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Smoke Belchings... and those check points

If you're a small business owner... you'd most probably own an L300 van (or similar) or an ELF TRUCK.

And they are invaluable tools para sa business dahil they're the bread and butter delivery vehicles.

pero everyone knows na andaming mga smoke belching check points/ police check points ngayon.

yung mga police check points, okay lang yun. since they open your back, and then let you go.

yung mga smoke belchings naman ang mga *****.. they make you lineup for their test na NO ONE WILL PASS.

If i were to make a choice, i'd get rid of my L300. and then get a new 'tamaraw' that can be used for my deliveries. Pero WALA NANG NAG BEBENTA NGAYON ng mga ganun.

Toyota used to have the FX,. and The L300, well the engine on that thing has been around since the 80s. that's how old the engine is and still mitsu phils hasn't replaced it yet.

yung binebenta ng mitsung l300 ngayon, it would fail th emission test right out of the case.

so what choice do small business owners have?


  • There's the Isuzu IPV and Ford also has a FX-type highside version of the Ranger. Kung gasoline and you need a relatively not too big car then there's the Multicab.

    We also had a L300 FB before and mahilig nga pag-initan, lalo na sa Makati.
  • the isuzu ipv is no longer available.

    meron is yung NHR- PV na.

    (IPV is the fuego front end, NHR- PV is the NHR Elf front end).

    yung for, i have seen it once or twice.. dapat kasi ang toyota gumawa pandelivery ang innova eh!!
  • Hyundai has released a commercial version of the Starex equipped with a 2.6 Petrol engine. No idea on the price. It has rear ambulance doors allowing it to park against the loading dock and/or for the forlklift to push load pallets in without having to worry about hitting the tailgate.

    Toyota has a commercial version of the Hi Ace powered by the 2.5 D4d engine. It retails for slightly under a million pesos. No rear windows, too. Conventional lift up rear gate.

    My friend also gets hassled a lot by those agencies. He drives an L300FB and does the deliveries by himself.

    Ford Ranger na ang pang-deliver niya ngayon. Looks like a private vehicle kaya less hassle.
  • the hi ace, i have seen.. pero masyadong mababa ang 'ceiling height ng likod' ng hi ace for what i need :(
  • Have you checked out those Isuzu ELF trucks that are assembled to FB-type bodies? They have bigger engines and the good-looking ones don't seem to be belchers compared to the L300's... checked those out before and it's really a matter of finding a good assembler.
  • The "commercial" Starex vans have made the newspaper advertisements lately.

    I'm surprised they're gasoline-powered, given their most likely purpose as haulers. Diesels will generally be a better choice because of higher torque (pulling power).

    Then again if it means getting the cops out of your hair because of pesky biased emissions tests I suppose it's a good trade-off.
  • jensen83jensen83 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    yup.. experienced that.. kaya binenta na namin ung L300 namin.. hehehe dahil lagi nahuhuli everyday sa Makati!!!
  • may i ask san particularly in makati and what time kayo nakaka encounter ng mga smoke belching "test" along the road? i frequent makati, so far wala ako na kikita o encounter na emission tester on the road...
  • slamm,
    Isuzu trucks may belch less smoke, but they are in no way more immune to being flagged down.

    The Starex PRO series are diesel powered using the normally aspirated, old school, 2.6 liter. It makes around 79 bhp (more than the L300 FB's 70bhp).
  • the N series trucks, seldom get flagged down. they get flagged down sa mga police check points. but not sa mga smoke belching patrol.

    police check points are the ones that open the back of the truck to take a look see.
  • Unfortunately the smoke belching patrol cannot differentiate a Mitsubishi L300 FB, from a Kia K2700, from a Mitsubishi Canter, from an Isuzu N-series. They just flag them all down. My friend both has a Canter and FB. Kaya siya naka-Ranger ngayon. At least hindi mukhang commercial vehicle.

    And that's just the smoke belching patrol. Kakaalis mo pa lang sa smoke belching, ibang enforcement agency na ang pumapara sa iyo. Anak ng tinapa talaga.

    Favorite reasons:
    -Check cargo
    -Check seatbelts/EWD
    -No top light (especially the ones on the top corners of the container body)
    -No 'not for hire' sign (on private trucks)
    -No business name and address on side of vehicle
    -No 'gross weight, etc.' indicated on vehicle

    Dami pa niyan. Hassle talaga.
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