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Condo dwellers anyone?

Papichulo168Papichulo168 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Who are condo dwellers here?
What condo?
What do you like about your condo? (location, amenities, security, prestige)
What do you hate about your condo? (rent, neighbors, administration, facilities)

I am considering buying property and I'm torn between a townhouse/rowhouse or a condo unit.


  • heymikeyheymikey PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I am considering buying property and I'm torn between a townhouse/rowhouse or a condo unit.
    LOL. A townhouse can be a condo unit. One thing people don't realize is that a condominium does not refer to the structure of residence but how it is being owned (just like rental and timeshare properties). There can be condominium townhouses, just like there can be rental apartments. It's not the structure but how the property is being owned. In condominiums, the unit dwellers actually own their units and share the ownership of the common property (like the lobby, amenity areas, parking, etc.). Of course, each individual unit owners can rent their own units if they wish.

    Anyway, when you say "condo unit", I am assuming you are referring to condominium hi-rise apartment units. So, to answer your questions, yes, I am a condo dweller. Things I love about my condo is the location (it's in the downtown area), the amenities, security, etc. Plus, I also like the open layout of my condo. I also like the floor-to-ceiling windows, central airconditioning with programmable thermostat, etc. What I hate about my condo? I don't really know. So far, it's all good.
  • Papichulo168Papichulo168 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Wow thank you for letting me know that! All these years I have been living a life of falsehood because I have the wrong idea of what a condo unit is. I am so happy you have saved me from ignorance. From now on, I will refer to "condominium hi-rise apartment unit" when I mean condo. Thank you so much!

    ü LOL!
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    I, too, am a "condo" dweller. I live on the 8th floor of a 36-year old building. The location is excellent; I can walk to work and be at my desk in 7-15 minutes. Once I forgot to bring my medicine. Other people would have bought some at the drugstore. I went home and got mine instead. :)

    What I hate, and what you should watch out for, are (pardon the expression) low class neighbors. Sadly, few Filipinos are mature enough for condominium living. The low class neighbors I refer to are those who don't give a damn about the effects of their actions on other people. This might be fine if one lived in a house surrounded by gardens and fences, but in a tall building one has to be extra careful.

    Now, before you call me a sourpuss, I will assure you that I don't mind an occasional party which lasts into the early morning hours. Heck, one resident even brought over some live performers who made some wonderful music. I don't mind that once in a while some neighbor has a barbecue on his balcony, and the whole building smells like a grill. That's not what I am talking about.

    I'm talking about annoying and inconsiderate behavior. We have had neighbors who took out their stinky trash only once a week. and people who have tried to raise roosters inside their units. Those roosters routinely woke up all the occupants of the building at 3:30 in the morning with their incessant crowing. We have had fellow unitowners who refused to pay the security expenses on the grounds that they were out of the country and did not benefit from the security services. (Duh?) We have also had people set the elevator on emergency stop at their floor so that it would be ready for them the following morning. Unfortunately, there is only one elevator for the whole building. There are other incidents involving household help and drivers having inggitan and petty rivalries in the parking level. I'm trying to forget most of them, as worrying about them is bad for my mental health.

    So talk to the building manager and ask around. You might find that the buildings with quality occupants might charge more for dues and expenses, but the tradeoff might be a few extra years of your life on earth. :)
  • heymikeyheymikey PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Wow thank you for letting me know that! All these years I have been living a life of falsehood because I have the wrong idea of what a condo unit is. I am so happy you have saved me from ignorance. From now on, I will refer to "condominium hi-rise apartment unit" when I mean condo. Thank you so much!

    ü LOL!
    Your welcome (sarcasm noted)! If I can help one ignorant person see the light, I'm happy. ;)

    Anyway, just like what kuyadanny said, your experience living in a condo, no matter what kind it is but especially true for apartments (hi-rise or low-rise alike), will most likely based on the type of neighbors you have. So, instead of looking primarily at the amenities the condo offers, try looking at your neighbors too. I live in an "adult" building, which means no one under 18 lives here. So, there aren't any families here and most people here are yuppies in their 20's and at the opposite end, empty nesters whose kids have grown up and moved out and are now down-sizing from their house in the suburbs. The good thing about this is that there are no kids crying, fighting, or yelling at night. On the other hand, because most people who live here are in their 20's or early 30's, you'll hear parties going on during the weekends with the techno music blaring on their stereos. It's only annoying when you're not invited but when you're trying to get some sleep because you have to go somewhere the next day, it becomes a problem. Fortunately, I don't have this problem in my floor since my neighbors tend to be really quiet. I have a friend who lives on a different floor of the same building and he complains about loud parties and guys acting like frat boys who would race to the elevators, play hockey on the hallway, etc.
  • I am also a "condo dweller", occupying a unit on the 7th floor. It's a bit pricey, but its security and amenities are topnotch. The good thing about it is that it's overlooking some verdant mountains I love to climb every now and then, which are not that far. We have swimming pool, sauna, and gym facilities, and it's close to supermarkets, McDonald's, commercial centers, a big green park with trails and a lake, and just a 10-minute drive to where I work; although, a bit far from the university where I teach at night.

