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Benildeans Unite!!!

guys this guy has just sent me a message...he's the one who made the negative blog entry about CSB...I already sent a message back to him...Im posting this because Im calling all benildeans to send this guy a piece of our minds...bombard him with messages if we must...this guy just hate CSB for some unknown reason...here's his friendster account...


this is what he sent me as a reply to what I posted in his blog...
And I'm supposed to take your word that you passed UP and DLSU?

I may generalize a bit, but never in haste. It's almost an accepted fact; everyone knows it, it's just people shy away from saying what they feel.

I don't care if you got a 2.6 GPA or a 4.0, you're from Benilde. That doesn't even count.

You're sure that you're better than a lot of DLSU students? That's a hasty generalization.

An intellectual debate? From you? Unlikely, but I'll bite. Try me, fat boy. Watch your dreams go up in flames.

Cheers, dumbass.


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