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uso ba yung counter-strike?

NuiTaRi^NuiTaRi^ Member PExer
siguro uso since may at least isang LAN place per school


  • violtravioltra Nerni! PExer
    oo naman o! kahit saan u can see peeps playing that eh...but in our school u cant play CS inside the computer lab...i think
  • SoLiNaRi^SoLiNaRi^ Member PExer
    uso talaga ang CS, na-feature pa nga sa TV eh!!! hahahahahaha, na-panood ko yung War!zone sa Knowledge Power!!!! Mukhang **** si Mica dun eh!!! ehehehehehe
  • oi [Mang]mANG bakla, bumisita ka naman sa bahay natin!!!
  • tRiStAntRiStAn Member PExer
    Check out the following thread on Counterstrike instead.


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