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Los Angeles, California TRAVEL PLANNER TIPS


im leaving on aug26 for los angeles and will have more or less 1 week to go around. already researched for a list of must see attractions such as theme parks, aquariums, beaches, ect.

will be staying at anaheim area near disneyland. would appreciate any travel plan for a 1st timer in the west coast.



  • bring lots of $$$
    go to trader joes, 99 cents store
    drive by yorba linda, placentia, orange county
    watch tonight show /w jay leno
    Hollywood is an hour drive

    sorry havent been there my friends live there & lived american dream*okay*
  • marblesmarbles PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    go to San Diego (2hrs drive) and Mission Beach since summer ngayon marami happening sa beach! kulang yung 1 week! maybe you can post your itinerary para hindi magdoble-doble yung suggestions.
  • hmm go to manhattan beach - it's close to LAX.
    Beverly Hills!
    LA zoo? lol
    Universal Studios Hollywood
    ..all 'em theme park! :redsmile:

    oh and 1 week aint enough to tour LA ;)
  • techjunkie88techjunkie88 PEx Rookie ⭐
    I agree with the suggestions:
    Universal Studios
    Six Flags Magic Mountain(if you like rollercoasters!)
    Movieland Wax Museum
    Melrose Avenue
    Rodeo Drive
    Queen Mary
    Getty Museum - VERY NICE! Do not miss this!
    Huntington Gardens
    Hollywood Wax Museum
    Hollywood Walk of Fame
    Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum
    Guiness World of Records Museum
    Newport Beach
    Santa Monica Beach and Pier
    Venice Beach
    Sunset Boulevard
    Drive by to see the Hollywood Sign, USC, UCLA, Staples Center

    Shopping Centers That I Like:
    Fashion District - In Downtown L.A.
    Del Amo Fasion Center in Torrance
    Beverly Center
    Century City
    Santa Monica Place
    South Coast Plaza (Orange County's largest mall)

    For shopping, dapat bargain hunter ka so for pasalubong or basic items, doon ka sa Target, Walmart, 99 Cents etc (Remember you pay additional 8.25% tax on everything). Look for Outlet Stores!
  • Man, I'm going to go to LA in a few weeks to a month and will be staying there indefinitely. Might see you there. If you want to meet on the weekend let me know.
  • Disneyland/California Adventure
    Universal Studios
    Santa Monica Pier/ 3rd Street Promenade
    Farmer's Market/The Grove
  • DunedainDunedain PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Anaheim? Dang! You might catch me and my family having dinner at Denny's along Katella next to Disney (if we're lazy to cook dinner) or Coco's near corner of Chapman and Harbor. Once a month, the boys go to HOOTERS along Katella (other side of the 5 freeway from Disneyland).
  • If you won't have family or friends to take you around, rent a car as it will be next to impossible to get around without one.

    The top theme parks are Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. You'll need an entire day in each of these parks. If coasters are your thing, go to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, but keep in mind that it is about a two-hour drive from Anaheim. If you can't drive that far, consider Knott's Berry Farm in neighboring Buena Park.

    You can easily spend an entire day at the Getty Center, but unless you're an art enthusiast, I would just stay for the morning. Join the Collection Highlights Tour, which will take you through the museum's major works. Drive through Westwood (the college town which houses UCLA) and Bel Air/Beverly Hills (Rodeo Drive) to check out the upscale community. If you're interested in seeing celebrity homes, there are vendors along Sunset Boulevard selling "Star Maps" for $5. Cap the evening off either in Farmer's Market/the Grove or at the Santa Monica Pier/Third Street Promenade. If you want to reserve an entire day at the beach, I'd suggest going Farmer's Market/The Grove and doing Venice Beach/Santa Monica Beach/Third Street Promenade on a separate day. Otherwise, go to Third Street Promenade and save The Grove for when you visit Hollywood.

    Most of the major attractions in Hollywood are situated along the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. Traffic is usually terrible, so find a nearby place to leave your car and walk to see the theaters (Grauman's Chinese, Kodak, El Capitan, Pantages, the Egyptian), the museums (Hollywood Wax, Ripley's, Guinness, Frederick's), Roosevelt Hotel and the Hollywood Bowl. Have a meal along the Sunset Strip, or just drive through it if you're scrimping. See the La Brea Tar Pits if you have time.

    Spend at least half a day in downtown Long Beach. See the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Queen Mary, then end the day with dinner at the Pike.

    Unless you want to shop at the Fashion District or Chinatown, there is very little to see in actual downtown LA, so an hour or two of driving should suffice.

    If you're planning to see Pasadena, visit the Huntington Gardens, Old Town and the Rose Bowl.
  • ayan.. lahat ng pinopost dito.. dadalhin ako ni dunedain at ni babygurl pag pumunta ako sa south.. hehehe... atleast meron na ako taga sundo sa airport.. hahaha..
  • tito dune will take you everywhere around OC/LA. and i'll take you back to the airport. how's that? :rotflmao:
  • coZeecoZee PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    dont forget to eat at in and out burger!
  • ^ and tommy's too? :D
  • Definitely go shopping at Old Town Pasadena
  • Santa Monica Pier, there are lots to see in LA. Just don't limit yourself sa LA proper.

    and if you can take the greyhound, mag Frisco ka na din! haha.
  • California is bigger than the Philippines so even a week is not enough even if you stay in the greater Los Angeles area only. There are so many places to see as evidenced by previous posts. Don't bother going to San Francisco unless you are flying. I love Southern Calif beaches and visit them about once a month but the distance from Newport to Santa Monica/Manhattan/ Venice/Redondo etc is no joke. The traffic in LA is the worse in the US so plan on assessing the flow of traffic to where you are going to be staying. Traffic flows to the city in the morning and vice versa in the late afternoon as most folks were bitten by the housing upsurge and bought houses in the outskirts- so called bedroom communities. Some commuters spend more than 2 hours one-way!! I took the metrolink myself when I was commuting to Los Angeles and that is a relaxing alternative.

    Bring sunblock lotion always. And plenty of water. There is a heat wave going through the country and have killed about 25,000 cattles and destroyed crops in california. But hey, we're pinoys. We're used to tropical, high-humidity weather. he-he

    When I'm in Los Angeles, I usually go to either Redondo or Manhattan Beach. I also like Palm Springs in Riverside County on the way to Arizona but that maybe out of your way with the limited time. Palm springs has the most golf courses per square mile! They also have great shopping and dining possibilities.

    Plan your trip well but also designate a day for just walking around. To me, the amusement parks were exhausting. I do like Universal Studios at night after the shows in the morning hours. :)
  • DunedainDunedain PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    tito dune will take you everywhere around OC/LA. and i'll take you back to the airport. how's that? :rotflmao:

    Better yet, why not I just take you to La Brea tar pits for a swan dive? Or mybe a trip to Catalina, but you jump off the boat before reaching Catalina (be part of the food chain). :D
  • aba [email protected] itong si dunedain ah.. hehehe.. gusto mo yata ako patayin eh.. hahaha...

    napakabait niyo naman at ipapasyal niyo ako.. hehehe
  • ikaw ba o ako yung papatayin ni tito dune? :hmm: i take it that it's more you, than me. :D

    dudsi - tama si knightrider.
  • I'm from glendale. depende sa gusto mo. halos lahat sinabi na dito
  • DunedainDunedain PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ikaw ba o ako yung papatayin ni tito dune? :hmm: i take it that it's more you, than me. :D

    Papatayin? I didn't say na may papatayin ako and I never mentioned names nor pointed a direction. But I do welcome those magpapakamatay. Heck, tutulong pa 'ko. :lol:
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