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we won.....again

haha...as expected..

tayo na naman ang nanalo sa cheerdance competition..

go usteh!..

haha...magaling din ang FEU..

but..i read an annoying post from a upian about the results of the competition..

sour-graping eh?

UP came out 2nd runner up from the recently concluded 69th UAAP cheering competition. i bet people would think that we'd say-"what a disappointment"- but little do they know how proud we are of our beloved Pep Squad.

it's not just the title we're after (though it won't hurt if we have had become the victor and finally slashing the title from uste..hehe *evil grin)... it's about believing in your team-in your school, no matter what. last summer i heard that UP Pep Squad won't be joining any longer, as their form of protest to last year's cheating issue. but then again, they changed their minds (or somebody made them to) and decided to join. they had just ONE MONTH left to practice their routine and all... but they've done a great job in there. i was really at awe with their risky yet fresh style. so ASTIG! and the uniforms were unarguably sexy...

i think Ateneo and Adamson were far better than last year. they made the audience quite shocked with their transformations and stunts (especially Adamson). good job guys! UST's performance was flawless in the sense that there weren't any mistakes but then again, there was NOTHING new with their routine. it was THE SAME OLD Uste...nothing fresh and risky, unlike UP! we came out third, yet i feel like we're the champions...! it is because i believe that a true performer does not confine itself to a single style: a true performer explores all options, it tries all possibilities, it faces risks and embraces fresh and original ideas...

that's what UP did, and i am so PROUD of them!
Bravo and way to go UP! ;D


  • risky talaga ang stunts na ginawa ng UP pep squad. We have to give them tremendous credit for that kasi overweight ang lahat nang girls nila!!! Unlike our fit and slim Salinggawi na flawless ang execution at masarap panoorin--their maroon counterparts are always trying hard to be at par with them. Ang asim nila tingnan nung nag skimpy shorts sila noh!!! At risky talaga kapag nag toss ka nang babaeng mala-balyena bka umilag yung spotter pag sasaluhin na hahahaha!!!
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