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How accurate are ultrasounds?

francie23 fulltime mommy!
i'm 20 weeks preggy, and i had an ultrasound earlier today. they said girl daw, but they asked me to come back after a month just to be sure. does this mean na may possibility na mali sila? maliit daw kase yung baby, and the baby is in breech position, kaya di pa sila 100% sure.. my ob says its a girl, even the sonographer did, pero why do they still need me back (free of charge na daw, they just want to be really sure)? excited kase ako,i really want a baby girl. .anyone who can help?


  • As far as the gender is concerned kailangan talaga visible ang crotch area ng fetus because there's no other way they can tell the gender. I was also told that there was only a 90% possibility that my baby was a girl (the cord was between her legs so they couldn't see for sure), but I didn't see the need to get another ultrasound since the pregnancy was progressing well naman. If they offered a free repeat ultrasound ok lang siguro, try to get it a few weeks later so that you can see if the baby's still breeched and if everything else is fine. Sayang kung magpa-ultrasound uli agad, wala nang masyadong makukuha aside from the gender :)
  • francie23
    francie23 fulltime mommy!
    thanks so much tina. ü well, i'm keeping my fingers crossed they're right the first time. i've told my friends na girl yung initial findings..
  • smilette
    smilette partner of smiley
    yup, it would be best to have a repeat ultra (if you decide to do it again) on your 7th month, around 28 weeks. they had a hard time too determining the gender of my little one, kasi naka-cross legs sya nung una kaming nagpa-4d. but instead of going to a repeat ultra, they said i should eat first and walk around and come back and they would check kung gumalaw na si baby. buti naman cooperative sya and on the 2nd attempt, they saw my baby's balls and itsy-bitsy birdie...hehe.

  • the way, where did you have your 4d? how much does it cost nowadays?
  • Ellheym
    Ellheym entrepreneur
    during my 6th months i had my ultrasound at ang sabi girl daw. pero nong inulit namin duiring my 8th months naku boy pala. kaya maganda pa rin talaga ulitin. :D
  • icee_star
    icee_star BEWILDERED!
    ellheym, nanganak ka na ba? kelan due date mo?
  • Ellheym
    Ellheym entrepreneur
    ^ hindi pa.. waiting pa lang. this month na, 2nd to 3rd week of nov. :D
  • di 100%, ako rin initially sabi "girl" pero sa 7th month inulit ultrasound at naging "boy" na kasi meron daw "lawit" sabi nung sonographer. boy nga.
  • It's sometimes difficult to see the fetal sex when there are obstructions (like the umbilical cord, legs, feet, hands). The fetal legs can also be apposed at the time of examination. It's even more difficult when the baby is in breech position as the legs are most likely to be closed (the lower part of the uterus is less roomy than the upper part). Making a 100% call that it's a boy is much easier as seeing the balls and the penis make it definitive. Not seeing a "lawit" does not necessarily mean it's a girl. You have to see the "hamburger sign". The "best" time for determination would be 24-32 weeks but an experienced sonologist can determine fetal sex as early as 16-18 weeks.
  • it actually just happened to me...misreading of my baby's gender..i had my ultrasound on my 7th month and they said it was a boy..i'm about a month away from delivering so i had another ultrasound, i was shocked to find out that the doctor said i was having a..girl! don't get me weong, i would've been happy either way but i was just surprised...usually errors are with girls to boys and not the other way around...

    odd enough, i felt bad after knowing not because i was deadset on having a boy, in fact, my mother's instinct always led me to believe it would be a girl... but i felt saddened coz i had grown attached to talking to my baby as a boy and planning things out and buying baby boy stuff...

    i guess ultrasounds are high tech gadgets but it is still not exempt from human error bec the one's interpreting the results are human..err ;)

    right now, i'm just happy and excited to have a new baby!!!
  • smiley_dude
    smiley_dude Certified Swanky
    .cEaRa. wrote: » the way, where did you have your 4d? how much does it cost nowadays?

    smilette had her 4d at FortMed ( i think it was 2.7k, not sure though, better call them up.

    regarding repeat ultrasound, 4d ultrasoud is good but pricey. if u want to confirm the gender of your baby, i think the normal ultrasound is more financially viable, it would just cost u arnd 700 to 1k. but if you want to check the baby's features, 4d would be the best option.
  • Ellheym
    Ellheym entrepreneur
    ^ yup maganda talaga ang 4D kaso hindi ko nasubukan kasi sobrang daming nakareserve sa fortmed. kung gusto mo sa fortmed dapat magpareserve ka na ng one month before kasi sobrang dami nilang clients.
  • ski_JeRZe
    ski_JeRZe UnPimp Ze Auto
    Here's the U/S of our baby. Boy daw sabi ng sonographer.

  • Naku, I had my 3rd ultrasound at 24 weeks and the sonologist confirmed I'm having a girl. Pero sige, I will get a repeat ultrasound on my 8th month just to reconfirm.
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