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Fleet Cards

Any infos? Opinions? :naughty:


  • you gas up, you utang. what is there to talk about?

    it's perfect for companies that employs alot of drivers, with alot of delivery trucks.
  • yung dati kong company naka petron fleet card ako nun. may certain liters ka lang na dapat i-consume like on my case 136liters lang ako every week. parang credit card lang siya: present mo yung card, check nila yung balance mo, kunin ng gasoline boy yung mileage and kargahan ka na ng gas.
  • "My credit card gives 5% rebate on gas purchases, groceries, and drugstores."

    z0mg, j00 must have a credit card sent by the heavens. Sweet Mana ba ang tawag dun?

    seriously,. shell cards give back 3%. that's with no annual fee.
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