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THE BANQUET - Zhang Ziyi, Ge You, Daniel Wu, Zhou Xun

From the director who brought you Big Shot's Funeral and Cell Phone

Feng Xiaogang!

Hong Kong's Official Entry for the Oscars.




Taken from the Toronto Film Festival's Page


Executive Producer: Yuen Wo-Ping, Wang Zhonglei
Producer: Wang Zhongjun, John Chong
Screenplay: Sheng Heyu, Qiu Gangjian
Cinematographer: Zhang Li
Editor: Liu Miaomiao
Production Designer: Tim Yip
Sound: Wang Danrong
Music: Tan Dun
Principal Cast: Ziyi Zhang, Ge You, Daniel Wu, Zhou Xun, Huang Xiaoming

A sumptuous epic of courtly intrigue, royal usurpers and star-crossed love, Feng Xiaogang’s The Banquet is a beguiling, scintillating experience. Featuring the singularly steely frostiness of the stunning Ziyi Zhang, far and away one of the most dynamic actors of her generation, this lavish production recalls recent martial arts masterworks such as Hero or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon but simultaneously evokes fiery historical dramas on the scale of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” Feng is China’s most successful commercial director and he has assembled an incomparable team for this ambitious film. Composer Tan Dun, production designer Tim Yip and stunt director Yuen Wo-Ping (all Crouching Tiger alumni) are top in their fields – and so it is no surprise that every aspect of The Banquet is staggeringly gorgeous.

Zhang brings a most particular sangfroid to the role of Empress Wan, a young and beautiful woman whose skill with a sword is legendary in the nation. Wan is locked in a hollow marriage to the Emperor but harbours a devastating secret love for the introverted and melancholic Prince Wu Luan (played by Chinese idol Daniel Wu). Once her childhood sweetheart, Wu Luan is now her stepson. When the Emperor dies suddenly, his conniving younger brother Li (Ge You) assumes the throne. The savvy Wan immediately sees through Li’s murderous ambition and knows that Wu Luan’s days are numbered. In a calculated bid to save her love and maintain her own position, she concedes to marry Li, who has surreptitiously dispatched guards to assassinate his nephew.

The Banquet is set in tenth-century China, a tumultuous time of changing dynasties and border skirmishes, and a heady sense of impending doom fills the hallways and boudoirs of power like dark smoke. But all the external threat in the world will wreak less havoc on these royals than their own passions. This is a film about the desires – for power, for sex, for love – that propel individuals deeper and deeper into labyrinths of their own making. It grabs hold of us and we hurtle headlong through opulent conspiracies, flashing swords and bodies swirling in brilliantly choreographed combat and hidden embraces. This is heart-pounding cinema.

Ziyi's Introduction @ Toronto Film Festival

Philippine Webpage:http://www.viva.com.ph/movies/nextattraction/index.php?movieno=53#desc

Official Website: http://www.thebanquetthemovie.com/
Korea's Official Website: http://www.yayeon.co.kr/

Best English Info I could Find!

Ziyi @ Venice Film Festival (English: Regarding Nudity In Film)
The scene in question is when Ziyi's character goes into a bath and Ziyi's character is nude.

Making Of Vids I Found Online.


A really sweet Korean vid of Ziyi cracking up.



    The Tin Hau restaurant of Mandarin Oriental Manila is quick to propose a menu fit for an emperor in conjunction with the premiere showing of "The Banquet."

    Already being nominated for an Oscar in the foreign film category, "The Banquet" stars the breathtakingly beautiful Ziyi Zhang with acclaimed film director Feng Ziaogang of the Academy award winning movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."

    Brought here by Walter Co and Menchu Co of Creative Products Corp., the movie has already earned USmillion in box office receipts across Asia and breaking records for a foreign film in other countries.

    "The Banquet" which is set in ancient China during the period of five dynasties and Ten kingdms is said to be a Chinese edition of "Hamlet" where the king dies mysteriously, his widow marries the king’s brother who is suspected of having killed the king and the prince s beset with assasins.

    Zhang Ziyi, cast as the Empress Wan, is the most prominent actress in Chinese cinema and was propelled to international stardom in the movie "Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon."

    Expect "The Banquet’ to enthrall your senses. We are told that the spectacular scenes and costumes, the high flying, choreographed battle scenes (credits to action choreographer Yuen Wo Ping), the grand banquet (there actually is one) seduce the audience into almost euphoric stupor.

