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Pag-aaruga o Nursing: Para sa Pagmamahal o Para sa Salapi...

the_icewolfthe_icewolf PExer
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asking a simple question... you love the course, and is very interested in the carrer of helping people out in the hospitals... or you want to make the big bucks and help your family out...

i have to ask whoever posts... for love or the money?... please make a distinction and explain your side...

there is nothing wrong with taking up nursing... but why are you (or someone you know) taking up this course... the carreer or the money?


  • im not taking up nursing and will ever take it.

    why? -- i dont have the passion nor atleast the interest to be one. im not good at science (hate it with all my heart :lol: ), and i dont want to be stuck at a job that i dont like. and i dont think i would be able to survive studying it alone.

    but if i am taking up nursing, it would be for the love im pretty much sure. money is just one of it's perks.
  • baklitabaklita PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    it's a well-known fact that nursing has a promising career overseas.
    economics may bribe you the real reason behind nursing but if one
    qualifies to hurdle all requirements, anyone willing to pursue a career
    in nursing is entitled to aim for professional and/or personal success.

    hay naku... makabili na nga ng victoria secret... sale sila ngayon...

    aihihihi!!! :)


  • I don't see what is wrong with choosing a profession for the money especially when it's almost a life or death situation. Hey, in a perfect world, nursing should be just for those who have the calling. It is supposed to be a job for those who want to give something of themselves to their patients. But that is not how things are in the real world. If you work in America, for instance, the nurse does not have that much time to hold their patients' hands, listen to their patients' stories or to do things besides just what is required by the healthcare facility. The nurses may probably spend more time dealing with paperwork and administrative stuff.
    So in essence, nursing has almost become like any other profession. One does not go into it soley for the love of it, but for the money as well. Working professionally and responsibly are more important to the way nursing is practiced right now.
  • I have cousins who are taking courses like accounting and commerce. What are they going to do with those degrees? They don''t have any money. The family is poor. We don't know any rich folks. Also, they attended small, unknown colleges. What is in store for them? If they had taken nursing, even if they got into it for the money....
  • I'll take that to offence since I'm taking up accounting and finance. :) There's excess demand for good accountants btw.

    About the money thing, who cares. I don't see accountants or actuaries working for fun either.
  • my parents are accountants and my dad makes as much as i do as a nurse.
  • The Next in course will be pharmacy..
    the age of nursing will soon end.
    because of that crappy nursing exam leak.
  • for love of their families
  • Saan ba kayo nag-aaral ng accounting? How easily could you get a job if you come from a very small school in the provinces? I am not dissing accounting. I am just afraid for my cousins.
    There is truly a need for Pharmacists. I read somewhere that one got a house as a signing bonus! Kaya lang it will be a while before there would be an agreement between the US and the Philippines that would mirror what is in place for hiring nurses.
    But nurses would still be needed more. Unless China and India start sending tens of thousands of nurses to the US, the vacancies won't fill up anytime soon. Threre's a lot of nurses retiring. There's a lot who are burned out.
  • You could ask that about ANY occupation.
  • albert_sy2albert_sy2 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    look at the ads of the "nursing schools" in the philippines. the BLATANTLY advertise that graduates can go and earn $$$ abroad.
  • markpaulmarkpaul PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Both at the same time. Pwede naman ah...

  • If people actually ended up working and making decent money at things they LOVE to do and find fulfillment in, it would be quite a psychedelic world..... complete with tangerine trees, marmalade skies, celophane flowers of yellow and green, rockinghorse people eating marshmallow pies, newspaper taxis, etc etc (John Lennon was a lyrical genius) LOL

    Seriously though, mixed motives and compromise appear quite often when choosing a career. So ... a little flexibility goes a long way. You can't always get what you want (Oh snap...that's a Rolling Stones song... didn't mean to break the Beatles theme in this post).
  • before majority of the people take u nursing for the love of the job, now its for the money
  • You could ask that about ANY occupation.

    oo, pero mas me sacrifice kasi sa nursing eh... magaalaga ka ng me sakit, ilang kama ba sa ospital babantayan mo?... mahirap lang talaga ang maging nurse...

    pero bakit ang dami na nila? naging maaalagain ba pinoy nitong ilang taon? or are they really just interested in the bottomline?
  • PusaichiPusaichi PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Being a nurse is a very hard and maybe an exciting profession. I remember my older sister when she was still studying in CGH that every time there was a chance that we are all together on the dinner table she would tell stories about what's going at their hospital and would teach us about proper handling of food, sanitation and cleanliness and most of all about health. She would study in her room for long hours and seldom have time to socialize with her friends. When she finally passed the nursing exams, she and her group were one of the pioneers of nurses being sent to America although she was just a few months of getting her green card visa for being petitioned by my parents, she chose to go with her group with a working visa. Now, her family is better off for working hard and receiving the salary that she deserves.
    Also, she and all of her co-workers are very active on those civic orgs. especially during the Katrina disaster.
  • my mom wanted me to take this course because of the opportunity but still decided not to take it.. im here in united states na but still don't like to take it...

    "You've got to find what you love." - Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple

    This is always been my thing.. If you love what you do then you'll excel, IMHO.. Was also asked by my exgf's father bakit i still want to stay with the IT field since daming laid offs and most of the jobs out there are just short term contracts.. I just didn't want to argue about it.. My boss and I had a chat when we were on the way to Anaheim,CA (long drive) and one of the topics were people making good money.. And he was telling me to go enroll to a pharmacy school or take nursing.. Sabi ko sa kanya ayaw ko kasi I don't think I am going to like it.. And sabi ko sa kanya if you love what you do then you'll excel.. I don't know kung agree sya pero wala lang.. Oh yeah, nalimutan ko yung exgf's dad eh sabi sa akin, ayaw rin nya noon ng Dentistry but noong nakikita na raw nya yung pera na dumadaloy sa kanya eh gusto na rin raw nya.. Maybe so, pero depende rin sa comfort level ng tao yan eh.. Kung comfortable na sya sa "ok lang" na paycheck then wala na tayo magagawa don... Who wouldn't like to make more money?? Of course, we all do but then again, sabi ko nga comfort level rin iyon.. Ako, basta happy ako sa work ko and make enough money then oks na ako don.. You can't really have enough money anyways.. Well, except for Bill Gates.. Namimigay na nga ng pera eh sa sobrang dami.. hahaha..
  • orangepinkorangepink PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    but why are you taking up this course... the career or the money?

    money and green card :lol: ayan...prankahan na hehehe jk!
  • show me the money
  • This could apply to any profession. Maybe most of you are familiar with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. This theory contends that as humans meet 'basic needs', they seek to satisfy successively 'higher needs' that occupy a set hierarchy.

    5. Actualization
    4. Status (esteem)
    3. Love/belonging
    2. Safety
    1. Physiological (biological needs)

    So first priority is number 1 which is physiological. Kailangan pakainin mo muna sarili mo at mabuhay ka bago ka tumaas sa hierarchy. Eh kung wala ka namang pera para pakainin ang sarili mo eh papano ka mabubuhay para magpapaka dakila at makapagbigay ng serbisyo sa bayan mo? Kaya natural lang na isipin mo muna ang pera para buhayin ang sarili mo at ang pamilya mo. It's ok to be idealistic but when reality sets in you know you have to be realistic knowing life is hard in our country.
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