Crazy For You: Luis Manzano & Toni Gonzaga Part II

Luinis! This is our 2nd thread! Welcoming all Luis & Toni fans!!!


Part 1: Luis M & Toni G. Loveteam Part 1

LUINISITIS -- a very dangerous disease caused by kiligness in a maximum level wherein luis manzano and toni gonzaga are involved.

you have this disease if...

- Kinikilig ka sa kanila
- mahilig ka gumawa ng fanarts nila
- mahilig ka gumawa ng kanta for them (sino 'to? haha)
- you're fond of making videos
- nababanas ka sa mga naninira sa kanila
- picture mo sa avatar ng ym mo, picture ni luis and tin together (parang kilala ko 'to?)
- mahilig kang maglipat ng pictures from the luister thread to sassy or luini thread a.k.a. LIPAT QUEEN (hirap namang hulaan 'to! haha)
- masipag kang magpost ng article about them
- kinikilig ka to the highest level pag nakikita teaser ng CFY
- nageespanyol ka kahit di ka naman marunong
- You compared them to LOIS and CLARK
- Nagtatatalon ka sa kilig whenever Luis posts their sweet moments ni tin

and lastly...

- Di ka na mapakali sa kakahintay at atat na atat ka na dahil sa Sept. 11 na ang CFY

Source: DOH (Dept. Of Happy-go-LuckyTin)

World Launch of Crazy For You!


Crazy For You premieres:

Times for the simultaneous worldwide broadcast of "Crazy for You" are as follows: London, 2:30 p.m.; Milan, 3:30 p.m.; Saudi Arabia, 4:30 p.m.; Hawaii, 3:30 p.m.; Pacific US, 6:30 a.m.; Central US, 8:30 a.m.; Eastern US, 9:30 a.m.; HK/Singapore/Manila, 9:30 p.m.; Japan, 10:30 p.m.; and Guam and Sydney 11:30 p.m. All airing times are for Monday, September 11.

TFC is seen in Mainland USA and Hawaii (TFC North America); Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Doha, Oman, Muscat, Ruwi, Salalah, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran and Cyprus (TFC Middle East); Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

ABS-CBN's portal ABS-CBN Now ( will also be showing the "Crazy For You" premiere on the Internet.



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  • chrisa2004chrisa2004 one & only PExer

  • chrisa2004chrisa2004 one & only PExer

  • yhsreh08yhsreh08 love ko tong dalawang toh!! PExer
    from the tune of Crazy For You sung by Madonna

    Ang soap nila’y malapit ng magstart

    (Swaying room as the music starts)
    kaya luinis ngayo’y naeexcite
    (Strangers making the most of the dark)
    sina lu at tintoy magsasama
    (Two by two their bodies become one)

    We’ll see them sa bagong teleserye

    (I see you through the smokey air)
    Naishoshoot pa somewhere dun sa spain
    (Can't you feel the weight of my stare)
    Title pa lang ay kinikilig na kami
    (You're so close but still a world away)
    Dahil ang title kasi nito ay…
    (What I'm dying to say, is that)

    Crazy for you

    (I'm crazy for you)
    Sure magiging top rated din ito
    (Touch me once and you'll know it's true)
    Pataubin nyo ang I love new york
    (I never wanted anyone like this)
    Coz this is new, sana kayo’y magkiss
    (It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my kiss)
    We’re crazy for you, crazy for you
    (I'm crazy for you, crazy for you)

    Patweetums naman si jen at si mark

    (Trying hard to control my heart)
    Bulok na din tambalang jolens-oscar
    (I walk over to where you are)
    Ngayon sa seryeng ito, kayo naman
    (Eye to eye we need no words at all)

    Now Luis, you begin to move

    (Slowly now we begin to move)
    Dahil kasama mo sya dun sa Europe
    (Every breath I'm deeper into you)
    Baka maunahan ka pa ng iba dyan
    (Soon we to are standing still in time)
    Dahil ito ang say mo kay tin ay
    (If you read my mind, you'll see)

