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Hummer imitations

A few years back, I saw an interview with a former actor that is now in the Hummer imitation business. His shop was located along zobel roxas in manila. I never got to check it out back then. Now, I want to drop by his shop and see his works. Unfortunately, I don't know where to go now.

Anybody here remembers this actor or his shop?

Any information about him and his shop will help me lot.

Please post other shops that builds hummer imitations.



  • was that the 'Hammer'? I saw one a few years back.
  • jazzyjazzy PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I know there are some in Quezon.


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  • The AMC Hammer made by Alana Motors in Quezon is so far the nearest and most capable amongst the imitations I've seen around. It runs on the Nissan Patrol chassis and engine.

    I can PM you the contact person if you're interested. :)
  • cuchcuch PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^how much ang cost ng 1 unit? details and contact # ng dealer pls.
  • slamm: yes, please PM the contact details. Thanks!

    Is that quezon province or quezon city?
  • To give you guys an idea, I want a Terrano body type with the looks of H1. Parang ganon. Yung yung closest comparison dun sa image na nasa utak ko. Basically, ayaw ko ng full size. I have some modifications na nasa isipin ko to make it more unique.

    Sana meron malapit lang dito sa NCR.

    Yung sinasabi kong shop nung actor e meron silang Mid-size model. Halos katulad na nung iniisip ko.
  • DunedainDunedain PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I wonder why SARAO hasn't made a gamble on this one? If the Italian have Lamboughini Countach (with the latter translated as Holy Cow!), why not Pinoys make a SARAO NAMPUTSA. :glee:
  • cuch, kingarcher; I PM'd the contact already. Just let me know if you have any problems reaching him...

    The assembly is in Quezon Province (Lucena i think).
  • topnotch97topnotch97 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    intriguing. please PM me as well.
  • kelunjikelunji PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'm intrigued as well. Could I have contact info as well? If they have a website, then its even better so we can glimpse some of their work.
  • I did the roadtest of the AMC Hammer a few years back. I'm trying to look for an online copy of my review. In the meantime, check out their Australian export units at http://www.rhinobuggies.com.au/hammers.htm . Most of the photos there were taken at our local carshows.

    AMC does not make 'pint size' versions of the Hammer (since renamed the AMC wagon or pick up) because it would look too comical. MDJeepstar and backyard businesses down south can furnish you with the 'small' Hammer.

    The closest thing to a small version that AMC makes is the short wheelbase version that looks like an armored personell carrier.
  • A sample of my review:
    01 July 2003

    AMC Hammer
    Power, prestige, and style without the premium price tag.

    by: Otep Rivera

    In a posh village along Katipunan Avenue, a passing Ford Expedition stops beside the yellow AMC Hammer we are sitting in. The Expedition’s impressed driver rolls down his window and asks, “Is that for real?” We merely smile.

    Those four words could well be the best compliment you can give to the AMC Hammer. It looks so close to the real-deal (and five times more expensive) AM General Hummer that most people can’t even tell which is which by simply eyeballing the exterior. That can’t be said of the other locally-manufactured Hummer replicas whose quality and proportions are truly comical even when compared to the locally-produced AMC Hammer.

    Alana Motors Corporation has been in the vehicle assembly business for three generations now. They manufacture everything from Mini Cruisers to AUV’s. And now, the latest addition to their product line up is the Hammer. AMC may be a cottage industry manufacturer but they are a premium cottage industry manufacturer in the tradition of those small sports car firms in Europe.

    An AMC Hammer is not a mish-mash of various parts from different manufacturers. Almost all Hammers are built on a Nissan Patrol chassis, including the frame, suspension, brakes, and other components, using the proper Nissan Patrol drivetrain (engine, transmission, transfer case) for that chassis. Leaf-sprung models use the SD33 3.3L inline-six turbodiesel engine while the more expensive coil-sprung models use the TD42 4.2L normally-aspirated inline-six engine. Most of the donor drivetrains and chassis come from ex-JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Patrols but you can provide your own donor drivetrain and chassis (as long as they match) to AMC and they will build a Hammer around it.


    The rest of the article, other photos and contact numbers can be found at: http://tsikot.yehey.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14976
  • RuckuSRuckuS Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    interesting stuff. pwede siguro yan for fun purposes only kasi kung milyon din gagastusin ko for a mere replica id rather buy a totaly original RAV4 or Xtrail. how much do these Hammers go for anyway? how bout if i buy a old model military type Hummer(the kind they leave lying around collecting rush in military bases) and have that restored and converted for civilian use would i be spending more?
  • I've been a big fan of AMC Hammer sinc the kotse.com days. This is one bad *** ride!!!*okay*
  • Original army surplus Humvee in poor to fair condition still fetch around Php1M. You can also bring in your own Humvee to AMC and they will restore it or convert it into a civilian version (full interior, etc). Of course you also have to pay for restoration. :D

    AMC Hammers retail for around Php800k. Pre-owned ones are in the Php500k range. AMC may have pre-owned ones in stock (they did the last time I met up with them).

    I've also tried the armored AMC Hammer. It was designed to defeat M16 and other similar threats.
  • RuckuSRuckuS Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    would you know if they will be manufacturing smaller scale hummer replicas like the H2/H3? an H1 kahit cool at malakas ang dating hindi practical idrive in metro manila where parking can be a real drag. expedition lang nga hirap na ipark mas lalo na siguro H1 or in this case a full sized AMC Hammer.
  • Wala pa pong plans AFAIK. Medyo mahirap mag-fabricate ng H2 at H3 dahil madaming plastic parts and trim. Yung H1 all metal fabrication. Madali lang gawin.
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