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LF: online shopping sites for baby needs

Im looking for sites where i can buy baby needs like strollers, cribs, clothes, toys etc here in the phils. Ive only got myayala.com so far and they dont have a wide variety of choices. Its hard for me to go to malls to buy needs for my sister who'll be due next month so i hope to find a website where i can do it and have it delivered as well. Hope you could help me. Thanks. :)


  • msbles
    msbles working mom
    eBay.ph! It's connected to eBay.com, so it has the same safety features, like customer/seller feedback, so you don't cheat each other. You can find here items that are super cheap, even after you include the shipping fee, and you don't need a credit card because most sellers accept payments through bank deposit or G-cash.

    It's especially great for looking for slightly used baby things. After all, they grow so fast, they are often hardly used, and after you buy them, your baby won't use them for very long either, so what's the point of buying brand-new at brand-new prices?
  • hi! please check out this site: everythingbutthebaby.blogspot.com
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