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Fearless Forecast: Ur Top 3 MMFF 2006 Highest Grosser



  • sophia777sophia777 Member PExer
    im currently watching TVPatrol... may teaser na nanguna daw sa pagsasara ng MMFF something like that...
  • 1580515805 urbanista ✭✭✭
    hay nako!
    bayani fernando!

    sana man lang kumunsulta ka bago
    magsasagot sagot sa TV.
    ayan tuloy
    kakainn mo lahat ng sinabi mo.

    di kaya magalit sa'yo sila
    Lino Brocka?
    Soooobrang epal kasi ng pinagsasabi mo.

    ayan tuloy.

    Trend trend ka pa kasi.
    porket naka 20 million sa first two days ang EK
    akala mananalo na sa huli.

    ang Sukob naka 14?! million lang nung first day:)
  • sophia777sophia777 Member PExer
    whoaaa!!! confirmed KKK ang Box Office ... wwooohooooo


    KKK 139.9M
    EK 128M
    SR&R 57M
  • jehuty11jehuty11 Orbital Frame ✭✭
    san na si jpmarkcarlo? im sure nagbabasa yan
  • happyjam2380happyjam2380 Member PExer
    vingo wrote: »
    wala pang final gross???
    eto final gross ng MMFF 2006 based on 500 theatres accdg. to Mr. Ric Camaligan, Head SM Cinemas, Member, MMFF Execom as shown in TV Patrol World

    (Dec 25 - Jan 7)

    KKK - 139.9M
    EK3 - 128.2M
    SRR8 - 57M
    Karma - 23.6M
    MP5 - 22.6M
    SN - 19.3M
    ZZZ - 11.6M
    Ligalig - 7.9M
    3 Baraha - 3.9M

    si Juday dapat ang maging Box-Office Queen 2006!!!
  • jehuty11jehuty11 Orbital Frame ✭✭
    :walkman2:Kasal Kasali Kasalo:walkman2: (melody ng ek3)
  • AliasmarqAliasmarq Taga Capiz Ako PExer
    Nagmukhang tungak at **** si bayani Fernando!
  • ireneoireneo #TeamPuyaters ✭✭✭
    mula gma news site

    Enteng as best pic shocks Romero
    Philippine Entertainment Portal
    01/09/2007 | 06:10 PM

    Email this | Email the Editor | Print | Digg this | Add to National Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts Eddie Romero was shocked to find out that the Best Picture award of the 2006 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) went to Enteng Kabisote 3: The Legend Goes On And On And On.

    It would be a shock, considering that he served as vice chairman of the MMFF Board of Jurors in the recently concluded MMFF. And back in 1976, the picture he directed — Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon? — got the same award.

    Many others in the industry, like Cesar Montano and Celia Rodriguez, were also disappointed at the decision since Enteng Kabisote 3 did not win any other award, technical or artistic.

    In fact, Star Cinema even sent a letter of appeal to the MMFF Execom to protest the choice.

    Edu Manzano, host of the Gabi ng Parangal last December 29, announced that the MMFF jurors decided that 40 percent of the criteria for choosing the Best Picture winner would be commercial viability, which is based on box-office returns.

    The other criteria were for artistry, creativity, technical excellence, innovativeness, thematic values, and global appeal (40 percent) and Filipino historical and/or cultural values (20 percent).

    The criterion for commercial viability apparently gave a big boost to Enteng Kabisote 3, something which, Romero pointed out, did not influence the judging in past festivals.

    In an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) last January 4 at the veteran director's house in Quezon City, Romero talked about Enteng Kabisote 3 and the purpose of the MMFF.

    What do you think about the criteria for judging the Best Picture?

    Before nandoon na yung 40 percent na criteria, noong araw pa. But it did not influence the judging. This time, I think it was the only consideration. I was co-chairman of the jury.

    I was very disheartened by it. First opportunity I get, I wanted to get in touch with Chairman [Bayani] Fernando and say 'What are we up to?' Gawin na lang nating Box Office King. Hindi na Best Picture.

    I was shocked. In fact, I left early because I never stay until the end. So when I saw it on TV: 'Paano nangyari yun? Sino bang bumoto niyan?' Apparently, nasulsulan nila na yung 40 percent you have to consider. Nanalo na yung Enteng Kabisote 3 eh.

    They make all the money. The idea is to help the industry — not help the industry cheapen its standards — but to make it better, a more effective medium of communication. So I must take that up. Kung ganyan din lang, I don't want to have anything to do with it.

    What do you mean by "sulsulan"?

    Marami kaming jurors and we are all appointed by the Metro Manila Development Authority in cooperation with the committee that comes from the Academy [Film Academy of the Philippines]. I don't know what happened there."

    Which film was your personal choice for Best Picture

    Never mind that. It certainly was not Enteng Kabisote 3. I was considering Cesar Montano's Ligalig, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, and, for that matter, Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo. Those were serious contenders.

    Frankly, I would not have voted for Enteng Kabisote 3. Although I wish them well. They are all friends of mine: the Sottos and Joey [de Leon]. It's their own decision to make commercial films that appeal to a broad audience.

