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I want to get an estimate of how long it takes and how much it costs to start a small business in Manilla.

Can someone give me a rough idea of cost for:

1. Office rental to fit 6 employees.
2. Cost of a relatively basic PC for a writers/programmers etc.
3. Startup legal costs
4. Ongoing monthly costs e.g. accountants bill, broadband etc

How long does it take to get the legal side sorted?




  • Hello Jon,

    Answers to your questions....

    1. Where in particular? Kasi iba-iba ang rates ng rental depende kasi yan sa location.

    2. For the PC its easy to have that... Just inquire sa PC Stores. For the Programmers..depende din sa gagawing program.

    3. Legal Cost... What legal form of business your going into... Kasi iba-iba ang process nyan.. Iba-iba din ang rates. Why?

    a. For single Proprietorship... You will start with the DTI, then Mayors Permit(Depends on the Place of business/City) then BIR.
    B. For Partnership and Corporation... You will start with SEC, DTI (Optional), Mayors Permit and then BIR.

    4. For the Accountant well... depende din yan sa scope of work na gagawin... for the other facilities.. check out the websites of the service providers...

    Good luck!

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