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Multiple Intelligence Test. Take the test.


I took the test just for the heck of it. Maybe you'll find this interesting too.

You must have a web.tickle.com account first though.

My results:
Visual Intelligence: 9/10
Personal Intelligence (Intrapersonal): 8/10
Mathematical: 5/10
Physical: 3/10
Social: 3/10
Linguistics: 1/10


Anyway, I took other multiple intelligence tests and the bottom 3 tends to fluctuate. The only result that seems to be consistent for me are the top two.

Visual Intelligence - Hmmm....maybe it's because of *****. LOL!
Personal Intelligence - maybe ego has something to do with it. LOL!
Mathematical - There was a math problem there that took me minutes to write a correct algebraic expression of...I just skipped the *****.
Physical - this one's a no brainer. I'm not much into recreational activities.
Social - I have to admit, I lack understanding of non-verbal cues!
Linguistics - I know I barely passed Spanish before, but...uhmmm.....LOL!


  • i stopped at page 4. na bored na ako bigla sa mga questions. LOL
  • I had fun answering it. :lol:

    My results:
    Social: 10/10
    Personal: 10/10
    Physical: 10/10
    Linguistic: 10/10
    Visual/Spatial: 9/10
    Logical/Mathematical: 8/10

    Social: Madali ako umintindi talaga ng damdamin ng tao (magaling magpa-ikot baga :laugh:), tapos teacher pa ako sa totoong buhay.
    Personal: Hmm baka sa pagiging existentialist ko? At siempre madalas mag-explore ng bagay-bagay ba sa sarili. ;)
    Physical: Siguro active akong tao? Magalaw talaga akong tao kasi nga mahilig ako sa mga kung anu-anong mga aktibidades. :)
    Linguistic: Writer kasi ako at mahilig ako sa languages. :)
    Visual/Spatial: Siguro nadamay na ito dahil sa pagiging writer ko. Hehehe!
    Logical/Mathematical: Inanalyze ko lang 'yung mga numero, wala nang compute compute! Mukhang marami ring tamang sagot. :laugh:

  • My results:

    Social - 10/10
    Linguistics - 10/10
    Personal - 10/10
    Visual - 9/10
    Physical - 9/10
    Math - 7/10
  • orangepinkorangepink PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    visual and linguistics ko were the highest
    the rest needs improvements hehehe
    esp physical hahahasha
  • my results:

    social -4/10
  • mine is

    linguistic - 10/10
    physical - 9/10
    logical - 8/10
    personal - 7/10
    visual - 5/10
    social - 4/10
  • nakakabwisit yang tickle...pop ng pop!
  • What did you do to make your scores show up like that? All I got was an analysis of my most "dominant" intelligence, Visual/Spatial.
  • ^ Just skip the offerings.
  • social - 10/10
    Personal - 9/10
    Visual - 9/10
    Linguistic - 9/10
    Logical/Math - 7/10
    Physical - 7/10
  • nakakatamad mag fill up ng form. bukas na lang. :)
  • Precious84Precious84 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    wehehehe...i've got the smarts daw sa social intelligence..tarush...haha.:lol:
  • ano ba yan? kelangan ba talaga mag sign up?
  • What did you do to make your scores show up like that? All I got was an analysis of my most "dominant" intelligence, Visual/Spatial.

    YUP! same here. I think they ordered the report?
  • My results:
    Visual/Spatial: 9/10
    Social: 3/10
    Personal: 7/10
    Physical: 4/10
    Linguistic: 8/10
    Logical/Mathematical: 7/10
  • I took the test again. The problem with this test is that the questions are limited and one mistake can drastically alter the results.

    My new results:
    Mathematical: 10/10 (finally, I got the problems solved)
    Personal: 9/10 (no change)
    Visual: 9/10 (no change)
    Linguistics: 8/10 (One question I answered differently changed the result)
    Physical: 4/10
    Social: 3/10
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