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scholarship and grants

pag 3rd sem magaapply, pati 1st sem grafes kukunin? meron akong 79 na subject and sadly, di pa naging 80 para mag dos

can i still get discounts?


  • hihingin transcript of records mo if you're applying for sofa. so... lahat ng grades mo makikita...

    and you don't necessarily have to have 2 and above in all your subjects... i have a friend who is a sofa grantee who failed his religion on his 1st term in csb. (long story)

    good luck! there are a lot of requirements, but it's worth it in the end. *okay*
  • wow thanks.. kala ko tlga dapat atleast 2.0 ung grade mo para makakuha ng sofa grant..

    thanks so much.. so 3rd sem pa pwede mag apply??
  • any updates about the BASAP?
  • buhayin natin ang thread na ito.

    sino sa inyo ang lasallian scholar?
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