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Anyone who is with or was with a Western Woman?

I just wanted to bring back the thread about us Pinoy guys who have gone out or are going out with Western women since I did not get enough responses in my other thread that adresses the same topic I'm trying to address with this one....

Can you please tell me the details of your relationship and etc if you have been in them? Thanks...


  • Ganito nangyari. Na-meet ko puti, blondie with green eyes...Babe talaga.

    Nakilala ko sa bar, binilhan ko ng ilang drinks, Konting bola at pa-charming, Inaya akong sumayaw. Mamayang konti, pinasok na dila sa bibig ko. Tapos inaya akong sumama sa bahay niya. Pinakamadaling kant0t ko. :naughty:
    Kaso di masyadong marunong. :shrug: Umalis ako nung umaga. Nagkita pa kami ng ilang beses :naughty: kaso 2 weeks lang ako sa US nun. Minsan nakakatanggap ako ng email sa kanya. Pero hanggang dun na lang.

    Masyadong forward para sa kin. Talagang hanggang kant0t lang. Mas tipo ko pa rin pinay.
  • ako naman kung hindi man pinay mas trip ko ang asian.
  • its great! cant be happier... been with my gf (scandinavian) for almost 6 years now.. she was 19 when i met her..

    we've been thru a lot.. my family almost disown me, her family got the shock of their lives when she introduced me (an asian and a girl! lol) broke up a few times.. tried dating men.. but we always end up getting back...

    now we're thinking if we should adopt or one of us should get preggy...
  • oops.. didnt realise that the thread was for asian men dating caucasian girls.. lol.. sorry!
  • theyre all the same. theyre women.
    sex life depends on the experience of the woman.
    depends on yours too.

    atttitude depends on how she was brought up by her family.

    like i said, theyre women. you can not generalise from other people's experience. you gotta try it so that you know what you think about it.
  • Its been a while.....not much to say....sex is ok...not great like ***** though. IMHO, white girls are overrated...plus they age really quick. Get them before 25 cause its downhill from there.
  • ako naman kung hindi man pinay mas trip ko ang asian.

    Chinese and korean....*okay*

  • ako lumabas kasama ang isang western woman...
    nag-shopping kami, kumain sa labas, naglandian,
    nagyakapan... landi ulit... tapos umuwi na sya sa asawa nya.

    aihihihi!!! :)


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