    Some of the costumes (designed by Oscar awardee Tim Yip), are on exhibit at the Mandarin Oriental.

    The hotel, meanwhile, has also "choreographed" menus created by executive Chinese chef Hann Furn Chanen and restaurant manager Ernest Lau.

    We had a preview of the "Lotus" menu … the three treasure chinese BBQ platter, braised shark’s fin soup with crab meat and dried scallops, deep fried shrimps with sliced almond and mayonnaise, panfried garoupa fillet with cavaiar tomato sauce, braised pork belly Zhe Jiang style, stirfriend green vegetables with Chinese mushrooms, wok fried rice with seafood, an dcoffee pudding with sogo and cream.

    Six menus of eight to ten courses for a miniumum of eight persons have been created for the month fo October for R988+++ per person.

    The dishes sound enticing, such as — braised sea cucumbers and mushrooms, wok fried slipper lobseters, chilled bird’s nest with red dates, braised "lo han" chai wrapped in bean curd skin, roasted pipa pigeon Cantonese style, atbp.

  • Since I'm trying to kill time here in Jollygood Hollywood... here's some posters for you! Hope it works... here goes.







    THE BANQUET Party @ Cannes Film Festival 2006

    Left to Right
    Samuel L. Jackson (Cannes Film Festival Juror 2006), Zhou Xun, Ziyi Zhang (Cannes Film Festival Juror 2006), Daniel Wu, Lisa S. (Daniel Wu's Girlfriend).
  • Marco Muller, director of the Venice Film Festival bows down before Ziyi Zhang @ THE BANQUET Premiere @ The Venice Film Festival




    It is common knowledge that Marco Muller wants Ziyi Zhang to serve as a Juror at the Venice Film Festival and has been following Ziyi all over the world trying to invite her to the Venice Film Festival.

    And the lovely Ziyi @ Venice before the premiere!


    The Young Love Triangle: Ziyi Zhang, Daniel Wu, & Zhou Xun @ Venice

  • U1175P8T1D296182F75DT20060914212756.jpg
    L-R: Zhou Xun, Ziyi Zhang, Daniel Wu, and Huang Xiaoming

    L-R: Ziyi Zhang, Zhou Xun, Daniel Wu, Huang Xiaoming
  • A tale of two ‘Banquets’

    By Noelani Torre
    Last updated 10:52pm (Mla time) 10/06/2006

    Published on page F3 of the October 7, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

    LAST OCTOBER 3, the Mandarin Oriental Manila, DDB Philippines and Creative Products Inc., came up with unique twin events -- the press conference for the new Ziyi Zhang starrer, “The Banquet,” and the launch of the hotel’s Tin Hau Chinese restaurant’s Banquets.

    The combination of cinematic and gustatory banquets turned out to be a feast for both the eye and the palate, and the media people at the twin launches rose excitedly to the occasion, savoring both the special feast that Tin Hau had prepared for them, and the movie’s visually splendid trailers.

    Those trailers informed viewers that “The Banquet” is set in ancient China during a period of internal turmoil and external threat, and focuses on the young Empress Wan (Ziyi Zhang).

    Forbidden desire

    She is as expert a fighter as she is beautiful, but something is lacking in her life. Unfulfilled in her royal boudoir, she harbors a forbidden desire for her stepson, Prince Wu Luan (Daniel Wu), an introverted young man in the Hamlet mold.

    When the Emperor suddenly dies and his younger brother Li (Ge You) takes over the throne, Wan shocks everyone by agreeing to marry Li, convinced that this is the only way to protect Wu Luan, while sealing her own position in the court.

    But Li is no fool, and only pretends to buy into her scheme, while secretly dispatching his guards to kill his nephew.

    The already despondent prince is pushed to the end of his tether when he realizes that his own life is being threatened. After warding off an assassination attempt, he vows to kill his uncle, whom he now believes has murdered his father (shades of Hamlet -- again!). Meanwhile, Empress Wan and the Grand Marshall also have their own plans to put in lethal play.

    Aside from the luminous presence of Ziyi Zhang, the film boasts of the direction of Feng Xiaogang, the action-choreography of Yuen Wo-Ping (the “Matrix” films), and designer Tim Yip (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”).

