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Engagement Ring or any precious gift

a funny incident happened this morning and it’s still cracking me up. wifey called me up asking where her passport is and i told her i put it in the wall safe. she told me she never once opened it before and in case she forgot the code, i reminded her what it is. i never lied or hid from her my colorful past and two of those relationships were actually serious enough for an engagement ring. it slipped my mind that i still have the rings and she found it!!! :rotflmao:

i could probably get away with it and say it’s a surprise gift. but nawww, it’s engraved with different names......hahahaha.....and what’s terrible is, hers wasn’t at all....silly me....hehehehe...i have an excuse why hers wasn’t engraved but nevertheless, my ears are still ringing with the series of questions why i’m still keeping those rings, damn....hahahaha!!! she’s laughing about the whole thing now...but seriously, i really didn’t have any idea what to do with it at that time my ex(s) gave it back except to simply put it away....

so what about you guys, when a friendship ring, an engagement ring or any precious gift was returned, what do you do with it?

keep it, hock it, throw it away, sell it or give it to somebody?

for the girls, do you also return anything of value given to you or you keep it as a remembrance?


  • ^ hahaha.. aren't you sentimental? :lol:

    I remember an incident with my ex regarding a so-called "promise ring." He actually bought a pair for him and myself. One time, while eating lunch, my curiousity got the best of me, and I ask him if I could take a look at his ring. Kase since the time he bought it, I never saw him without the ring. Ako naman, syempre If I have to wash my hands I would removed it from my finger. Eh sya hindi talaga. So, ayun nga, I was asking him to hand the ring so I could take a look at it. Ayaw nya ibigay. I was really, really wondering bakit ayaw nya ibigay. I smelled something fishy. Anyway, nung nakita nya na di na ko kumikibo, binigay din nya. To my astonishment, I saw a name engraved on the inside. AND IT WAS NOT MY NAME. Umamin ang hudas that time na he's two-timing me and the schmuck even gave us identical rings.

    It wasn't funny at all. Pero matagal na yun. I've forgiven him about it. I threw the ring but one time when I was sorting some thing at home, I found it. Sayang naman, kaya I kept it na lang together with some mementos.

    I guess, unless it was ask to be returned saka ko lang sosoli mga regalo nya. Ano sya hilo? Yung mga binigay ko nga di ko naman hiningi uli. hahaha
  • na-excite ako masyado na-double post tuloy haha :lol:
  • maybe if my gifts were returned to me, il just keep them for memories' sake. Pero first thing ill think of is bitter yung person.

    i never return gifts! akin na yun eh.. hehe.. :p i even keep old pictures of me and my ex together, although sometimes, napag-aawayan namin ng bf ko. it just feels good to sometimes take a stroll down memory lane
  • Why would you throw them ayawa, itago mo nalang! kapag sinoli, bitter sila.... tama si posh21, ang sarap balikan and tignan yung old pictures niyo together....
  • samantha_jonessamantha_jones PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I also have a ring from my ex. I kept it in my memory box after a horrendous break up. But when I move out I am so leaving it all behind and wont be keeping anything anymore...
  • binigyan ako ng bf ko ng diamond ring...

    di siya engagement ring... ewan ko. i don't think so. :rotflmao:

    basta nag-dinner lang kami. tapos binigay niya sakin. thank you naman ako. christmas eh! :rotflmao: di naman siya nagtanong na "will you marry me?" so hinde siya engagement ring!

    :rotflmao: kaya di ko rin siya binalik nung nag-break kami! :D
  • If ever somebody gives me an engagement ring and then we broke up, i won't return it unless he asks to of course. i would certainly thinks that he's rude by doing that but if he wants to have it back, then fine with me. i'
    ll throw it to his face... hehe! But if wants me to keep it, i'll just treasure it and put it in my box of memories so that one day when i get older, i can go back during those good old days and learn that i got a proposal not only from just one man... So selfish of me, but the hell, for me that's just fine...
  • i always return all the gifts my ex had given me.
  • i have an excuse why hers wasn’t engraved but nevertheless, my ears are still ringing with the series of questions why i’m still keeping those rings, damn
    so daddy cheddar, what's your excuse to mommy pastrami? hmmm.. i just talked to her and she's still ranting. LAGOT!!!!! naaah. nothing to do with the whole ring issue. just plain ranting to someone who can understand her.

    and im not surprised that you were bombarded with questions.. knowing mommy, tsk tsk.. she can conjure all possible questions there is.. why? coz she's bored out of her wits and she has all the time in the world to do some cerebral exercise. hahaha!!!!

    and what to do with the rings?! GIVE THOSE TO ME!!! i've mommy's permission already. go ask mommy pastrami for my mailing address. she knows. ;)

    HAHAHA :rotflmao:
  • samantha_jonessamantha_jones PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ^How come mommy never ever calls me anymore?

  • i will never give my fiance a ring, unless we are formally engaged and my mom will be the one to give the engagement ring. the ring would be a replica of the ring given to her by dad's parents. both of us are filipino-chinese so my parents would like to have a different engagement party...
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