    Repeat chorus 2x

    Cant wait to see you, we’re crazy for you

    (its all brand new, im crazy for you)
    Coz this soap is new, we’re crazy, crazy for you
    (and you know its true, im crazy, crazy for you)
    This loveteam is new, we’re crazy for you
    (its all brand new, im crazy for you)
    Tintoy at Luisito, yeah, we’re crazy for you
    (and you know its true, yeah, Im crazy for you)
    We’re crazy for you baby
    (Crazy for you baby)

    in the tune of My Everything sung by 98 degrees

    the loneliness of your nights will gone

    (The loneliness of nights alone)
    pag show nila’y nagumpisa
    (the search for strength to carry on)
    sure ikaw ay tatawa
    (my every hope has seemed to die)
    minsan naman ika’y luluha
    (my eyes had no more tears to cry)
    kaka-iba talaga ito
    (then like the sun shining up above)
    samahan pa’ng makukulit na cast nito
    (you surrounded me with your endless love)
    coz all the scenes we want to see
    (Coz all the things I couldn't see)
    Naku, sobrang kilig
    (are now so clear to me)

    Lu-is at toni g

    (You are my everything)
    Kakaiba ang kilig you bring
    (Nothing your love won't bring)
    Our hearts nagpapalpitate
    (My life is yours alone)
    T’wing kayo’y magkatabi
    (The only love I've ever known)
    Ang sweet nyo sa isa’t isa
    (Your spirit pulls me through)
    Wala na sanang kokontra
    (When nothing else will do)
    Every night, we’ll see
    (Every night I pray)
    Sa inyong serye
    (On bended knee)
    Ang kakaibang kilig
    (That you will always be)
    Luis and Tin
    (My everything)

    So now, we hope and always dream

    (Now all my hopes and all my dreams)
    Na sana in reality
    (are suddenly reality)
    Ang tandem nyo, di lang pangTV
    (you've opened up my heart to feel)
    Ang pagtitingina’y truly real
    (a kind of love that's truly real)
    Sana bawat kilig sa eksena
    (a guiding light that'll never fade)
    Ay mangyari rin sa totoong buhay
    (there's not a thing in life that I would ever trade)
    Kilig sa scenes, parang totoo
    (for the love you give it won't let go)
    Sana nga’y maging kayo
    (I hope you'll always know)

    Repeat chorus

    Sobrang atat na atat na kami

    (You're the breath of life in me)
    Lahat kami’y di mapakali
    (the only one that sets me free)
    If you’ll watch it, gabi mo’y complete
    (and you have made my soul complete)
    Everynight, everynight
    (for all time, for all time)

    Repeat chorus 2x

    Every night, we’ll see

    (Every night I pray)
    Sa inyong serye
    (Down on bended knee)
    Ang kakaibang kilig
    (That you will always be)
    Luis and Tin
    (My everything)
    Oh, Luis and tin
    (Oh, My everything)

    from the tune of Perfect Combination sung by The Passage

    Si Tintin, nalilink kung kani-kaninong guys

    (Two hearts, together we're a harmony so right)
    Si Lucky, kung kani-kaninong girls nakabantay
    (Two sparks, united we're a fire burning bright,)
    Very true, ito ang latest news
    (Very true always brand new)
    Sa bandang huli, sila parin, ang bagay na loveteam
    (Right from the jump we had a hunch that we had ev'rything)

    Perfect combination

    (Perfect combination)
    Love plus Lu and Tin
    (Love plus you and me,)
    Perfect combination
    (A perfect combination)
    We couldn’t ask for any better
    (We couldn't ask for any better)
    Perfect combination
    (Perfect combination)
    Loveteam of the year
    (We fit to a tee)
    Perfect combination
    (A perfect combination)
    Ang loveteam nyo’y will last forever, together
    (With all it takes to last forever, together)

    Si Lucky, panay ang dalaw sa taping ni tintin

    (So deep inside to share a feeling that's so rare)
    Si tintin, panay ang pakipot kay Luis Philippe
    (So sweet just knowing that we are a special pair,)
    All the time, sila’y patay malisya
    (All the time, we're two of a kind)
    The Luinis know, this love will grow, stronger everyday
    (And heaven know this love will grow stronger ev'ryday)

