa PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    by the way, amfness... any idea on what the girl's preferences are? I mean, if she prefers Italian, Japanese, Chinese cuisine, etc? It might help to narrow your search... and impress the girl. :)
  • Nivla_Poa wrote: »
    ^ Iniwan ka ng date mo para kumain pa, scroll? :D

    fortunately for me, not yet. haha.

    but seriously, come and think of it. if you are the girl, what would you feel if you are left all alone at your table while the guy is busy stuffing his plate at the buffet?

    plus, if you're the guy, you would NOT want to leave a girl alone. why? if the date is a drag for her, she can call any one of her girl friends and send an SOS. you know, when her phone rings in the middle of the date then you will hear the usual im-so-sorry-that-was-my-dad-who-called-can-we-go-now? excuse. haha. now, you would not want to give her any reason (not to mention time) to do that, right?

    and it's so casual. buffet dinners are ok if you're dating each other casually already. but if it's the first time for you to be with her (ALONE!), you should stay somewhere quiet, somewhere you can talk. besides, that's the whole point of asking her out, right? to get to know her? to spend time with her and not with the buffet table. ;)
  • jensen83jensen83 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    serendra is in fort bonifacio.. je suis gourmand w/c scroll suggested is in there and also guava.. :)

    yup.. i think eating in a buffet resto is a big no no :)

    and eating in gb3 is not ideal for me.. just my two cents as the setting kills the moment even before it happens hehehe dami kasi tao :) try gb2 instead... pepato, nuvo, etc.. :)
  • @Nivla_Poa

    nde naman sya maselan. as for cuisines, ung mga namention mo and dagdag mo American :)


    thanks! i've read about gulliver nga ok daw yung ambiance parang old english theme, tama ba?

    and you're right. big no-no talaga ang buffet mas lalo na kapag first! pero nde na ito first "date" namin ;)

    i should've mentioned this in my first post. the reason why i'm asking is because i'm looking for the almost perfect setting para ma-ask ko sya to be my GF :) kaya gusto ko talaga ung romantic ang dating
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