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On Courtship or making the first move ..

hi guys and gals .. I'm not single but I thought I'll throw a question for you:

to guys ... How Do you court a girl?

to girls .. if you see a guy that you are attracted to .. will you make the first move .. if yes, how?

Okay, I'm married now but knowing now what I didn't know then, if I'm single and I see a guy that I like .. oh yes .. I won't hesitate to make the first move.

What is it that I know now that I did not know then? well, that most men don't mind when a girl shows 'signs' that she's intersted in him, as long as it's done with some finesses and class. Back then .(when I was still single). I was afraid to make the first call. Now I know i didn't really have to be shy about it. .. men are actually flattered if a woman calls them.

Your POVS >> post 'em! Your experiences, post 'em! ;)


  • hmm... up lang.... *okay*
  • to girls .. if you see a guy that you are attracted to .. will you make the first move .. if yes, how?

    ay oo naman may gagawin ako "ipapa barang ko sya" :rotflmao:
  • shy ata kayo .. hindi mabenta 'tong thread eh.

    I'm curious as to how guys nowadays court or woo a girl they like ( do i sound so old fashion?). And girls, do you still feel awkward about making the first move?

    my nephew who is 17 just announced to us that he's going to their PROM, so i asked who did he ask? he said .." the girl asked me." .. and i thought, " cool, at least that girl has the guts to ask a boy." .. sana lang .. way back then, I was that gutsy.
  • me.. i'm soo torpe when it comes to guys i like! kaya i tend to attract the "wrong guys" haha!i can't ever really say to their face na i like them. when they do naman, my tendency is tuksuhin sila "uyyy you like me pala ha!" hehe! i'm makulit, but i can never some up to a guy and tell him i like him.

    unless i get drunk, i guess. i kid! :lol:
  • the guy i like knows that i like him..
    he tends to be fine bwt it but it's me who wanna run away..
    it kinda makes me feel ashamed..
    i did tell him... made the first move...
    but then, at least hindi niya pinatulan ang kagagahan ko and courted me just bcoz he was assured that i like him
  • ^^^ good for you.
  • marami kasing mahiyain dito :)

    pero ako, if i like the guy sabihin ko talaga heheh!

    kapal ko :)
  • violetbabevioletbabe PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    okay lang naman that i make the first move. i mean talking to them is already a move. would they even notice? not really. not much difference on making the first move when making friends with strangers.

    and if they dont feel like hanging out with me or talking to me, okay lang. its as if naman may mawawala sa akin.. it's not goin to be the end of the world. :rolleyes:
  • ako din... pag nakikipagusap ako, that serves as a M O V E for me.. trying to befriend 'im and letting 'im know the real me...

    pero guys, im not good at it... i hate my guts sometimes.. ahihihi!!!
  • Dati nung nag-training ako sa isang call center meron isang chick na ka-batch ko sabi sa akin ba naman mangungumpisal daw siya sa aking tulad ng ginagawa niya sa boyfriend niya. Double-meaning pala yung "kumpisal" na sinasabi niya dahil pag ginagawa yun di ba lumuluhod ang isang tao sa harap ng kapwa niya..inthis case a girl in front of a boy. Kakaiba na first move yun ng isang girl. Ako nman di tinuring na cheap yung girl dahil medyo "green" din ang sense of humor ko....bigla na lang sinabi nung ka-batch namin sa harap naming dalawa yung ibig sabihin nung "kumpisal" at ayun napahagikhik na napa-ayon yung girl na nagsabi sa akin nun. Ayun tawanan kaming tatlo, walang malisya.
  • ^^Dapat pagkatapos ng kumpisal e Bininyagan mo na din :)
  • freshbabefreshbabe PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    shucks!!! NOPE... can't even initiate a decent
    conversation with the guy....
    ( that i am attracted to)

    dapat siya yung lumapit.. and have atleast small
    talks... with me...
    basta anything that involved a good conversation

    ayoko ng asaran/ kulitan lang :D

    pero i attract the wrong types...:depressed:
    mga guys na "kapalmuks" na "tigang"
    or "manyakis', kala mo ubod ng gwapo...:grrr:
    who's looking for meantime gf... or not the
    type na would go for a serious relationship....

    why do niceguys can't like or love/pursue me???
    and why should they be if not taken...
    effeminate.... and malambot??!
  • syempre pag malakas ang loob sanay na un, marami pa rin tlgang tsupe/torpe ngaun and that include me pero not all the time naman
  • well.. for me, i tend to blab my crushes sa mga tao.. then, saka aabot dun sa guy na gusto ko.. sympre ako tong loka loka, dapat kakausapin mo, just make him comfortable with you.. basta parang barkada.. para lang pag hindi ka nya gusto oks lang.. at least pwede ka magdeny!

    for those girls who are so gutsy, bow ako sa inyo!
  • i have this classmate who just courted me last week kahit may gf xia...
    i admire him 'coz among 17 guys in the batch, he's one of the 3guys who are part of the honors' list kaso di maganda ugali niya...
    he was uttering words that i didn't even hear from my parents..
    kainis talga!
  • i have this classmate who just courted me last week kahit may gf xia...

    may tawag sa mga guys na ganun ... :rolleyes:

    may tawag din sa girls na pumapatol sa mga guys na ganun :lol:
  • ^^^ out of curiosity, ano nga ba tawag sa knila???
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