    Repeat chorus

    We can’t wait sa bagong serye

    (We can conquer any mountain)
    Kasi naman kayo will work together
    (Just as long as we stay together,)
    There’s chemistry, from these people
    ('cause there's one drink pourin' in this fountain)
    Overflowing with love, perfect love
    (Overflowing with love, perfect love)

    Repeat chorus

    From the tune of Superman sung by Five for Fighting

    We cant wait that much

    (I can’t stand to fly)
    Sobrang atat na kami
    (I’m not that naïve)
    Pero okey lang
    (I’m just out to find)
    Basta kayo, dito lang kami
    (The better part of me)

    Chorus I
    Coz we are your fans

    (I’m more than a bird)
    susuporta kami
    (i’m more than a plane)
    Suporta kami sa lahat ng nyong tatahakin
    (More than some pretty face beside a train)
    It’s so easy to be.. luinis
    (It’s not easy to be me)

    Sure that you will cry

    (Wish that I could cry)
    Sa dramang kay tindi
    (Fall upon my knees)
    You will also laugh
    (Find a way to lie)
    Sa komedyang kanilang hatid
    (About a home I’ll never see)

    Chorus II
    This show sounds funny

    (It may sound absurd)
    merong drama rin
    (but don’t be naïve)
    Lalo na’t cast nito ay makukulit
    (Even heroes have the right to bleed)
    Ang ganda nito
    (I may be disturbed)
    ang ganda ng story
    (but won’t you concede)
    Lalo na’t bida dito’y nakakakilig
    (Even heroes have the right to dream)
    Sila’y sina luis and tin
    (It’s not easy to be me)

    Up, up and away ang nyong ratings

    (Up, up and away...away from me)
    And that is right
    (It’s all right)
    abangan nyo ‘to ev’ry night
    (you can all sleep sound tonight)
    You’ll be crazy, and everything
    (I’m not crazy...or anything...)

    Repeat I

    Chorus III
    This show sounds funny, merong drama rin

    (I’m only a man in a silly red sheet)
    Lalo na’t cast nito ay makukulit
    (Digging for kryptonite on this one way street)
    Ang ganda nito, ang ganda ng story
    (Only a man in a funny red sheet)
    Lalo na’t bida dito’y nakakakilig
    (Looking for special things inside of me)
    Luis and tin
    (Inside of me)
    Luis and tin
    (Inside of me)
    Yeah Luis and Tin
    (Yeah, inside me)
    Luis and Tin
    (Inside of me)

    Chorus IV
    We are your fans

    (I’m only a man)
    Lahat gagawin
    (In a funny red sheet)
    We are your fans
    (I’m only a man)
    Isa lang ang dream
    (Looking for a dream)

    We are your fans
    (I’m only a man)
    Certified luinis
    (In a funny red sheet)

    Its so easy… hmm hmm hmm
    (its not easy.. hmm hmm hmm)
    And its so easy… to be…. LUINIS!
    (its not easy.. to….)

    from the tune of Dahil Ikaw sung by True Faith


    Sa piling ba nya ikaw ay
    may kilig na nararamdaman
    Damdamin mo ba'y di maintindihan
    Pag sya'ng kasama mo ay
    Sya'ng na sa 'yong isipan
    Feeling mo ba ika'y lumilipad

    Kilala namin 'to
    Ang babaeng matagal mo ng
    Gustong malaman kanyang damdamin
    na para lang sayo ooohh

    Dahil si tin ang sigaw ng puso mo
    Si tin ang nasa isip mo
    Ang nais mo ay maging kayo
    At iyan ang tanging pangarap ng lukadidangs
    Suporta namin sa inyo'y ibibigay
    ang nais mo ay masabi 'to
    Na mahal mo sya

    Sa syete pa lang ikaw ay
    Nagtetext na't nagpaparamdam
    Kay tintin ika'y lubos na humahanga
    At nang si tin ay lumipat
    Ngiti mo'y hanggang bunbunan
    At kayong dalawa'y masayang magkasama

    Repeat refrain
    Repeat chorus


    Sana'y pagbigyan ang pagkakataong ito
    Sana'y masabi rin na mahal ka ni tintoy