    Was this provision in effect during previous MMFF awards?

    Noong araw pa yun. But that did not interfere with the judging. Aparently, you cannot say now that it did not interfere. Because the biggest box-office hit won the award.

    What do you think is the purpose for the MMFF Awards?

    If you're talking to somebody who doesn't know anything about the situation, then it's helping the movie industry. You want to help the movie industry do what? Make more money?

    I think, for me, it's to improve its potential to be able to express more relevant things about contemporary life. Not necessarily to preach about patriotism because that's ********. But to make people more aware of themselves. So that they can say, ‘Hey, that's me!' Pero kung ganyan din lang, why not make it a commercial festival?"

    Do you think that profitability is what they're looking for in a film?

    Well, apparently. Yun ang pinanalo nila eh. So that's what they were looking for. But yun na nga, yung provision of 40 percent has become too dominant. Kasi dati hindi naman eh, in the times when I was winning those awards, I was the kulelat sa box office. And yet they considered it.

    What do you think about this change in standards for the Best Picture Award?

    My feeling is that the festival is not fulfilling the purpose that it was created for in the first place. I have no objections to the selection committee choosing some pictures with strong commercial appeal.

    You cannot discount profitability from the objectives of the festival. What good is the festival to the movie industry if it doesn't make money? On the other hand, we should maintain the objective of elevating the standards of the movie industry.

    Did Enteng Kabisote 3 deserve to win the award?

    That's not a fair question. Because they did not intend Enteng Kabisote 3 to be an artistic film. If the Sottos wanted to do an artistic film, they could do one. But they wanted one that was sure to be popular, of proven popularity. And I don't take that away from them.

    I wish I had movies that made that much money. But you don't give artistic awards to films on the strength of their box-office appeal. They already have awards. The money and popularity among the people are the awards. - Philippine Entertainment Portal
  • jpmarkcarlojpmarkcarlo Coach Chualay Lugay PExer
    andito ako, well OK lang sa huli lang pala nakahabol ang KKK ilang araw na tinambakan ng EK3 yan well sports ako congrats sa KKK na-beat nyo ang EK3 sa huling araw!!!

    pero success pa rin ang EK3 dahil naabot pa rin nila ang gross na 120M
  • inisinis Kasambahay PExer
    andito ako, well OK lang sa huli lang pala nakahabol ang KKK ilang araw na tinambakan ng EK3 yan well sports ako congrats sa KKK na-beat nyo ang EK3 sa huling araw!!!

    pero success pa rin ang EK3 dahil naabot pa rin nila ang gross na 120M

    amoy ampalaya ka! it's doesnt really matter kung sa huli lang humabol ang KKK ang importante ay sino ang wagi after the festival ni Bayani. Well, based sa figure - KKK ang totoong naghari sa takilya! Kung anu-ano pa sinasabi mo! How sweet the victory of KKK! Na kay malou santos pa rin ang huling halakhak! :rotflmao: :naughty:
  • kashmirakashmira solidshowtimer ✭✭
    jpm asan na si harvs? malamang masama loob nun kasi bukod sa flop ang mano po 5 ng idol niya ay naging # 2 na lang ang inakala niya tulad ni bayani na #1 ay # 2 pala!

    go kkk!
  • AliasmarqAliasmarq Taga Capiz Ako PExer
    Mukhang isang Ryan Agoncillo lang ang tatalo kay Bossing Vic as Box Office King. Thanks to bayani Fernando's stupid remarks KKK is now the MMFF's box office champion!

    " yung leading kasi sa first 4 days, yun na rin ang panalo sa huli, parang eleksyon"- Bayani Fernando
    :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:


    Queens - Kris, Claudine & Judy Ann
    Kings - Piolo, Ryan and Sam

    Wag na isali si Bossing Vic coz Bayani Fernando already gave him an award that he obviously do not deserve
  • fuserfuser ~woOkie & shin's gi®L~ PExer
    * * *
    Gaano katotoo ang sitsit sa amin ng katsika naming booker na naagaw na ng Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo ang number one slot ng Enteng Kabisote 3?

    Ang say sa amin ng booker, "Hindi ko alam kung in-announce na ng taga-Metro Manila Film Festival na Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo na ang nasa number one slot?

    "Alam na rin ito ng mga producer at dapat magpalabas na ng official statement ang MMFF para malaman kung sino na ang number one ngayon.

    "Malaki na ang kinita ng pelikula ng Star Cinema, nakakagulat ‘no, after how many years, ngayon lang may tumalo kay Vic Sotto."

    At dagdag kuwento rin sa amin ay binati na nga raw ni Regal Entertainment producer, Mother Lily Monteverde si Ms. Malou Santos ng Star Cinema dahil sa pagiging number one nito sa box office.
  • fuserfuser ~woOkie & shin's gi®L~ PExer
    * * *
    Ang dami pa ring nanonood ng Kasal Kasali Kasalo. As in no’ng minsang mapadaan ako sa cinemas ng Mall of Asia, marami pa ring pumapasok para panoorin ang pelikula.

