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gift ideas for LDR couples

Hi :wave:

My boyfriend and I will celebrate our 6th year Anniversary this coming November. He's in UAE and I'm here in NYC. How can we make that anniversary special kahit na magkalayo kami?? We're not used to celebrating Anniversaries kasi na magkalayo, this is only the second time and hopefuly, the last one (last anniversary na magkalayo ha....hindi last anniversary...hehe :glee: ) last year, tawagan, email and text lang, and I sent him something and he did too. pero nasa pilipinas pa kasi sya nun. Eh ngayon, he's in Dubai.....may FedEx ba dun? lol....sorry....:bop:

so, suggest naman kayo ng magandang gift o pwedeng gawin, yung kahit malayo, sweet...... :D :bashful:

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  • _LoRrAiN3_ wrote:
    Eh ngayon, he's in Dubai.....may FedEx ba dun? lol....sorry....:bop:

    siguro naman ;) .. ang suggest ko lang na gift - bracelet... imho, titanium bracelet...


    :D what do you think?...
  • one of the gifts that you could give is a moshi moshi handset. hehe wala lang.. it's a handset shaped like the handset of a landline phone. pwede sya for those in a long distance relationship kasi most of them use skype or something similar to that to talk. it's cute and it would be useful. :)
  • freshbabefreshbabe PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    -common na LDR couples choice of gifts - THE LATEST GADGETS
    (that would make them feel closer & the gadget would be really hassle free... yun nga lang mabigat sa bulsa but it's worth it.)

    -Plan a trip TOGETHER(either abroad or in your place of location). Make sure swak yung schedule niyo. Moments together are the most memorable part of a relationship. So make this count. It can't be replaced by expensive gifts.
  • An Apple iPhone 4s! ;)
  • MoaningMyrtleMoaningMyrtle PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I hope you can get some ideas...

    ONe time he sent me a package containing cd's of videos he made for me - random lang...he'd talk to me about he feels about me...sing...basically sharing what his life is like over where he is...even yung mga bloopers sa video niya he included...

    On my birthday...he had a cake made for me...we go on skype a lot...so during this time....he presented me the cake, he sang for me the happy birthday song, asked me to make a wish and then he blew the candles for me.......so even when we are an ocean apart, we still get to celebrate occasions like this together...all you really need is a good internet connection.. :love:

    But I do agree that planning a trip together is still the best gift you can give each other. You can travel to where he is....iba pa rin talaga when you get to experience how he lives his life kung saan man siya...you get to see the places he goes to on weekends...where he eats...kung saan siya namimili ng mga kung anu-ano....etc etc...

    trips may be costly and the planning will take some time, what with scheduling, money, etc etc...but being together even for a short period? you live for moments like that :)
  • You know, if you are in and LDR, dapat you should be working your @sses off to meet each other. Kung gusto maraming paraan. Kung ticket lang, pwede pagipunan. Kung visa naman, hiram ng pang show money, hanap ng connections here and there. Heck keep a stamped passport para di masyado mahirap visa. A little bit of effort goes a long way. Yan sa tingin ko ang hirap sa mga di nagtatagal. Kasi nakukuntento lang sa communication. Dapat kasama dun yung pagplaplano ng pagkikita nyo.

    Flip side to it, kung gaano kayo kasaya pag nagkita na kayo, ganun naman kahirap at kalungkot pag hinatid mo na siya sa airport. Pero Id go trough that over and over again for her.
  • ^that response <3

    Anyway I need gift ideas - 1st year anniv in a month and a half, ako nasa pinas, sya nasa US. Di pwede magkita kasi kakauwi lang nya, di pa ko makaalis to visit, since that would require a VISA and a long leave from work.

    Any ideas? Okay lang ba magbigay ng flowers sa guy?
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