    Repeat refrain
    Repeat chorus


    Na mahal mo sya (si tin ang sigaw ng puso mo)
    na mahal mo sya (si tin ang nasa isip mo)
    Na mahal mo sya (si tin ang sigaw ng puso mo)

    from the tune of Lucky

    This is a story about a hunk named Lucky

    Early morning
    He wakes up
    Click, click, click on his laptop

    It’s time for posting
    Sa pinoy exchange
    His post we’re all waiting for

    He is so hottie
    This mestiso guy

    And they say
    His name is Lucky
    He’s a hunk
    But he cry, cry cries
    When we talk ‘bout his lovelife
    If there is someone
    Missing in his life
    Baka naman kilala namin sya

    There is an image, in his dreams
    He’s always thinking of his dreamgirl
    He’s always dreaming and always hoping
    Na maging sila na rin ng kanyang sweetheart

    Repeat Refrain
    Repeat Chorus


    He is so hottie
    But why does he cry?
    If there is someone
    Missing in his life
    Baka kilala namin sya

    Repeat chorus

    from the tune of We Belong sung by TINTOY


    Ba-kit si luisito'y
    Basted na nga, pero nandyan pa rin
    Eh kasi naman ay labs ka pa
    Isnabin mo man sya, 'di sya titigil

    Oh tintin, oh tintin
    Si luis nangungulit
    Oh tintin, oh tintin
    Sana iyong pansinin

    Dont you know that luis loves you more, tintin
    Dont you know that he will love you forever
    Kahit basted-in pa'y nandyan pa rin
    Kayo sa isa't isa, ay belong

    Hoping that someday
    Maging kayo na, tin at luisito
    At sana nga'y tomorrow
    Makuha na nya, matamis mong "oo"

    Repeat refrain
    Repeat chorus


    Together, tandem nyo ay sure hit na hit na rin
    We just hope, that Lu and Tin, ay maging kayo

    Repeat chorus

    welcome to the new house!!
  • chrisa2004chrisa2004 one & only PExer

  • chrisa2004chrisa2004 one & only PExer

  • chrisa2004chrisa2004 one & only PExer

  • AY NAKAGAWA NA RIN AKO.......... paki merge nlang un tred natin?? or paki delete na lnag un ginawa ko.. crazy inlove:Luis Manzano & Toni Gonzaga.. <hindi ko kc alam kung pano gawin un merging and deleting e..>



    bukas nalang un kwento ko...
  • denisse_smcdenisse_smc HEART No.1 PExer
    Hello po :wave:

    Sana po lagyan niyo po sa Title Bar ng PART Two para ma-recognize ng Iba ng Part two na tayo!!!

    Tayo po sinulat ko gusto ko po kasing Sumali sa inyo...
    Kilig kasi si Ate Tin at Kuya Luis!! :lovesigh:
  • bukas ko ipost lahat.. pics, scaps, & videos..

    ate chrisa.. un mga dl links ng mga vids h...

    pls.. pki merge or paki delete na lng un ginawa ko h...

  • denisse_smcdenisse_smc HEART No.1 PExer
    Ulit nalang po kaya tayo ng Thread....

    Para malaGYAN Natin ng Part 2 sa Itaas sa TITLE bar talaga....

    SUGGESTION lang po yun.....

    Habang maaga pa po....
  • yhsreh08yhsreh08 love ko tong dalawang toh!! PExer
    dahil first day ng soap nila.. eto na yung new compo ko! :)

    in the tune of First Day High by Kamikazee

    Nasasabik sa unang araw ng soap opera

    (Nasasabik sa unang araw ng iskwela)
    Tara sigaw with confidence
    (Taas kamay with confidence)
    Lets do the first day yeah!

    First day ng soap, kaabang abang

    (First day of school laging may kaba)
    Sino ba naman ang gusto pang maghintay
    (Sino ba naman ang gustong mag-isa?)
    Dapat kayo’y merong katabi
    (Sana may cute na makatabi)
    Sigurado lahat tayo ay titili
    (May bagong kaibigan tapos ng klase)
    Mamaya na ‘to, hanapin ang kasama
    (Lakas loob, hanapin ang katropa)
    Tara na’t manood
    (Sumabay sa sayaw!)
    Let’s do the first day yeah!

