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Best place to get a racing license

I heard the Ramirezes and the Potencianos all have racing schools that would give at least a Novice (or if you're lucky a Class C) racing license if you pass.

How much would it cost? Do they have a training or test track? What are the pacticulars?


  • ichi
    ichi Ichi the Great
    There are different classifications for a racing license. Its not like you can have a license that covers all the classes.

    I suggest you go to PMA and ask for such information.
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Before you start, my advice is you first take a "high performance" driving class from TRC (Tuason Racing School) or under the Ramirezes... even if you don't plan to race on the track, this will come in pretty handy on the daily grind as it does help improve your driving skill and road/vehicle awareness. :)

    Afterwards, you can join in first on the ""Run What You Brung" bracket races in Subic... this helps you learn the basic ropes of setting up your ride and improving your driving skill outside of the pressure of wheel-to-wheel racing and you don't need a racing license for this (just your car in good condition, a good set of tires perhaps, and a SNELL/DOT rated helmet). A good number of the guys who ventured off to get their racing licenses started off at RWYB-type races to see if they're really into the sport seriously.

    The aforementioned race entities can help you progress to get you the race license that you'll be qualified for (AAP is the body that regulates this).

    HTH... CMIIW. :)
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