    My "co-condo dwellers" are very interesting because they come from different countries. The one who lives next to my unit is a Jamaican with dirty, smelly dreadlocks. Sometimes, he would knock on my door with a curry goat or some cow cod soup in his hand, brought to me like a peace offering or something for playing his reggae music 24/7.

    The other "co-condo dweller" to the left of my unit is an American married to a hot Colombian momma who barely speaks English. In some cases, I will be pulled out of my unit to translate for both of them some funny phrases like the Spanish of "I put the money on the table" or an obvious excuse "I will be back at 2 a.m. because I'm picking up someone at the airport." The other day, the hot Colombian momma asked me to tell the American she needed to buy some onions for their dinner.

    Sometimes, I get invited to the other units because of a son's graduation, birthday parties, bored housewives, or to tutor the daughter of an Ecuadorian diplomat because she doesn't understand the difference between "affect" and "effect", or because I need to explain to her a book in English she is too lazy to read.

  • Kuya Danny,

    Are roosters allowed in a condo unit???? Damn that should be banned. Lol
    I would allow dogs if the unit owners are good at making them not bark or being noisy but not roosters. Its like living in a condo farm! HAHA
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator
    Some condos do not permit animals, and others regulate their presence. Our condo restrictions are quite lax; there is no prohibition against pets.

    Not to worry, though. We got rid of the roosters, along with the tenants who owned them.
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i never managed to live in our condo unit. my brother turned it into his law office. :grrr:
  • Me too, I am also a "condo dweller" occupying on the 13th floor... who said 13is a bad number? In fact for me number 13 is lucky. Okay back to the topic.

    What condo? nah i dont want to say the name but the location of my condo is 1 hr away to the city (MRT) and 1 hr away to another country (BUS)..

    What do you like about your condo? (location, amenities, security, prestige)
    I like it because the location is strategic (near my work) and also it is very peaceful. We have gym, swimming pool, squash court and function rooms that i can use for free. Security is very strict because there are alot of cameras around. I bet there are alot of scandals capture on it. :D and also there are a lot of hotspots where i can surf for free....

    What do you hate about your condo? (rent, neighbors, administration, facilities)
    i hate the big rabbit roaming around and sometimes lying on my shoe rack outside my condo. I told my neighbor who is a pinay dh "sabihin mo sa amo mo kung di kukulong yan eh uulamin ko mamaya yan.. hehe" "huwag po koya" she replied...
  • Who are condo dwellers here? WEEKDAYS ONLY.
    What do you like about your condo? (location, amenities, security, prestige)
    What do you hate about your condo? (rent, neighbors, administration, facilities) NOISY TENANTS
  • I currently live in a condo. It's great. Nice views. I'm 5 minutes away from work and major malls/restaurant strips. Very convenient. I dont' really have any beef with my neighbors since I only run into them from time to time. Very secure place.
  • yapinyapin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    I just recently moved into a condo unit. You should also check out the facilities/services first. Like in mine, natagalan bago kami nagkaroon ng cable at hanggang ngayon wala pa rin kaming landline telephone. Tapos lahat dapat Destiny even if others wanted to subscribe to SkyCable. Plus yung parking minsan di kasama at ang price ng parking halos bumili ka na rin ng isa pang bagong bahay at lupa.

    Pros of condo living are the convenience of location (near place of business and recreation), less maintenance (maliit lang yung space na lilinisin at walang yard na kailangan i-maintain), 24 hour security, and is relatively peaceful. Makakamura ka rin sa parking, gas o pamasahe kasi minsan walking distance lang ang pupuntahan mo.

    Cons are the neighbors who sometimes have dogs or babies/children crying. I have a neighbor who persists in putting their garbage outside their door even if the garbage chute is just a few steps away. Trouble is I can't catch them in the act or meet them in the hallway so I can tell them this.

