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All About LUBES

What do lubricants really do to your car? What auto lubes do you use? What's the best brand? :naughty::naughty::naughty:


  • simple, it lubricates the inside of the engine. just imagine F***ing unlubricated p****y. of course intercourse, the more expensive the better. try synthetic oil, they say it'll prolong your engine's life but it's bit pricey.
  • Joe_SatchJoe_Satch PEx Rookie ⭐
    everything you need to know about engine oils http://www.carbibles.com/engineoil_bible.html
  • Does anyone here know how to interpret the SAE Grade in Auto Lubes? For example, Petron's Ultron Race has a SAE grade of 5W-40, Rev-X Trekker has 15W-40, etc.
  • The numbers pertain to the viscosity/weight of the lubricant and temperature range effectiveness. Most oils recommended for our local conditions are at the 20W-50 (gasoline) or 15W-40 (diesel) range due to our hot and humid temperatures (thicker viscosity). Synthetics usually have wider SAE range (i.e 10W-50 or 0W-40) as they can be molecularly stable even with a wide SAE range (or something like to that effect; that's how i understand it at least).

    The energy saving oils (i.e. Caltex Havoline Energy) usually have lower visco ratings since these are slicker/lighter oils (i.e. 5W-30).

    For older, high mileage engines, higher viscosity ratings are also recommended to avoid leaks.
  • if you wanna know what the best lube is, go to the alternative preference board. hahaha
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