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Batman vs. Wolverine...

my bet still goes to Batman sympre d best there is of all-time dba! :) Bats eats punks like Wolvie for breakfast! but i have to admit mahihirapan sya dba.


  • TrueNorthTrueNorth Member PExer
    BATMAN rules!

    he is the perfect human-turned-hero for me. besides, his costume's really cool.
  • J?bJ?b 6ix 6tring 6amurai PExer
    i love the dark knight (Dark Knight, hindi ikaw!) he's so normal, i mean, so unpowered, so unmutated, so ungammaradiated, u know. normal tao, pero he's so cool. and besides, mas masarap idrawing si batman kesa kay wolvie (i love that cape!)
    nothing bad about wolverine though.
  • SaitouSaitou Registered User PExer
    Batman's smarter, cool-headed, and plays dirty. If he managed to cook up protocols that can take down the entire JLA, then he can mostly certainly do the same to Wolverine.
  • KapuTtKapuTt KapuTt is for everybody ! PExer
    no contest.
    Batman wins.
  • kirei041179kirei041179 Member PExer
    and d winner is....... batman.gif

  • J?bJ?b 6ix 6tring 6amurai PExer
    wow what a short topic.
  • KuramaKurama Kurama PExer
    jaeb: :lol:

    i like wolvie! he's not perfect, but he's still cool. he makes mistakes and has got that infernal smoking habit, but he knows the true meaning of love and friendship and it only makes him more human than most other humans out there. am i making sense? ;)
  • J?bJ?b 6ix 6tring 6amurai PExer
    yup i know what you mean. on the other hand, bruce's personal life stinks. so i guess wolverine wins in the personal life category!
  • hat_tr1ckhat_tr1ck Underachiever PExer
    If they ever went toe-to-toe, I believe Wolverine has an edge over Batman. Why? Well, he's a homo superior with healing powers for one thing, plus he's got his adamantium skeleton and claws too whereas Batman's a homo sapien with no powers other than his intellect, skills and trusty utility belt.

    If Wolverine fell the way Batman did where he broke his back and was confined to a wheelchair for some time, I'm sure Wolverine would've walked away from it just fine with his customary cigar. But if Wolverine met Batman after Magneto snuffed his adamantium off his bones through his pores, then he would've walked off whimpering and limping. Whoever wins will always be determined by the situation and condition both are in.
  • J?bJ?b 6ix 6tring 6amurai PExer
    wow, now that's a scientific explanation to it all.
  • bouncebounce The Round Mound of Sound PExer
    hat_trick, if wolvie and batman met up and butted heads then and there, wolverine would indeed have an edge...provided he tags batman within a few minutes...if the battle is so prolonged, then the dark knight would probably be able to analyze and devise a way to beat the feral one. I sound like such a nerd!!! Nerds rule!!!
  • hat_tr1ckhat_tr1ck Underachiever PExer
    Originally posted by bounce
    hat_trick, if wolvie and batman met up and butted heads then and there, wolverine would indeed have an edge...provided he tags batman within a few minutes...if the battle is so prolonged, then the dark knight would probably be able to analyze and devise a way to beat the feral one. I sound like such a nerd!!! Nerds rule!!!

    I beg to disagree. Once Wolverine goes on a berserker rage, I doubt Batman'll be able to beat him even in a prolonged battle because for one thing, Wolverine has no style, therefore there'll be no data for Batman to analyze since Wolvie's fighting on instinct alone. No style, no strategy. He'll be a totally unpredictable fighting machine. A true Weapon X. :)
  • gamegirlxgamegirlx Member PExer
    They'd beat each other up to a bloody pulp, but neither of them would win.
    They're both survivors.
    Bruce and Logan both have a dark side, both cunning and ruthless...
    Logan's got his healing factor, Bruce's got his technology and resourcefulness...
    However, no one knows how old Logan really is and we all know Bruce is close to inhuman!
    They'd growl and curse each other for a while, then go for a round of drinks!
  • batang uliranbatang uliran Administrator ✭✭
    If Batman had time to prepare he would win. If they met by chance and they fought, I would have to give Logan the edge.
  • getsgets defy convention PExer
    what if batman took that super serum they gave to captain america? batman would be invincible!

    im sure batman would have something in his belt that would incapacitate wolverine, then he'd go for the kill!
  • ex-batgirlex-batgirl Member PExer
    of kors, it wud have to be BATMAN!
    He's perfect in almost anywayz ;D
  • NeonBladeNeonBlade Member PExer
    I have this comicwhere Batman and Spiderman team up, drawn by Mark Bagley and Batman was actually able to beat Carnage to a pulp. Spidey couldn't even do that. So when the Batman vs. Wolvie fight comes up, Bats will find a way :)
  • The RockThe Rock Old school smackdown layer PExer
    Ditto with what batang uliran posted. However, The Rock believes that The Bat would be prepared for any situation, even short berzerker mutants.;) That mutant healing factor might end up being Batman's biggest dilemma, but he'd find a way to crack it easy.

    If you smell what The Rock is cookin!:cool:
  • Hot PantsHot Pants The Dagger PExer
    Batman will use his uncanny wit and high tech gadgets to slow down and frustrate Wolverine. Wolverine can be impatient at times and Batman will take advantage of that. Batman would probably send Wolverine tied to the ropes and humiliate him for good.

  • tar-heelztar-heelz Member PExer
    In an adamantium steel caged match, Batman (without his gadgets) wouldn't stand a chance but I guess it'll never happen. If it's somewhere else wolverine is toast. It would be easy for batman to knock him down with one of those gases that would knock wolvie unconscious....and let wolvie have some more of it so that he remains unconscious...then batman can have fun...... he can rip wolverine's intestines out of the latter's body and he can keep it on dissecting wolvie's body till he rips out wolvie's heart. Wolvie probably has the best healing factor but he can't do anything without those two vital organs.

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