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Singles, who do you look like?

A way of describing yourselves to blind dates or merely for those who want to leave something for the imagination :D

Ako, sabi sa MyHeritage.com, I'm a combi of Jessica Alba, Christina Ricci, Kristin Kreuk (highest resemblance daw hehe), Garcelle Beauvais Nilon and Drew Barrymore. With Zhang Ziyi, Marcia Cross, Shirley Temple, Madonna and even Kristine Hermosa on the side :D WALANG KOKONTRA!!! :lol:

But before the above website, ang swak na swak na laging sinasabi ng tao ay Christina Ricci + Loren Legarda. Pwede rin si Matet. :glee:

Kayo sino kamukha ninyo? You could opt to try the above website or just say here kung sino ang sa tingin ninyo o ng ibang tao na kamukha ninyo para sa mga dates or EBs, ay si (pexer's nick) ay kamukha ni (celebrity). :bop:


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