    In fact, according to a source, na-take over na ng movie nina Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo ang Enteng Kabisote. Pero wala pa namang exact figure na inilalabas.

    Wait tayo ng official result siguro a week or two weeks from now. Marami kasing sine na kasali sa MMFF ang extended at palabas pa ngayon kaya wala pa talagang masasabing official na kita ang mga pelikulang kasali.

    Kaya lang na-take over na nga ng Kasal Kasali Kasalo ang Enteng, ano naman kayang sasabihin ni Metro Manila Development Authority Chairman Bayani Fernando?

    Grabe, every year na lang may issue sa MMFF. Next year kaya ano ang pag-uusapan? * * *
    Salve V. Asis’ e-mail - [email protected]
  • bluetheherobluethehero unsung hero PExer
    'Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo' No.1 sa takilya

    Inilabas na ng pamunuan ng Metro Manila Filmfest ang opisyal na box-office ranking ng siyam na entries sa kontrobersyal na patimpalak.

    Pinangunguhan ng “Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo” ng Star Cinema ang 14-araw na pagpapalabas ng mga pelikulang kalahok ng MMFF sa pagtabo nito sa takilya ng mahigit P139.9 milyon at nilampasan ang dating box-office record holder na "Enteng Kkabisote" na na kumita ng P128.2 million.

    Pumangatlo ang "Shake, Rattle & Roll" na kumita ng P57 milyon kasunod ng "Matakot ka sa Karma," "Mano Po, Gua Ay Di," "Super Noypi," "Zsa Zsa Zaturnah," "Ligalig" at "Tatlong Baraha."

    Ani Ric Camaligan, opisyal ng filmfest, na tumabo ang 2006 filmfest ng kabuuang gross na P415 milyon kumpara sa P352 milyon ng nakaraang taon.

    Nakatulong din ang mga kontrobersya para lalong maengganyong manonood sa sinehan ang publiko.

    Samantala, nagpasalamat ngayon ang mga kapamilya ng rakistang si Ely Buendia sa lahat ng mga taong nagdasal at nagpakita ng "concern" sa musikero matapos atakehin sa puso.

    Dumaan si Buendia sa angioplasty 3 p.m. nitong Miyerkules sa isang pagamutan sa Lungsod Quezon upang alisin ang blockage sa kanyang puso.

    Sa pahayag ng kaibigan nilang si Shirley Pizarro, stable na ang kundisyon ng 36-anyos na haligi ng Pinoy pop rock.

    Napag-alaman na nakakausap na ni Buendia ang mga kapamilya at kaibigan at nagawa nang kumain ng agahan bago sumailalim sa kanyang medical procedure.

    Ikinalungkot naman ng kaibigan at pamilya ni Buendia ang mga kumakalat na maling impormasyon tungkol sa musikero.

    Hiniling nila na ipagpatuloy na lamang ang dasal para sa maagang paggaling ni Buendia kaysa magkalat ng mga malisyosong balita.
  • prpl_hazeprpl_haze Member PExer
    inis wrote: »
    amoy ampalaya ka! it's doesnt really matter kung sa huli lang humabol ang KKK ang importante ay sino ang wagi after the festival ni Bayani. Well, based sa figure - KKK ang totoong naghari sa takilya! Kung anu-ano pa sinasabi mo! How sweet the victory of KKK! Na kay malou santos pa rin ang huling halakhak! :rotflmao: :naughty:

    :lol: congrats at nahabol daw ng kkk ang ek 'sa huling araw' ayon kay jpmark .. :rotfl: it's been days since number 1 ang kkk sa mga sinehan. how could you overtake ek3 in just a day. s2pid.

    buti nga sa kanila.. eto sila ngayon :mecry:

  • prpl_hazeprpl_haze Member PExer
    andito ako, well OK lang sa huli lang pala nakahabol ang KKK ilang araw na tinambakan ng EK3 yan well sports ako congrats sa KKK na-beat nyo ang EK3 sa huling araw!!!

    pero success pa rin ang EK3 dahil naabot pa rin nila ang gross na 120M

    never tinambakan ng ek3 ang kkk... kung tinambakan man sa una for you, you must admit na tinambakan naman ng kkk sa huli ang ek3. ano ba mas importante, shempre yong huli. mas maigi nang maging pataas kesa pababa ang sinapit. :p :rocker:

    kawawa ka naman hindi mo parin matanggap. :mecry:
  • shrekidoodooshrekidoodoo Surrealist PExer
    tama ang aking forecast. magnunumber one ang kkk.
  • peejay01peejay01 Member PExer
    congrats KKK for making it number #1 sa MMFF!

    I havent seen the movie yet.. but for sure this sunday!
  • mxbea1mxbea1 Banned by Admin PExer
    Yeheyyyyyyyyyyyy #1 ang KKK...

    Congrats Juday and Ryan at sa buong Cast at siempre din SA Star Cinema...

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