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White Rectal Discharge

Doc... I had anal sex with this unkown guy I met at the mall a month ago. He didn't use condom. Since it was only my second time to have anal sex, it was very painful. He ejaculated inside of me. After sex, I tried to flush the ***** out of my body but there was a few blood. I think there was laceration. The blood only appeared twice... that same evening and in the morning after that.

Doing bowel movement was very painful. After 2 days I thought all ***** were out but there was still *****-like discharge. I thought it was still *****. After 1 week there was still pain and there were still discharge so I already knew it wasn't ***** anymore. I took antibiotics(amoxil) for two weeks. The pain during bowel lasted for a month but until now there's still white rectal discharge. could it be STD? Other than the rectal pain and discharge there are no other problems...

It's really scary and shameful to go to the doctor that's why I posted this here hoping it could warn others...


  • stepehenyan@12[email protected] PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    you should see a doctor and he/she will recommend you to do some lab test! to see if you have contracted a disease other than the white rectal discharge that you have gotten from this stranger whom you met in the mall?

    your statements alone are not reassuring about your current condition. you should see an ob-gyne or a family medicine doctor.
  • just a curiosity.... did u use lubricant? what kind?
  • well yes.. we used lotion as lubricant
  • kaye_taraykaye_taray PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    it must be a form of infection/pus... see your OB.. don't be ashamed coz you consented on doing it.. just charge it to a bad experience and next time tell your partner to wear rubber.. or better yet, remember that there are certain areas in the body that should be used for only it's usual purpose.. stick to the norms.. by the way, you're not gay right? coz if you are i take back what i said.. that's the only way you can enjoy so just be careful next time...
  • i really do hope it's just an ordinary wound infection because of the bleeding....
  • pls. do go and consult a doctor para magkaroon ka ng peace of mind.....
  • cguro ung white discharge is because of the lotion na natuyo sa luob? does it look like a melted candle? only you could tell......
  • I don't think it's the lotion coz it's been a month... I just hope it's just an infection caused by the lotion to the wound... I don't have time kasi to go to doctor.. soooobrang busy... laging whole day ang sked ko at gabi na ko nakakauwi... takot din kasi ako....
  • stepehenyan@12[email protected] PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    wag mo patagalin yan baka lumalala yan! sabihin mo sa office o kung saan ka nagwork mag leave ka sabihin mo kunwari mag pa executive check up ka.

    takot ka!? e di magpasama ka wala ka bang kaibigan na trusted na pwede ka samahan sa ob? naku pag dating sa kalusugan wag ka manghinayang buhay kapalit nyan.
  • cheese-like ba? if it is then probably it's Candida

    or baka naman gonorrhea
  • techjunkie88techjunkie88 PEx Rookie ⭐
    Takot ka pumunta sa doctor pero hindi ka natakot to have sex with an unknown guy you just met at a mall and without using a condom pa.

    The best thing to do is to go to the doctor especially since you had unprotected sex with a total stranger.
  • You might have sustained a rectal/anal laceration which became infected. Don't be scared, go see your friendly doctor. The antibiotic you are taking just won't cut it. :)

  • marblesmarbles PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    That is no ordinary infection. The consequence of the anal sex may be more than just an anal laceration. It could also be proctitis, and you might probably have contracted STD too. You need to see a surgeon who can evaluate you properly and can request for laboratory tests (and other imaging procedures, if warranted) so that you can have the proper treatment. Being busy with work is not an excuse to put your health and well-being in the background. Do not be ashamed and scared to see a doctor.
  • parang tinatakot nyo naman yun bata. it's one of his first experiences.

    well dude, there's nothing wrong with visitng the doctor. there are many gay doctors as well. so just go to them.
  • smilewarriorsmilewarrior Moderator PEx Moderator
    Please understand, Dr. Marbles is merely concerned with the welfare of the threadstarter.
  • marbles wrote:
    That is no ordinary infection. The consequence of the anal sex may be more than just an anal laceration. It could also be proctitis, and you might probably have contracted STD too.

    You are right. There are many possible causes for the anal discharge, and his/her self-medication isn't doing her any good.

    I see he/she isn't making any posts. I hope it is because he/she took our advice and saw a doctor. :)


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