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‘Twilight Dancers’: Disturbing, humorous realities
Playdate: September 20, 2006

IN a country where political killings are rampant, and boundaries no longer exist between showbiz, politics and prostitution, the gay bar has become a symbol of society. The moment its doors open, anything can come in through the door to bring fame, fun, money, and sometimes danger to the macho dancer.

Coming from the heels of Macho Dancer, Sibak: Midnight Dancers and Burlesk King, Twilight Dancers offers a disturbing yet humorous look at Philippine social realities through the eyes of three macho dancers.

Dwight (Tyron Perez), young and at the peak of his trade, loses the girl (Glaiza de Castro) he loves to a politician’s son (JE Sison). Alfred (Allen Dizon), at 28, is past his prime and is kicked out of the club when the film starts. Bert (Lauren Novero), 30, has long since given up dancing, and is now the bodyguard-driver of a corrupt yet jolly businesswoman, Madame Loca (Chrerry Pie Picache).

Madame Loca, who prides herself in getting horny at the sound of gunfire, and has for motto “Go Global,” manipulates the events that push the three dancers to fight for survival, and to finally confront issues of love, friendship and betrayal.

To top it all, a deaf-mute wife (Ana Capri) refuses to go back to her macho dancer husband; a director (Jerry Lopez-Sineneng) keeps promising stardom to a male dancer (Terence Baylon), who in turn lies to his mother that he works at a call center; a transvestite performer (IC Mendoza) fakes being a virgin; an upcoming club star dancer/gigolo (Kris Martinez) takes advantage of unsuspecting gay customers; a gay balikbayan overseas worker Bruno (William Martinez) splurges his hard-earned dollars on macho dancers nightly; a tyrannical mayor (Joel Lamangan) cross-dresses at his birthday party; a union leader (Nor Domingo) gets shot by an assassin in broad daylight—the unique pastiche of contemporary Philippines is set to the tune of sexy male bodies and horrifying truths.

But as the club’s manager Taurus (Arnell Ignacio) used to say, we are only here to serve the carnal desires of men. The show has to go on.

CenterStage Productions presents Twilight Dancers from the same tandem that made Sibak and Burlesk King—writer Ricardo Lee and director Mel Chionglo. It will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Festival this September 8 with subsequent press, industry and public screenings on Sept. 9, 11, 13 and 15.

Manila and Philippine screenings start Sept. 20.


  • newtznewtz Member PExer
  • Abante

    Pina-review ang Twilight Dancers sa MTRCB kahapon at na-X rated ito sa first review nito.

    Na-cite ng mga nag-review ang nakabuyangyang na matitigas na ari ng tatlong macho dancers, ang magagaslaw na sayaw ng ibang mga artista, at ang snake dance ni Harold Montano.

    Inaasahan ng mga nasa likod ng Twilight Dancers na mahihirapan sila sa MTRCB pero umaasam pa rin sina direk Mel Chionglo na maipalabas nila ito nang walang putol.
  • 'Twilight', XXX sa MTRCB!

    Jojo Gabinete

    TRIPLE X ang unanimous rating sa Twilight Dancers ng mga miyembro ng MTRCB na nag-review sa pelikula noong Huwebes ng hapon. No cut ang proposal sa MTRCB ng producer ng Twilight Dancers sa second viewing, pero hindi pumayag ang mga miyembro.

    Matuloy kaya ang showing ng pelikula sa September 20 kung ayaw pumayag ng producer na putulin ang mga eksena na hindi pinapaboran ng MTRCB?

    Makatutulong ba ang Triple X rating ng Twilight Dancers para umingay ito at magkaroon ng awareness ang moviegoers?

    Ang Twilight Dancers ang launching movie ni Tyron Perez. Co-stars niya sa pelikula sina Allen Dizon, Lauren Novero, Terence Baylon, Kris Martinez at Cherry Pie Picache.

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