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Therapeutic 'Gray Sand' Beach in Roxas City


While most vacationers, picnickers and beach strollers prefer it white, a silent few and those who believe that there is something wonderful imbedded in it, choose gray sand beach of Baybay in Roxas City, as a better alternative over the clear looks and the picturesque view of Boracay, latter of which is approximately 85 road kilometers away from this city. The fact that this sparkling gray sand could absorb heat and maintain it until sunset to keep the beach water warm in the night, makes night swimming a healthy experience and soon a hard habit to break. At sunrise, scores of early morning joggers stop by to take a deep breath, do stretching and dive in its calm waters. Others walk a mile; take their cup of coffee while feeling the heat of the sand on barefoot. Another group would bury themselves in the sand with their families or trusted caregivers helping out digging and seeing that the sand covers at least 60% of their body while the heat is yet tolerable.

As if some therapeutic wonders would unfold, these frequent beach hangers swore they gain back their health sooner than expected after some ailments struck them and render them helpless. Those who suffered paralysis in their body due to stroke said that the heat of the sand made recovery in a short span of time. Those with skin disorders like unwanted calluses in the soles of their feet, blackheads on the face, black armpits or elbows simply rid of it by rubbing sand and dive. Others preferred it rinsing with the bubbles of beach water coming from the gushing waves or man-made bubbles done by massive flapping of the hands in the beach water.

Those who are not aware of the wonders of such rituals are unmindful of the people doing their thing at the beach, while those who have good experience are now spreading the news and are bringing their friends and relatives, particularly those afflicted with certain disorders, to Baybay Beach to take part in the healing properties of the gray sand. Though there is no scientific evidence or written facts to prove that there are indeed some truth on the said healing or therapeutic claims, local folks said that there is really nothing to lose but something to gain if one has faith on such belief.

To think that gray sand beaches are not as popular as the white sand, Capize?os are lucky enough to have such wonders within its locality. Many local folks anticipate that in the near future, the gray sand beach of Baybay will become too famous that people living elsewhere will come, take a dip, lie on its shores, bury themselves or simply bathe with sand and rinse in the bubbly waters, thereby overshadowing its seafood image. Soon enough, tourists will flock to Roxas City not just to taste its seafood but to partake the healing therapeutic wonders of Baybay Beach located in northern tip portion of Panay Island, Western Visayas, Philippines.(alger o. inocencio/city tourism).


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