    And if you're not planning on living in it, you can always rent it out. :)
  • iam staying in condo since first year college, i was 16 then and now i am 22 so that was 6 years ago. i have no problem with regards to payment because my parents arepaying for it.

    in my first condo (manila), i stayed there for three years. i was with my brother on my first year and alone from 2nd year to third year. it has been my house already all my college life and i really appreciate my neighbors because most of them were my schoolmates. the parking is not a problem for me because i do not have to bring car... my parents pick and drop me everyweek. my neighbors even help me for my thesis... thank god many of them were from CBE and i finish the course in three years.

    the second condo brought some problems however i manage to stay there with my brother for three years... the facilities or whatever regarding the condo itself has no problem... but the neighbors!!! hell!!!

    for three years we experience 5 different kind of neighbors.
    firt year:
    left : born again and play too loud song...
    right : kabit (kaya nakakairita)
    second year
    left : newly wed couple no problem with them... pero pilit namin silang pinakikinggan on nights
    right: maingay!!! feeling close!!!
    left: yung couple pa din...

    alamin lahat ng possible payments parking, facilities, maintenance, homeowners, security, saka yung mga access like cable and telephone

    yan ang mga bagay bagay na malalaman mo in advance ang hindi mo lang malalaman kung sino ang magiging kapit bahay mo kung vacant pa katabi mo... siyempre mag tour ka din, kung gaano kalayo sa fire exit, elevator, ung lalim ng available parking, ano pa ba???
  • I live in a condo too. For me though, it's all about location and space. The nearer to the center of the city and the bigger the space---then that's it for me. Doesn't matter if its a high rise apartment or a rowhouse/town house type dwelling.
  • Hi neighbors! It seems that we're all living in condos these days. lol
  • KuyaDannyKuyaDanny Moderator PEx Moderator

    Hindi po sampayan ng labada ang railing sa balkonahe.
  • DunedainDunedain NINJAneer gone Indie! PEx Expert 🎖️
    ^ :lol:

    I wonder if the there are ample spaces or areas (for residents) in condos back in Pinas for a washer and dryer?
  • mariadamsmariadams PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    They don't call them "condominium" or "townhouse" here in Europe, well, at least, I've never seen them written as such when i look at the classified ads for apartment to rent. I should know because we have always lived in apartments here - owned or rented - and they are always multi-level, usually with a pool or children's park.

    My most common complaints - kapag maingay yung nasa taas. Sometimes the washing machine is running at past midnight, or you are wakened up in the wee hours of the morning by the sound of the vacuum cleaner, or your upstairs neighbour is a delirious housework-aholic that you hear the sound of furniture endlessly moving, or sometimes, the bedroom next to yours emits a sound like, you know, something is going on :love:

    I don't like living in apartments but can't do nothing much since it is cheaper and more homely than staying in hotels (when hubby is assigned out-of-the-country), hence i always make it a point to have a permanent supply of earplugs.
  • City_GirlCity_Girl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Does anybody here live at One Rockwell? How is it? Please give your honest review. Thanks.
  • Who are condo dwellers here?
    What condo?
    What do you like about your condo? (location, amenities, security, prestige)
    What do you hate about your condo? (rent, neighbors, administration, facilities)

    I am considering buying property and I'm torn between a townhouse/rowhouse or a condo unit.

    I love our complex. It has all the amenities of a self sustained community. It is situated on top of a hill overlooking the Mission Valley area of San Diego. The centralized location puts us within 30 minutes of the farthest points of greater San Diego to the north, south, and east. The beach and bay are 10 minutes away as is downtown for the nitelife. :)

    We have our own coffee shop on site, as well as a complete health center/gym, seven pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, hiking/jogging trails and a beach volleyball court. Also, the complex organizes and schedules events for residents which ranges from wine tasting tours, downtown clubbing nites, charger/padre sports events, poolside BBQs and speed dating/singles nites. Best of all, most of these events are free! :)

    The only downside? They only lease........purchasing a unit is not an option at this point. They make too much money leasing since they also have contracts for temporary government workers as well as athletes for units that are usually only occupied a few months at a time.

    A couple of pics:

    The entrance to my building. (There are four separate "villages" and about 15 separate buildings around the property ranging from two to four floors. We live on the 4th floor of a corner unit overlooking the courtyard of our building. :)


    The main pool. (This is where resident BBQs take place) *okay*

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