    Repeat refrain

    Umaapaw sa komedya (hahahahaha)

    (Umaapaw sa talino, Do the BRAINY high!)
    Pati na rin sa dramahan (huhuhuhuhu)
    (Kung mayaman si papa,Lets Do the SOSY high!)
    Kakaibang serye ito (juice ko naman!)
    (Pag mahilig ka sa sports, Do the MVP high!)
    Sobrang cool kay astig (susme naman!)
    (Kung cool ka at astig, the REBEL high!)
    Kay solid sa kilig (eeee)
    (Pag solid sa bait, the NICE GUY high!)
    Kunin na ang remote
    (Itaas ang kamay)
    Lets do the first day yeah!

    repeat refrain

    Tayong mga luinis

    (Iba't iba ang hilig)
    Magkakasundo sa trip
    (Magkakasundo sa trip)
    Kaya buksan na’ng tv
    (Kung gusto mong sumama)
    Tara na’t mag first day yeah!

    Agaw remote, baka may umeksena

    (Taas noo, wag kang mag-alala)
    Mahirap na’t baka di mo maabutan
    (Tiwala sa sarili, wag ka nang mahihiya)
    Ang teleseryeng hinihintay natin
    (Kumaway't wag kalimutang ngumiti)
    Siguradong dito ay ikaw ay titili (eeeee!)
    (Sigurado'y sa iyo na may babati (Hiiiiiiii!))
    Mamaya na ‘to, hanapin ang kasama
    (Lakas loob, hanapin ang katropa)
    Tara na’t manood
    (Sumabay sa sayaw!)
    Let’s do the first day yeah!

    Repeat refrain
    Repeat chorus

    Repeat refrain
    Repeat *

    C-R-A-Z-Y Y-O-U

    (F-I-R-S-T D-A-Y)

    C-R-A-Z-Y Y-O-U

    (F-I-R-S-T D-A-Y)

    C-R-A-Z-Y Y-O-U

    (F-I-R-S-T D-A-Y)

    REPEAT *

  • yhsreh08yhsreh08 love ko tong dalawang toh!! PExer
    denisse... paano ba lagyan ng part 2? i think ok na din kung walang part 2 diba.. kumbaga parang naguumpisa uli tayo :)
  • raciram1421raciram1421 u rock my world PExer
    :wave: luinis welcome sa bagong tambayan! :lol:
  • chrisa2004chrisa2004 one & only PExer
    Hello po :wave:

    Sana po lagyan niyo po sa Title Bar ng PART Two para ma-recognize ng Iba ng Part two na tayo!!!

    Tayo po sinulat ko gusto ko po kasing Sumali sa inyo...
    Kilig kasi si Ate Tin at Kuya Luis!! :lovesigh:
    oks lang yan....pero i'll see what I can do about it....pero for me, ok lang kung wala yun Part 2...understood naman na ito ang 2nd thread ng mga Luinis....:)

  • raciram1421raciram1421 u rock my world PExer
    guys, uwi na ako. bawal magovertime! byebye!

    get ready for the world premier! :bounce:
  • yhsreh08yhsreh08 love ko tong dalawang toh!! PExer
    ate maricar... kamusta naman work natin? toxic ba masyado si bossing? :lol:

    mag-ingay na tayo!! :bounce2:
  • chrisa2004chrisa2004 one & only PExer
    Luini gifs! :love:


  • luckymluckym Member ✭✭✭
    hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pasok, pasok lang lahat, welcome sa bagong bahay natin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) thanks for making it go this far everyone, in behalf of toni thank you for your undying support, really appreciate it, love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • yhsreh08yhsreh08 love ko tong dalawang toh!! PExer
    geh got to go :wave:

    marz... kaw na muna bahala dito hah? ipost mo na yung mga dapat ipost... kailangan bukas part 3 na tayo! :lol:

    sige po.. magiipon muna ako ng lakas

    bye :wave:
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