    Phenomenal gross

    No wonder, the film is currently taking Asian theaters by storm, with a phenomenal US$13 million gross, and counting. It should do similarly well when it starts screening in Manila on Oct. 18.

    On the gustatory side, Tin Hau presented a delectable sampling of its new a la carte and set menus this month, offering a variety of choices -- from Chinese roasting, dried seafood varieties and abalone, live and fresh seafood, meat, poultry, noodles and rice, to vegetarian dishes.

    Executive Chinese chef Hann Furn Cheu and restaurant manager Ernest Lau have conceptualized new dishes like Roasted pipa pigeon Cantonese-style; Braised eight treasures’ shark’s fin soup; Stewed eel with garlic, mushroom and barbecue sauce; and Chilled bird’s nest with red dates.

    Six new set menus have also been created, enticingly named Jasmine, Lotus, Emperor, Phoenix, Oriental and Mandarin, and they will be presented with gift items from “The Banquet.” Tin Hau diners also have the privilege of changing some of the dishes in the set menus to gourmet dishes at special prices. Call 750-8888, extension 2422 or 2424.

  • when will this be shown here?
  • zhang ziyi is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous....
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'm so excited to see this film!

    Kelan showing dito sa 'Pinas? :cool:
  • Here's the Philippine Webpage: http://www.viva.com.ph/movies/nextattraction/index.php?movieno=53#desc

    October 18th according to the webpage. I don't live there so I have no idea how it's being advertised and where it's being shown.

    I've seen the movie in both Venice and Toronto. And I've seen it on the small screen via my computer. And here's what I've got to say about it.

    If you watch it, this must be seen on the big screen to get the best experience of the film. The cinematography is beautiful and breathtaking. It's not overdone. The film's mood is set rightly by the colors and visuals. The acting is great and the range of Ziyi's performance is one of her best. The only problems I have is with the editing and the story. I think both in this movie are intertwined and the editing affects the story and the story affects the editing.
    Like the first scene when Prince Wu Laun and Empress Wan are together. Talk about bad pacing and editing. It makes Ziyi's Empress Wan look like she's abruptly emotional. Angry and then sad in the split of a second. A couple of fades to give the audience a sense that time had passed would have been best.

    There are some killer lines in this film. Ziyi brings the erotic and sensual to the movie with her voice. Her moans give you mental images alone be you Man or Woman.
    Ziyi's Wan's relationship with the Emperor portrayed by Ge You is the obvious Lust part in this film. There is chemistry between Ge You's Emperor Li and Ziyi Zhang's Empress Wan.

    Zhou Xun's character is probably the character that's the most sympathetic as the other lead characters (Ziyi's Empress Wan, Ge You's Emperor Li, and Daniel Wu's Prince Wu Laun) are three dimensional and Zhou Xun's character is cute and pure to a naiive fault. She gives a cute innocent naive performance that you pity her character Qing instead of root for her.

    Although this is loosly based on Hamlet you can call this Gertrude with a twist of Macbeth because this is Ziyi Zhang's film and everything revolves around her character. Her character is so complex and so three dimensional you kind of root for her but then you hate her, yet, feel sorry for her. Empress Wan is a character that's a "complete character" because there are so many layers to her character. She does well here. In the very first scene look at her facial expressions. It speaks volumes. Her eyes tell the story of what happened before all that. Empress Wan is indeed complex and Ziyi did well in it.

    Ge You's Emperor Li is another character that is so three dimensional that you hate him, yet root for him, and feel sorry for him. He's the more appealing and interesting of all the male characters because he like Empress Wan is human. Human with all the flaws and ambitions any Man of power and desire have. Ge You puts on another good performance that's subtle and is in the league of his Cannes Film Festival Award winning performance in Zhang Yimou's "TO LIVE."

    Daniel Wu's Crown Prince Wu Laun is suppose to be the Hamlet in this film. His character while being three dimensional is a lot less three dimensional than Hamlet. Either that or Daniel Wu could have acted a bit better. But his performance is a good one. And his character has the most action sequences in the film. You feel for his character, however, you pity his character.

    The ending will completely cause debates and great thought after the movie is done. You'll be talking about it with whoever you watch the movie wtih for days. Because Lord knows the people I saw it with and me are talking about it still.
    The end will be one that will cause you to say, "It was brilliant." Or that will cause you to say, "That was disappointing."

