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mommies, help please

i want to buy a gift for my sister, she'll be giving birth on her 1st child this coming december, and i want to give her a special useful gift. ano ba maganda? gracias:)


  • Hi acid head! Check the Newborn Baby's Essentials Thread, anything on the list that she doesn't have yet is going to be helpful and useful. But if you don't want to give her ordinary things like blankets and bottles, try:

    - a subscription to a parenting magazine, like Smart Parenting or Baby Mag
    - a CD of classical music or lullabies
    - a really nice educational toy, I recommend Lamaze toys especially this one:

  • DaNa8
    DaNa8 certified mommy
    If you got the money, why don't you buy her an electric breast pump. Brands like Medela and Avent are good.
  • acid head wrote:
    i want to buy a gift for my sister, she'll be giving birth on her 1st child this coming december, and i want to give her a special useful gift. ano ba maganda? gracias:)

    hi what about a baby sling:) check out
  • Yup, a sling is a great gift!
  • tina11 wrote:
    Yup, a sling is a great gift!

    thanks tina, yes it is and it's not just because i sell them:) a baby sling helps promote a baby's intellectual, physical and emotional development, three in one product.

  • msbles
    msbles working mom
    If I had to recommend just one single thing that is most helpful to a mom with a baby, it would definitely be a SLING! Not only can you keep working while you're carrying your baby (my baby wanted to be carried ALL the time), baby also sleeps better when in a sling. It's especially great for moms with no space at home for a cradle.
  • acid head
    acid head psychedelic
    a sling eh?:teehee:

    wow, parang gusto ko bilhin lahat yun for my fist pamangkin! haha. anyway, gracias mommies:)
  • ^You're welcome! Exciting talaga mag-shopping for the first baby in the family, ingatan lang ang credit card at baka masyadong marami ang mabili :D
  • ^yeah, haha, tska im just a college frosh, i cant afford to shop for my pamangkin, i just need to buy a perfect gift for my ate and her newborn:)
  • Hulk
    Hulk Jolly Green Giant
    Kung naka-budget ka, you can buy baby clothes in a house in Zodiac St. sa Bel-Air in Makati. They sell Carter overruns, mura talaga siya compared to the same brand sold sa SM and Rustans. Yung entrance sa Jupiter cor. Makati Ave. P500 madami ka ng mabibili!

    Other gifts are:
    Nursing pillow
    Portable diaper changer
    Baby Grooming Kit (brush, nailcutter, etc)
    Lessons: Infant massage, breastfeeding, babycare, sign language etc. (inattendan lahat ng wife ko ito!)

    Kung bongga ka a LA-Z Boy would be a nice chair for breastfeeding! Just ask my wife. Hehe! :lol:

  • sweetwahm
    sweetwahm Just Another PExer
    I'd go for a ring sling. My son is going on 2 and I still use it.
  • pinakagusto ko sa lahat ng niregalo sa baby ko e yung nursing pillow.*okay* check it out sa sm baby co. less than 500 lang yata yun.
  • eto...try this Baby Book. Visit the webpage and click the baby book movie. This is a nice gift for both your sister and her newborn...its a personalized storybook telling about your pamangkin's birth with all the nice details. A very nice keepsake that they can keep forever.
  • uy ok yan ah
  • yup! mostly yung mommies yung nag-eemote when they receive the book! hehe!
  • first time mom ako,my baby's 4 1/2 months na & a little bit flat head sya, is there any way na mabago ko pa iyon? iyong baby pillow ba na may parang butas ang gitna does it help???
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