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coolest japorms in benilde

wat do u tink is thecoolest porma in beilde?


  • grabe! basta porma ni john vincent pe benito!!!
  • try check out john vincent pe benito!
  • who the hell?why you said so,anything unique from his japorms,well i think you should look out for migs buenafe,from Ris a frosh student and at room 301 his porma is simple but really cool,he loves to wear black,he is very bitchy,but he also wears simple outfits,yet elegant,wll all benildeans naan are fashion stated people.
  • honestly...this is what i love in benilde...not all people dress the same (although there are many who love following the bandwagon..karamihan pa mga lowerbatch) and the first time i went there, everybody has their own uniqueness and individuality when it comes to clothes. lalo na yung mga foreign students (even pinoy ones who wnat to stay unconventional)...i love their way of dressing...they deviate from the bandwagon because they want a style of their own. that is what i consider COOL. mas bagay! ewan ko lang ha...but most of the lowerbatch girls in benilde love following the fad (y'know, really tight pants or stretch ones) kahit ansagwa tingnan sa kanila. hindi bagay...hindi rin sila maganda magdala kase it's either walang mga pwet, anlalaki ng mga balakang, di maganda yung form sa hips, anlalaki ng bilbil....yung ganon?!?!? meron ka namang makikitang cool na porma ngayon tapos bukas andami nang ganon ang suot. o diba? walang originality! sagwa!

    coolest clothing are those that are super-comfy, simple yet stylish in a sense. shempre yung bagay din sa nagdadala.

    and why is that the new generation of benilde is more particular with the clothing than academics? nampucha angdadali na ng mga subjects ah! meron ba kaming makikita na lowerbatch na dean's lister tapos ang cool pumorma? nung panahon namin clothing + brains/talents ang astig e...tapos ngayon yung iba e wala nang mga utak tapos damit pa ang priority? tsk, tsk, tsk. nawawala din kase yung ganda dun kung hanggang damit lang sila e....ibig sabihin hanggang porma lang, wala namang SENSE.

    reminder lang po.....we come to school to STUDY, not to dress up like we're going to a fashion show or something. it's a benildean asset if all are fashion-stated people; BETTER if we also know how to maximize our academic intellect and individual potentials.
  • i believe in wickedqueens name,tama nga namn siya aanhin mo yung magandang porma kung inuuod naman yung utak,well i myself i prioritize my studies first coz i believe that if one contains a brain carry na ang lahat.
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