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Contributing to society...

Okay, I don't want to sound too unusual but I think young people like us should be trying to help out in societies. I want to, I just don't know of any other activities or ways I could do so...

It doesn't necessarily have to be about donating money. If you could post links to sites like "anti animal cruelty" or the "light a candle for the anti child pornography" other similar sites that could pass news about trying to help out in our own little way.

It's not even about time, sometimes people search for meaning in their lives. Personally, at this point of my life, it's all about career and a lot of work! I haven't even found, even a "someone" or "something" to slow me down and do something worthwhile...


  • I've been wanting to do outreach work for years already ... and until now haven't found a group that I can join. So aj1981 .. if you do find a group or activity ... let me know ... :)
  • aj1981, count me in! pm me if u have plans.
  • Sorry guys, it's not that I've forgotten this post... it's just proves my point exactly, work is just consuming me too much :)

    I have heard of the distant learning program for OFWs working in HK and Macau... don't know if they would really need help but that's one worthwhile program... i think there's a similar post like mine and they did mention some ideas over there :)
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