    To this day... I'm still wondering who killed Ziyi's Empress Wan. Some of my friends say it was the first Emperor who was murdered which I believe to be true. There are so many theories. One friend said it was the Prince Wu Laun. Another said it was the Grand Marshal. It's an open ending. And it's left to the viewer to decide.

    THE GOOD: The cinematography, visuals, costumes, music, and one action scene in particular that I've never seen in any film. It's bloody that's for sure. It's sumptuous. The performances of the actors.

    THE BAD: Editing, story, pacing of the story.

    BOTTOM LINE: You have to watch it on the big screen. It's worth it I think especially if you like Ziyi Zhang, blood, and gore. It's a tragicly good film. I say watch it... in the movie theater. It's the best way to experience this film. *peace*
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ^Thanks for the info! Lapit na pala! :cool:
  • JENSIE_G wrote:
    ^Thanks for the info! Lapit na pala! :cool:

    No problem. Here's more

    ‘The Banquet,’ an epic Chinese movie

    "The Banquet" is Hong Kong’s entry to the 79th Oscar’s Best Foreign Film Category, according to the Federation of Motion Film Producers of Hong Kong.

    The movie will be shown in Metro Manila theaters starting on Oct. 18, through Viva International Pictures.

    In terms of box‑office income, "The Banquet" has already grossed US$ 13–M across Asia, including US$ 1–M in China, US$ 200,000 in Taiwan, US$ 200,000 in Malaysia, and US$ 400,000 in Singapore.

    The movie, set in ancient China during the Period of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (907960 AD) stars toprated and multi–awarded actors and actresses.

    Playing Empress Wan in the epic movie, Zhang Ziyi is the most prominent Chinese actress in contemporary cinema.

    She won the Chinese Government’s Hua Biao Award for Best Actress for her performance in the acclaimed martial arts epics "Hero" and "House of the Flying Daggers."

    Zhang also won the Best Actress Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards and the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards for her performance in Wong Kar-wai’s "2046" movie.

    She also won a Golden Rooster Best Actress Award for Jasmine Women and a Chinese Film Media Best Actress Award for "Purple Butterfly."

    But it was the Oscar-winning masterpiece "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" which brought her to Hollywood and to superstardom. She was critically-acclaimed by the Toronto Film Critics Association, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and the IFP Independent Spirit Awards in 2000.

    Ge You, who plays Emperor Li, is one of the most recognizable acting personalities in Mainland China. You is best known for his portrayal of a forlorn lovelorn villain in "Farewell My Concubine" directed by Chen Kaige.

    You has been in the Chinese film industry since 1988. He is the first Chinese artist to win the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

    Daniel Wu plays as Prince Wuluan, the heir to the throne.

    Wu is considered ast Hong Kong’s brightest young star of his generation.

    He won the Best Supporting Actor for his performance in "New Police Story" Jackie Chan starrer at the 41st Golden Horse Awards.

    Of the movie, Director Xiaogang said: "This is a film about desire: the motive behind every character has to do with desire. Desire doesn’t mean a character is pre-determined to do something. It rather means he is expanding and changing constantly goaded on by desire, until he walks closer and closer into an abyss.

    "Desire has the capacity to destroy or create all things."

  • Click on the thumbnails to get larger pic.

    yeyanbazaarcamera1nj1.th.jpg yeyanbazaarcamera2bv5.th.jpg yeyanbazaar03ye7.th.jpg

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  • I'm trying to kill time so I'll post more pix here.

  • 895nbziyi.jpg

    Ge You and Zhang Ziyi before they started to shoot the film.


    Something the guys might like. :naughty: It's not what you think :eek: Or is it? :rotflmao:

    You'll just have to watch the film.:naughty:
  • sana ipalabas na ito dito! ung may english version and chinese version.. hehehe
  • JENSIE_GJENSIE_G PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    YE YAN ba 'yung official title ng movie?
  • JENSIE_G wrote:
    YE YAN ba 'yung official title ng movie?

    :wave: JENSIE_G howz the Philippines doing after that Typhoon? I hope well *okay* and I hope Ziyi Zhang's fans over there are safe as well as their families. But yeah! The title of this movie in Mandarin is YE YAN and the actual literal translation is NIGHT BANQUET in english.
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