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baby's head

Do anyone of you have a baby whose forehead is protruding? Normally kasi, our foreheads are inwards, diba? I'm just worried because my baby has a protruding/outward forehead and his head it in the 100 percentile growth chart in terms of head circumference. I'm worried that it might be hydrocephalus or something. His motor skills, etc. show no delay. He's super okay and bright. Please let me know if you have info. Thanks.


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    Hello there. When in doubt, the best thing to do is to bring your child to your pediatrician ASAP and have his head examined. That's the only way to know for sure.
  • yes, the doctor recommends an ultrasound. her concern is more of the chest size is smaller than the head circumfrence
  • sweetwahm
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    hope your baby's ultrasound turns out fine :)
  • tnx sweetwahm! i really hope so too.
  • elzsea
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    hope the result would turn out fine, will pray for your baby.
  • Ellheym
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    as far as i know yong head talaga mas malaki lalo na kung baby pa. pero sana okey ang result ng utrasound. i'll pray for your baby.
  • thanks guys. i'm sure you know how a mother like me feels at this point. he's our first baby and he'll be celebrating his first b-day in three weeks time. i'm just a bit stressed out now, worrying about this. thanks!
  • i wish your baby good health...hope the results will be good news. happy advance birthday to your little one.
  • Thanks for the support and prayers. My sons underwent a cranial ultrasound this morning and the impression was normal. Thank god! His head, I guess, is just really big.
  • Ellheym
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    ^it's nice to know that. :) Thank God.
  • Ellheym wrote:
    ^it's nice to know that. :) Thank God.

    i'll pray for your baby's good health, ako din baby ko enormous head and he's okay naman, hindi ako nagalala dahil his lolo said mana sa kapatid nya malaki din noo:lol:

  • Great news thesstickles! :)
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