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Pinoy Fantasy NBA Money League

The Pinoy Fantasy NBA Money League is a non-profit(1) virtual NBA league in its inaugural season. It is open to all die-hard, serious, yet fun-loving Pinoy NBA enthusiasts.

The league is played from the opening until the end of the NBA regular season. You will act as the General Manager & Coach of your team. As the coach of your fantasy basketball team, you're responsible for day-to-day decisions like trades, free agent acquisitions and who to put in the starting line-up. It features live scoring that is based on real game statistics.

League Settings
• Yahoo! Fantasy NBA engine
• Head to Head League
• Yahoo! Live Draft or Offline Draft (Date & Time to be determined)

Teams in League: 20
Players per Team: 12
Injured List: none
Maximum Player Acquisitions
(Whole Season): 75
Maximum Trades: none
Waiver Period: 2 days
Trade Reject Time: 2 days
Trade Deadline: March 8, 2007
Trade Review: Commissioner
Weekly Deadline Daily - Tomorrow

Statistical Categories (13):

• Field Goal Percentage
• Free Throw Percentage
• 3-point Shots Made
• 3-point Percentage
• Total Points Scored
• Offensive Rebounds
• Defensive Rebounds
• Total Rebounds
• Assists
• Steals
• Blocked Shots
• Turnovers
• Assist/Turnover Ratio


Live Draft. We will set the draft date & time. You can select the player that you want in your team. Be sure that you have installed JAVA for you to participate in the Live Online Draft. The date & time will be set according to the preference of majority of the members.
If a member cannot participate in the Live Draft, he/she must preset his Player Rankings, on draft day Yahoo! will select for him/her according to his preset rankings.

Offline Draft. Same with the previous draft option but the draft will be conducted without Yahoo’s supervision. The commissioner will pass the line-ups to Yahoo!.

Draft Order. Yahoo! will determine the draft order for Live Online Draft, while in an offline draft the order can be determined by lottery. There will be 12 rounds in the draft.

Example, 20 teams in the league.. Round 1: begins with pick 1 thru pick 20.. Round 2: team 20 picks 1st, Team 19 picks 2nd, & so on.. The pattern will repeat itself until the last round. You will have 90 seconds to pick your player during the Live Draft.


Head to Head
Each week your team will play one series against another team in your league. The series will begin on Monday of each week and end on the following Sunday. Your players' statistical totals from the NBA games played during that week will be tabulated from your starting roster and they will be totaled for each category your league is using. The teams with the most wins per category wins the week.

To ensure fairplay & avoid GMs from ganging up on another GM. The commissioner has the right to veto trades. If a trade is pending, GMs of teams not involved with the trade will have four (4) days to VOTE AGAINST the trade. They should place the reason why they are against the trade. Posts/comments can be made @ [email protected]
If ten (10) of the twenty (20) GMs are against the trade, then the trade will not push through.

(1) – The commissioner will not profit from this league (unless I win the 1st place!). I made this league for NBA Fantasy fanatics like me!


  • Registration
    1. To register, just post a message @ [email protected]

    2. Your email must contain:
    Contact Numbers (Landline & Cell. Numbers):
    Address (Optional):

    3. Each participant must pay an entry fee of Php 1,000. At least Php 500 must be paid before the scheduled draft day, the remaining balance must be paid on or before the 30th of November. Failure to pay the entry fee will nullify your application.

    4. The payment may be done thru:
    a. Specified meeting place (Manila area) on an agreed date & time.
    b. Deposit on my bank account. Account details to be sent thru SMS.

    5. GMs will be updated of their outstanding balance.

    6. Once paid (partial/full), the Yahoo! Fantasy NBA League ID & Password will be sent to you thru email & SMS.

    7. Registration starts on September 20, 2006 & ends on October 23, 2006.

    Prizes (1)

    1st Place Php 10,000 + plaque/trophy
    2nd Place Php 4,000 + plaque/trophy
    3rd Place Php 2,000 + plaque/trophy
    5th Place Php 1,250
    7th Place Php 1,000
    9th Place Php 500
    11th Place Php 250
    13th Place Php 250
    15th Place Php 125
    17th Place Php 125
    19th Place Consolation Prize/Giveaways

    Best Mid-Season Record (All Star Break Record) (2) Php 500

    Roster Positions
    1 Point Guard*
    1 Shooting Guard*
    1 Guard*
    1 Small Forward*
    1 Power Forward*
    1 Forward*
    1 Center*
    2 Utility Players*
    3 Bench Players
    * - Scoring Positions

    (1) – Prizes shown are for a 20-team league. If less than 20 teams make up the league, it will be adjusted, with the 1st placer winning ½ of the total.

    (2) – In cases of ties, the tied GMs will pick one player from their team. The fantasy points (all 13 categories) earned by the selected player on the first game after the All-Star Break will be the tie breaker.
  • Read the rules, settings, & registration procedures before signing.

    Sign up here!
  • ayos to a *okay*
    Foley Fan wrote:
    Read the rules, settings, & registration procedures before signing.

    Sign up here!
    1. berdy
    Teams: 14
    Players per team: 13

    Prizes: Php 10K (1st); Php 2.5K (2nd); Php 1K (3rd); Php 500 (Best Midseason record)
  • meron pa ba interested..

    so far 6 pa lang registered.
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